May 14, 2024

79. Liz McShane | How to Trust Yourself to Take the Risk

79. Liz McShane | How to Trust Yourself to Take the Risk
You know when those big decisions in your life come about, and rather than choosing a final answer, you just kind of … put it off and pretend it’s not there? 

As women, I bet we can all relate to analysis paralysis, or fear of making the wrong decision. But life keeps going, so we have to figure out a way to trust ourselves along the way. Enter: Liz McShane.

Creative Agency owner, photographer, wife, mama - and in our opinion - queen of the pivot - Liz knows a thing or two about how to make a well-informed, risky decision.

You might not know, but Liz and Brittany actually go way back! Growing up in church together, they had a lot of mutual friends, and then reconnected after college when Liz moved back to town after a stint in Boston. However, the entrepreneurial life was not always Liz’s plan. During her time in Boston, she was a labor and delivery nurse and then decided to become a full-time, stay at home mom after 6 years.

But, as a true Enneagram 3 wing (are you familiar with the Enneagram personality test?!), she knew she was missing having a career and creative outlet. Not knowing exactly what to do next, she decided to purchase a used camera off of Facebook Marketplace and see how it felt to take pictures.

Now, in our opinion, we think this is where a lot of people can get stuck in their personal development process. Either they know they were created to do something different, they just don’t know what, or they make one small step and then a little thing called IMPOSTER SYNDROME creeps in.

Here’s where we can take a chapter out of Liz’s book: She took action before she knew the full story.

She didn’t know if she would be good at photography or not. But she was willing to try. And to overcome the Imposter Syndrome of taking on clients, she started out by offering her services for free. And THEN from there, demand grew, but it wasn’t until she took messy action that she was able to gain clarity on her calling. 

Liz shares her full story in this episode, from going from a stay-at-home mom, to an in-demand photographer, to now a creative agency owner, but the theme of taking the risk rings true throughout. In this episode, you’ll hear:
  • How Liz continues to overcome Imposter Syndrome
  • Her 4-question framework on how to make decisions
  • Her best advice for any upcoming photoshoots

You’ll hear in the episode that she chats about the Best/Worst Analysis on taking risks. And this is how she eliminates analysis paralysis in her life. Created by neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, here are the 4 questions to answer before your next risk:
  • What’s the best thing that could happen if I take the risk?
  • What’s the worst thing that could happen if I take the risk?
  • What’s the best thing that could happen if I don’t take the risk?
  • What’s the worst thing that could happen if I don’t take the risk?

Tune in to hear how she applies this to her own life and get inspired to put yourself in the arena. Grab a cup of coffee and press play!
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