September 05, 2023

71. THIS or THAT: Do You Agree with Our Hot Takes?

71. THIS or THAT: Do You Agree with Our Hot Takes?

You know when you’re at a restaurant and the waiter asks you the dreaded, yet beloved question…. Queso or Guac? How do you even choose???

(The answer is both, btw).

This week, Nichelle and I are answering all of your “THIS OR THAT” questions you submitted. And I promise we get a little deeper than the chips and guac… well, maybe. ;)

Some of these topics definitely had us snickering … and also blushing. 

As you tune in, here are the categories we covered:


I used to be a camper, but now I’m definitely a glamper. 

Food / Drink

I love a good steak. And I even got broccoli instead of fries for my side last week so, I’m winning. 

Fashion / Beauty

I’m much more of a heels girl, while Nichelle is a sneaker girl.


This topic got a little *spicy*.


Which one of you asked that last question? It had us cracking up.

Personally, my favorite one was Nichelle’s answer to the Passenger Princess vs Driving Queen question… because I love to be the passenger princess with my iced coffee while Nichelle takes the wheel. 

We love hearing from you guys and including you in our episodes, so let us know if you loved this one!

See ya next week, gals!


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Brittany: Hi friends. Welcome back to today's episode of the Life with Loverly podcast. Hello, Nichelle.

Nichelle: Hello, hello. How are you doing?

Brittany: Good. How are you?

Nichelle: Good. I feel like you got some stuff going on right now with your house.

Brittany: It feels like so much, but I also feel like it's like a non update.

Nichelle: I think it's because nothing's solidified. Don't you think it's because there's so many decisions that have to be made and it takes so much time to make those decisions?

Brittany: Yes. So if you're not sure what we're talking about, I am moving. We are renovating a house. We bought it last year and we've been doing a massive renovation, pretty much gut the entire inside moved stairs, switched floor plan, just completely redoing this and we're doing that because the piece of property that this house was on and the bones of the house are really great and the piece of property is even better. We're going to be living next door to my best friend, which is going to be so great, but it's just been taking what feels like forever

Nichelle: in my opinion, because building a house takes less time. Right?

Brittany: Right. So I'm like, either way, I mean we're slated to be in by the beginning of the year, probably February, beginning of March timeframe. I'm giving myself a little bit of a buffer. They're still saying end of January, but we'll see when we get that update tomorrow. Hopefully drywall should be up in the next week or two, and then I feel like that will give us a lot of visualization that we just don't currently have.

Nichelle: Yes. I feel like that's when things start moving and grieving is once the drywall goes up, because the cabinets are being talked about now, those will start to go in and all of that will start to come together.

Brittany: Totally. I think too, I mean we're working every day. Some conversation is happening around the house, whether that's with our designers, with the builders, us going out there and checking in on things, stuff is happening for sure. I think once we get that over the hump of drywall in and then the next step with flooring and cabinets in, it's going to feel like, okay, we're tracking, but I mean it's really not that far. Six or seven months is like can be here before you know it, it's going to fly by.

Nichelle: This year has flown by already.

Brittany: I mean, it's almost Christmas, so

Nichelle: Just, what was it, like 15 weekends away or something like that? Seriously, it was below 20.

Brittany: That is wild. Yeah, I know mean. Should we start working on gift guides or what's the deal? Right.

Nichelle: Forget Halloween guys. We're going right into holiday.

Brittany: Oh my gosh, that's so crazy. Well, we wanted to do a fun little this or that episode today. You guys submitted some questions. We have heard they are funny. We do not know any of the categories or questions or anything, so we've got Cat and Ellen behind the scenes dropping the questions behind, so we'll get into it.

Okay. The first category is travel flying or driving.

Nichelle: I feel very stressed when I think about flying right at the moment. After this year.

Brittany: Yeah. We've had quite the hiccup in the travel area.

Nichelle: I feel like I'd have to drive for a little bit

Brittany: If it's possible. I mean, I canceled a trip because I was having too much anxiety around traveling. We did fly recently and I was like, thank God this wasn't a repeat of anything.

Nichelle: Thank goodness. The hour that you left was very safe considering you had a hurricane coming in.

Brittany: I mean when I saw that text that was like, the weather could impact your travel. I was like, are you kidding? Yeah, I'm unwell. Chris was like, sit down we're going.

Nichelle: Going tobe forever traumatized now. Literally.

Brittany: Yeah, so maybe we'll be driving for a little while.

Nichelle: Hot or cold weather. I'm going to go with cold. I love the fashion during that time of year just being the layers, the boots, the jeans, the sweaters.

Brittany: Although I do feel like going somewhere cold, you have to take more suitcases. It's harder to pack.

Nichelle: Very true. Your shoes are bigger.

Brittany: I mean,

Nichelle: Bulkier,

Brittany: Everything. I like the, I would say hot. I love the beach or just being in the warmth is my jam.

Yeah, okay. Passenger princess or driving queen.

Nichelle: I think this works in our favor. I am a driving queen

Brittany: And I am a passenger princess,

Nichelle: So it works out great for us

Brittany: And Nichelle loves to drive. It's so funny, when she started working with me, she would be like, I can drive if

Nichelle: You were like, I need to get this done, but we got to go X, Y, and Z, and I'm like, I can drive.

Brittany: And then I was like, all the time, or what are you thinking?

Nichelle: I need to drive.

Brittany: She's like, no, no, no. It's in my soul. I have to drive.

Nichelle: Oh, followers. And I'm like, great. I know. Followers were very concerned. They're like, oh, you make her drive, and we're like, she doesn't make me do anything. I make her sit over in the passenger seat.

Brittany: I'm like, I will gladly sit over here and work and you can just drive. So it works

Nichelle: All perfectly. It does. Morning or evening.

Brittany: I don't know. I love the wind down of the evening or I just think of sitting outside and it's cooling down and I don't know. It's just that wind down process of nighttime. But I mean, I love my coffee in the morning, so I don't know. I would go nighttime though.

Nichelle: I would too. I feel like I've definitely been soaking in the evening routine lately. Sitting down and reading after dinner and spending time with family and winding down for the day.

Brittany: City or countryside?

Nichelle: I love a good cow pasture, but I'm a city girl at heart.

Brittany: Yeah. I think city, although it kind of is like, I guess in the sense of travel. I went to Utah with a brand a few years ago and it was so awesome. Oh yeah. Just the landscape was so much better than being in the city.

Nichelle: Yeah. Agree.

Skydive or a bungee jump?

Brittany: How about neither?

Nichelle: How about Yeah, it's a no for me dog. I'm not a risk taker like that.

Brittany: I want to continue living.

Nichelle: I know. I'm like, put me on a roller coaster all day long.

Brittany: Yes,

Nichelle: Great. Strap me in. Maybe I'll get caught upside down. I don't know, but I'm not down for that.

Brittany: No, thank you.

Okay. Camping or glamping?

Nichelle: I don't camp, so I will.

Brittany: Okay. Fun fact, I love to camp. We went camping every weekend for two years when I was growing up and I'm talking like catch your dinner in that stream, camping with the tents.

Nichelle: That's fun for you. Yeah,

Brittany: It was really fun. I'm not dying to go do it right now, but I did really enjoy those memories.

Nichelle: You're like, I could do it

Brittany: Right. I could pitch a tent, I could sleep in a sleeping bag, but glamping sounds way better.

Nichelle: I'd go fishing, but then I'm going to glamp after.

Brittany: Yeah. Feels fair.

Nichelle: Disney World or Universal?

Hardcore. Universal girl.

Brittany: See, I think for myself, if I'm just going or Chris and I are going universal all the way. Yes, but taking the kids to Disney.

Nichelle: Yeah. It's so magical.

Brittany: It's so magical right now.

Nichelle: It's so cute.

Brittany: Yeah. I feel like doing a trip that Have your girls been to Universal?

Nichelle: They have. We actually did Disney and Universal in the same week, which 10 out of 10 do not recommend.

Brittany: Yeah, that feels like a lot.

Nichelle: It's not a vacation and it's just not, but Disney was a necessity because they had not been yet, and we went one day and then we went to Universal for two days because Harry Potter and we're all really big fans, so now that they're older, we about actually going on Christmas doing that instead of presents, so that'd be so much fun.

Brittany: I mean, think about all the random S-H-I-T that gets purchased to just put under the tree when you could put that money into a trip that they're going to make really good memories.

Nichelle: Exactly. And have so much fun. Yeah, I totally agree with that. You have to do that.

Brittany: Yeah. Is this you asking for PTO between Christmas and Thanksgiving and new?

Nichelle: Here's the hard part. Everybody goes during that time. I know. So I kind of want to wait.

Brittany: You should

Nichelle: Look at maybe while you're at the beach I'll go.

Brittany: Yeah. Okay. When am I going to the beach?

Nichelle: January?

Brittany: Yeah. Maybe...

Not sure. We'll see. Okay. You can definitely go though.

Okay. Free travel for one year or free lodging for five years.

Nichelle: I mean, a girl loves to travel.

Brittany: I Know. I think going anywhere for one year.

Nichelle: I mean if it's free, think of the places that you can just say yes to. Yeah.

Brittany: Greece, Italy, literally Paris, Bora Bora,

Nichelle: You name it. Yes. Let's go.

Brittany: Literally, I want to go on one of those huts somewhere and then you just jump into the water.

Nichelle: That's not Bali, is it?

Brittany: Where is it? I want to go there too. I know

Nichelle: There's so many places guys we're traveling.

Brittany: Yes. Okay.

Nichelle: Planned trip or spur of the moment trip?

Brittany: I feel like I do more planned just because that's usually like I'm going to shoot outfits or prepping content to share with you guys on what to pack for your planned trips. I love the idea of a spur of the moment. I do too. I think planned is what I would stick to.

Nichelle: Yeah, Agree.

Brittany: Okay. Next category is food or drink.

Okay. Red or white wine?

Nichelle: If I had to choose one, probably white wine, but I wouldn't go for either normally.

Brittany: Yeah. You're a bubbly girl.

Nichelle: I am.

Brittany: I agree. I would do bubbles and then I think if bubbly wasn't included in red or white, then I would probably do red first because I love a good pinot.

Nichelle: Yeah.

Steak or seafood? Seafood.

Brittany: I kind of feel like steak. Yeah. I love seafood, but I also love a good steak.

Nichelle: I feel like I just don't get seafood enough, so it's always special. You know what I mean? So I'm like, that's true. Oh, I have to have it. Yeah.

Vegetables or fruit?

Brittany: Give me a big bowl of berries and I'll be set.

Nichelle: I think that's easy. I love vegetables if they're done right. If they're done, I crave them and I want them. I love fruit too. I mean probably vegetables is my first instinct just because that's what I will go to more than fruit, so we have in the house more. You know what I mean?

Brittany: Yeah. So I ordered broccoli as a side for my dinner last night. Who are you? Right Bridget, if you're listening to this, I hope you're proud of me. I was like, she suffered. It was not seasoned very good. So I actually did feel like I suffered.

Nichelle: Sounds terrible to say before your parents made you eat it and you were like,

Brittany: I know, but I was like, I'm going to be good. Chris got fries and I didn't even try one. I was like, I need more vegetables and the dinner that I was having

Nichelle: So good. Good

Brittany: Girl. Next time I will ask them to not do the seasoning. I'll still get the vegetable

Nichelle: Next time. but dinner or dessert? I'm going to go with the dinner.

Brittany: Dinner, yeah. I just love, I mean I love dessert, but I like when you go to a restaurant, you think you're like, I want to have a good dinner and you can leave without a dessert. Right. Exactly. You know what I mean? For sure.

Sweet tea or unsweet tea?

Nichelle: Sweet tea. I'm a southern girl.

Brittany: Yeah. I'm like, if it's not sweet, then I'm just going to drink water.

Nichelle: When people order in a restaurant and they're like, unsweet please, and I'm like, I immediately am like, why are you ordering dirt water?

Brittany: I do sometimes do like a half and half.

Nichelle: Yes.

Brittany: Especially if it's a place where I'm like, oh my gosh, there's so much sugar in that. I'll add a little unsweet, but not only to cut the sugar not to drink by itself.

Nichelle: Ew. Absolutely not.

Hot dogs or hamburgers? Hot dogs.

Brittany: Hot dogs. Yes.

Nichelle: I love a good hot dog. Oh

Brittany: My gosh. Chris will be like, let's grill out. Let's make some hot dog and hamburgers, and I'm like, just don't even make me a hamburger. I just want two hot dogs.

Nichelle: Same. I'm like, I'm bringing the hot dogs. Guys. I need to make sure that we have those, not just hamburgers, right?

Brittany: Starbucks or Dunkin. Is there even a question

Nichelle: Dunkin? No, I'm not having that.

Brittany: I would not drink coffee for the day if the only option was Dunkin.

Nichelle: Yeah, it's Starbucks guys.Starbucks or bust.

Coke or Pepsi? Coke. Only Coke. My dad he works for Coke and he would die if I ever said Pepsi.

Brittany: Yeah, not Pepsi.

Nichelle: It's gross. Anyway, it's so gross. It's flat and syrupy.

Brittany: Guacamole or salsa?

Nichelle: Guacamole. I'm obsessed.

Brittany: I'm obsessed. Also, could we have queso in there? So queso over both those, but I do agree. Guacamole.

Nichelle: Love guacamole. It's so good. Beyonce's recipe for guacamole. Have you ever had it? No. Her guacamole recipe is to die for.

Brittany: That's the only thing you're a fan of Beyonce's.

Nichelle: Sorry guys.

Brittany: Okay. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

Nichelle: So here's the thing. I love peanut butter. I feel like all peanut butter's created equal, but I feel like there's certain ones for certain things.

Brittany: What's crunchy peanut butter for?

Nichelle: If you just want some texture as a peanut butter, like on toast.

Brittany: So you have two different ones that you have.

Nichelle: I don't keep them, but I like it. Okay. I like it, but we usually get smooth because everybody's boring in my house.

Brittany: It's fine. Okay. Polynesian sauce or Chick-fil-A sauce?

Nichelle: Chick-fil-A.

Brittany: Yeah, same. Yeah.

Nichelle: I don't mess with Polynesian and Polynesian sauce is messy and stuff. I dunno.

Brittany: So sticky.

Nichelle: Yes. Pancakes or waffles?

Brittany: I'm going to go pancakes.

Nichelle: That's so easy for me.

Brittany: Yeah. I'm like, I don't need a waffle.

Nichelle: No.

french fries or onion rings.

Brittany: French fries. 100%. Onion rings are like, I can't. You can't.

Nichelle: No. I can from one place

Brittany: Where?

Nichelle: The varsity

Brittany: Onion rings from the varsity.

Nichelle: Oh My Gosh. They're so good.

Brittany: I think they're putting a new varsity in Watkinsville.

Nichelle: Oh really? The one in Bethlehem just opened.

Brittany: Were you telling us that? Okay.

Nichelle: I just heard that they were, I know I didn't say Watkinsville. I didn't know about that one, but Bethlehem, whenever we pass by, I think I say it every time we're on 316.

Brittany: No, Somebody told me they went to the varsity at in Bethlehem and they said that they're opening one in Watkinsville, so I don't know who I talked to,

Nichelle: But I'm for it guys. I know that there's some people that are like, they can do that. I love varsity. It's like an Atlanta staple

Brittany: Chili cheese dog and a frosted orange.

Nichelle: I only get the hot dog. That's all I get. Yeah, I get the hot dog with a slaw. I love that. Okay. Anyway.

Brittany: Okay. Ketchup or ranch?

Nichelle: Ranch.

Brittany: Ketchup.

Nichelle: Yeah. Which is so funny because you hate tomatoes half the time. I

Brittany: Know, but did you see this morning I ate my breakfast with some of that salsa. I almost, I mean

Nichelle: You kind kind of just dipped your fork in a tiny bit.

Brittany: You did. Really? But I used it. I used a third of that for my breakfast. I almost was like, do you, I like these tomatoes today, but at lunch. At lunch you said, but I love pizza, red sauce, like bolognese. I just am weird about when it's not and it's like smushed.

Nichelle: Smushed form.

Brittany: Yes. Okay.

Nichelle: Chocolate or fruity candy? Oh, I'm a chocolate girl.

Brittany: So if you go into a gas station, are you getting chocolates over fruity candy? Yes. I'm getting fruity candy over chocolates.

Nichelle: Yeah. My husband and Maddie, both of them are very, they love chewy. Just candy.

Brittany: Yes. Nerd ropes all day

Nichelle: I mean, I like that stuff, but this is like chocolate's. My go-to

Brittany: Chocolate's. Better for you if you get 70% like cacao.

Nichelle: I know that stuff's so nasty. No, thank you.

Brittany: It's so good.

Nichelle: Give me the milk chocolate guys.

Brittany: Okay. Would you like to cook or be cooked for?

Nichelle: Well, if you guys listen to the last episode, I don't cook, so I think that we know the answer on that one.

Brittany: Yeah, I'm going to be same. I would love finish. Chef,

Nichelle: You cooking? Are we going out?

Brittany: Seriously? Yeah.

Okay. Next topic is fashion, beauty, short or long hair? Y'all know me and my short hair, I've literally never had long hair, so.

Nichelle: Its true. Just one time.

Brittany: Yeah, barely. I mean it under my collarbone. It's considered long,

Nichelle: But I mean I get that. Yeah. I'm trying really hard for long hair right now. I mean I guess it technically is long hair.

Brittany: But comparative.

Nichelle: Exactly. I mean, I'm trying, but I have a feeling probably comes spring. I'll chop it again.

Brittany: Yeah. I always love when it's yours kind of under the collarbone. I feel like that's a cute, you could do that with bangs and would be really fun.

Nichelle: Oh, my bangs will be grown out by then. I know. I'm just going through it

Brittany: You could get them again.

Nichelle: Gold or silver? I prefer gold.

Brittany: Same. I rarely wear silver

Nichelle: Silver was in my twenties.

Brittany: Yeah,

Nichelle: It's like late two thousands. Neutrals or colors?

Brittany: I feel like, I mean if you're watching this, I am very neutral today. Yeah. I love a pop of color occasionally, but I feel like I usually do that for going out to dinner or a statement piece for something, whereas every day I'm more just neutrals.

Nichelle: Yeah. I tend to gravitate more towards, I think my colors are neutrals. Think about blacks, browns, tans, rust, all those

Brittany: Green

Nichelle: Olive. Green olive. I mean,

Brittany: I think I'll take the neutral, not print version of colors, but I'm definitely more whites and creams and tans as my jam. I hardly ever wear black whenever I do. You're always like,

Nichelle: Every time I'm like, that looks so good on you.

Brittany: You're black. I know, and I'm like, I know this is not the norm.

Nichelle: Shorts or skirts? Oh, I usually go for a skirt.

Brittany: I do love skirts. I feel like that's, I mean more of what I've been wearing this summer.

Nichelle: Even same. I actually put jeans on the other day and I was like, I don't like this. Yeah. I don't know when the last time I did it.

Brittany: Why? Yeah. Skinny jeans or flares.

Nichelle: I'm liking the flare situation right now.

Brittany: Yeah, I agree. Those express flares are so great. Yes, so I would pick those before I would pick my skinny jeans, but I would just pick a straight leg before I'd pick a skinny right now. Same

Nichelle: Heels or sneakers.

Brittany: This is a good, I feel like you and me would be the opposite.

Nichelle: I know I go towards sneakers.

Brittany: I think I go towards heels. Yeah.

Golden Goose or P448?

Nichelle: Well, I don't have the other so Golden Goose it is.

Brittany: I would pick golden goose, although I had a pair of P448 before I had a pair of golden gooses. I feel like that's the entry into a Golden Goose, but I liked between the two I'd go golden goose for sure.

Okay. Casual or dressy?

Nichelle: I usually go more, I dress more casual, but I enjoy getting dressed up.

Brittany: I feel like. Yeah. I love, I always tell Nichelle, I'm like, oh gosh, I wish I could wear some of this dressier work wear. She's like, well, you do come to an office so you can.

Nichelle: Wear whatever you want, girl!

Brittany: But I don't know. I feel like I change so often that it's not like I'm sitting all day in a great work wear outfit, so I do love the dressier side, but I think realistically I'm more casually dressed everyday

Nichelle: Yeah. Yeah.

Brittany: Louis Vuitton or Chanel.

Nichelle: I know your answer.

Brittany: Yeah. I mean, I don't know. I love Chanel. I also love Louis Vuitton. I feel like I have, that's some of my most worn bags are Louis's.

Nichelle: They are. I love the look of Chanel, but to me it's a very dressed up bag. It's more of like a, you're dressed up going out. Whereas I feel like Louis Vuitton you can wear every day for the most part, most of them. You know what I mean? Right.

Brittany: You know what I mean? That's a little bit more casual compared to quilted leather. Exactly.

Nichelle: Chanel, exactly.

Brittany: Hobbies, next category. Hobbies. Okay. Oh, morning sex or night sex.

Nichelle: Somebody was coming in hot. They were like, we need to talk about this again.

Brittany: Talking about sex baby.

Nichelle: Well, nighttime.

Brittany: I'm nighttime too, but I will say I used to be much more of a morning sex person.

Nichelle: But was it before kids? Yeah.

Brittany: Yeah. Same. The other day, Chris was like, you used to love morning sex all the time. I was like, I'm into it at night now, so let's just

Nichelle: Take it or leave it.

Brittany: Right.

Nichelle: Laundry or dishes? Laundry. 1000%. Yeah. I

Brittany: Think laundry too.

Nichelle: Keep me out of the kitchen guys. That's it. That's just, it's not my home.

Brittany: Football or basketball, I guess to watch. I would say football.

Nichelle: I would say that too. I mean my heart is with basketball, but I don't enjoy watching it. Yeah.

Brittany: Kindle or a physical book?

Nichelle: Physical book. I actually tried to read in my Kindle the other day and I read a book. It was Kindle Unlimited Free, but I kept putting it down. I was like, it doesn't feel right. Yeah. I needed my actual book.

Brittany: I have never had a Kindle. Have you?

Nichelle: I have like seven. You want one? Just kidding.

Brittany: Sure. No, I like a physical book or Audible.

Nichelle: I mean I listen to Audible.

Brittany: Let's be real. Although I am a newbie to Audible, I feel like within the last year, maybe

Nichelle: I would say physical this year.

Brittany: That's fun for me.

Nichelle: It is so fun.

Brittany: It's not fun for my Audible account. It's always like, you need to buy more credits. I'm like, oh, fine. I know I'm not using it the way that it's intended.

Nichelle: Yeah, no, it's intended that way. Where they want you to buy more.

Brittany: Well then I'm doing it right instead of the smart way.

Nichelle: Exactly. Reality TV or documentary?

Oh, documentary. Guys. I hate reality tv. I know that I'm in the wrong company in this office, but I just do not like reality tv.

Brittany: I don't either. I like documentaries. I wouldn't say this is my favorite documentary because I feel like I'm going to get judged. It's not my favorite, but one that I find so fascinating and that if I'm like, there's nothing to watch. Let's watch this again, is Blackfish, which is about the orca whales at SeaWorld.

Nichelle: Oh, I haven't even seen that one, but I also haven't watched TV in a long time.

Brittany: Well, this is, it's old. I mean, 10 plus years.

Nichelle: Okay. Yeah. No, mine's usually a good crime or whatever documentary.

Brittany: Yeah. It's so interesting. Just how and why and the people who are trying to get the whales out, which I mean, I'm free the whales. I am not saying they should be in captivity. I don't think that, but it's just so sad. I know Chris is like, why do you want to watch this sad documentary, and I'm like, I don't know. I just want them to be Okay.

Nichelle: Free Willy guys.

Brittany: Yeah. Free Willy.

Nichelle: I know. Comedy or drama.

Brittany: I like drama.

Nichelle: I don't know. That's so hard. I just don't watch a ton. I would say probably comedy because my go-tos are friends in the office and they're just like my comfort shows, so

Brittany: Lift weights or cardio,

Nichelle: Lift weights.

Brittany: Lift weights all

Nichelle: Day. Yeah.

Brittany: Don't sign me up for cardio. No, absolutely. At the gym, they're like, so we're going to do cardio, and we'll be like, and I'm out.

Nichelle: I literally, whatever this place is down here, they were like, they do cardio every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and they lift weights on Tuesday and Thursday and I was like, you only get two days of that. I'm not going. I'm not going to those other days. That's fine. I just won't go there. It's just not an option for me.

Brittany: Yeah. No, not for me.

Nichelle: I can't even believe somebody even said this. I cannot even believe somebody said this right now, AAR or Outlander. She's like, I have no idea what this is.

Brittany: I don't know

Nichelle: A cord of thorns and roses, which is this. It's like going viral series right now of books that I am obsessed with. I know, but I also was obsessed with Outlander for many, many, many years. I started reading Outlander in my early twenties and read through that series probably six times and they're like 800 page books. They're big babies, but I do not like the show. Outlander, I liked the books better, but I would have to say just I love a guitar. I'm obsessed with that guitar.

Brittany: I'm going to be a neither.

Nichelle: She's like, I don't know what these things are.

Brittany: Oh gosh. Harry Styles or Taylor Swift? I'm a swifty over Harry, so sorry Harry.

Nichelle: I love him so much, but I think because my love for Taylor has been so much longer. I'm going to go with Taylor.

Okay. Miscellaneous category. Oh boy. This is where I feel like it get interesting.

Well, the last one I was like, whoa, we're coming in hot. See the future or change the past.

Brittany: See the future.

Nichelle: Same.

Hugs or kisses. I like a hug.

Brittany: Yeah, I guess hugs are good. I mean kisses. Let's go.

Call or text?

Nichelle: I'm usually going to text.

Brittany: It has to be, so Shae's the only

Nichelle: You need to have a voice conversation with her.

Brittany: Yeah, We just talk on the phone all the time. Yeah, that if we text, I'm like, or I could just call you, but everybody else is text.

Nichelle: That's funny because Hannah and I FaceTime sometimes the kids face, but literally we're not even looking at each other. I'll have it in my compartment in my car, but we're FaceTiming.

Brittany: It could just be on the call. Yes.

Nichelle: Rollercoaster or water slide? Oh, give me a roller coaster.

Brittany: Roller coaster.

Nichelle: I hate Waterparks guys. Absolutely not dirty. Yeah. No, never

Brittany: Christmas or Thanksgiving?

Nichelle: Christmas. Oh, I didn't even think about that. Yeah.

Brittany: I don't know. I feel like my Thanksgiving tradition right now is so much more solid because Christmas I feel like has shifted over the past. We had kids and now it's like some of our traditions are changing because we're becoming our own traditions. I think just where I'm in life, but I love our Thanksgiving trip that we do with my family and go down to the beach and it's just so not norm.

Nichelle: You know what to expect.

Brittany: That is. I love that, so I'm kind of Thanksgiving.

Android or Apple?

Nichelle: Apple. Does Android still exist?

Brittany: I think. Okay, so this is interesting. I was somewhere the other day and the guy was like, oh, how do you do that on your iPhone? I always wondered and I was like, what do you mean? He was like, I've never had an iPhone, and I was like, oh, cool. What do you have? What's that like? I feel like once I got an iPhone however many years ago they came out, I just like, you just don't go back. This is just me now.

Nichelle: Yeah, you don't go back. Everything's connected now too, so

Brittany: It's just they do it on purpose.

Nichelle: Yeah, which I'm fine. I'm fine with that. I like the way it works. Robert just changed over what, in the last year?

Brittany: Yes,

Nichelle: Year and half a year, something like that. It was been

Brittany: Too recently anymore.

Nichelle: I know. I was like, if I see a green bubble come through one time

Brittany: Or people who mess up a group chat because

Nichelle: Seriously, they don't have serious, you are the weak link

Brittany: And when you have somebody who has an Android in your group chat, you can't name the group text.

Nichelle: Guys,

Brittany: I'll be honest. Give of the program. It's kind of annoying. Yeah.

Nichelle: Sing or dance.

Brittany: I'm going to go dance.

Nichelle: I mean I want to do both

Brittany: Sing and dance.

Nichelle: I want to do both

Brittany: Although I feel like I'm sometimes sing songy.

Nichelle: Yes.

Brittany: But if I'm going to go, let's say I was going out dancing or singing. I would love to go before I would go do karaoke.

Nichelle: Okay. I like it all. I like it all

Brittany: Very particular about this one. Blue ink or black ink.

Nichelle: Yeah. It's a blue ink kind of life here.

Brittany: Don't even give me a black pen. We were making pins for the podcast merchandise last year. Maybe this was even two years ago when we were going through samples and they sent us a sample of the outside of the pen and the logo and everything that was going to be part of it and it was black and I was like, this is garbage.

Nichelle: Yeah, exactly. What is this?

Brittany: Absolutely no to black ink

Nichelle: Photos or videos. Oh, that's kind of hard!

Brittany: I feel like I take so many photos, but of my kids, I look back on the photos more than I do on the videos.

Nichelle: I feel like every couple months we go back and look at videos in my phone.

Brittany: The girls love to go back and just look at when they were little and stuff. They'll be like, can you show me pictures of me when I was a baby? If we're ever waiting for a table at a restaurant or something. I'm like, sure, look at what you guys are doing.

Nichelle: Coffee date or cocktail date?

Brittany: I don't know. I think it depends. I like a coffee date.

Nichelle: Do I have to choose? Yeah. Do I have to choose? Yeah.

Okay. Last one.

Brittany: Would you rather have feet for hands or hands for feet? I think I would do hands for feet. Yeah. I mean, I'm just picturing my feet.

Nichelle: I know you could at least still walk on those, but you couldn't really pick up anything with your feet on your hands.

Brittany: Yeah.

Nichelle: Yeah, no, I think that would be the same for me too. Hands for feet,

Brittany: But why?

Nichelle: Who did that?

Brittany: Why are you doing us dirty like that?

Nichelle: That's like what my kids play. That's the kind of questions they ask

Brittany: Brenda, did you submit that?

Nichelle: Right. That's so funny. Okay.

Brittany: Anyway, there's some good ones in there.

Nichelle: That was fun!

Brittany: Gosh,

Nichelle: It was a little different than the rapid fire one that we did. That one was really fun as well.

Brittany: I know. I love adding these type of episodes and short and sweet to the point.

Nichelle: Always Fun. It gives us a little break to come in here and have some giggles.

Brittany: Yes. We only have a few episodes left on the podcast this season and then we're going to take a little bit of a break, but I feel like we've had so many amazing guests and episodes this season specifically and even, I mean previous seasons too, but there's tons for you guys to continue listening to while we're not here, but we do have a few more fun episodes coming, which we're really excited about, so make sure to check back soon.

Nichelle: Hi, friend. I hope you enjoyed this episode on the Life of Loverly Podcast. Be sure to snap a screenshot on your phone during your favorite part of the episode. Post it to your Instagram stories and tag us @lifewithloverly. I love seeing what's resonating with you and reposting the spread more kindness along the way. See you next week, friend!

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