July 25, 2023

65. Let's REALLY Get To Know Each Other: Unfiltered Answers to Your Rapid Fire Questions

65. Let's REALLY Get To Know Each Other: Unfiltered Answers to Your Rapid Fire Questions

Most embarrassing moment? Favorite T Swift song? Biggest irrational fear?


You’ve seen our Q+A episodes… but this week we’re kicking it up a notch with RAPID FIRE Q+A!

Meaning: We are answering off the cuff, top of our head, no holding back, honest moments - and boy, was this FUN.

Since summer is in full swing, we wanted to give you something lighthearted and fun to listen to, so you can laugh along with us (and maybe even experience a little secondhand embarrassment).

And we’re not holding back. We chat, in the most unfiltered way, about –

  • Marriage. Like, how do we keep things spicy? Nichelle had some great advice on this - and then told a story I hadn’t heard before that had me ROLLING and shocked. I’m still laughing about it.
  • Our most embarrassing moments with our spouses, so maybe yours won’t feel so awkward… but I think I have you all beat. I’ll just say this: it includes Chris and a plunger. I’m still recovering from the trauma.

  • And of course we are talking about motherhood mishaps. Like, the last time our kids threw up - or what the most unexpected thing about motherhood was for each of us.

As you tune in, here are the topics we covered:

Date Night

And if you’re in need of some everyday inspo, we also talked about a lot of favorites in the episode:

Coffee orders
Cocktails (Honestly - skip the cocktails, and just give me a glass of champagne!)
Songs and

This episode is chock-full of funny stories, tidbits of advice, and our favorite things - so if you’re looking for something fun to listen to and laugh along with, we’ve got you covered!

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Brittany: Hi friends. Welcome to The Life with Loverly podcast. I'm Brittany, a wife, mom, and lifestyle entrepreneur here to help you discover your best daily style and encourage you to try new things when getting dressed each day, I took a tiny following on social media and turned it into a community of over 1 million amazing women, and I am so glad you're here. I'll be sharing my heart with you beyond the 15 seconds on Instagram. So we'll be diving into things like personal growth, friendships, motherhood, marriage, and of course the business of blogging. Really, this space is here to serve as your go-to resource to building a life you adore while sprinkling some kindness to others along the way. Grab an iced coffee and let's do life together. I'm Brittany, and this is The Life with Loverly podcast.

Nichelle: Hi friends. Welcome back to today's episode of the Life with Loverly podcast. Hi, Nichelle.

Nichelle : Hey!

Nichelle: Today's episode is going to be so much fun. We're going to do some rapid fire questions and you guys are going to get to know us real well after this

Nichelle : Real quick and real well

Brittany: Yeah. After this we are actually coming in the studio hot after we've been volunteering with the team this morning and into the afternoon. We went out to Camp Twin Lakes in Winder and volunteered for ESP. They have camp going on this week and it's kind of like a cool, I feel like the opportunity to go volunteer was really exciting because last year when we had the closet sale, we donated $21,000, which was all the proceeds from the closet sale to ESP and kind of said, you guys do whatever you want with this money, and they decided that they were going to use it to send kids to summer camp. So they used that money and 21 kids were able to come to summer camp. Fast forward now, we were like, Hey, when is summer camp? We would love to come and volunteer or just come out and see. And they happened to have a need for serving lunch one of the days during camp, so all team Loverly Grey, we went out to Winder today and served lunch.

Nichelle : And it was their last day. So I felt like everybody was really excited, ready to send off. The vibes were really high. It was really fun after lunch celebrating.

Brittany: I know they do this really fun spirit time where we would dance around and it was just so fun to actually see where money that you donate. And a lot of you guys participated in it from coming to the closet sale, and so it was really just a full circle moment to actually be on site with them.

Nichelle : It really was. And that team, I mean, first of all, everyone who works for ESP is so amazing, so fun to work with, but then the kids, we've seen them repeatedly now. Yes, after going to visit. So it's just so fun. It's so magical.

Brittany: So yeah, it definitely gives you a sense of just, I feel like I leave spending time with ESP, just appreciate my life and I'm just like, okay. Wow. So for those of y'all who aren't familiar, ESP is extra special people and it is an organization for people of all abilities. A lot of their participants and kids that come to camp or come do their daily activities that are really all ages, a lot of them are in wheelchairs or maybe have down syndrome or autism or cerebral palsy or whatever type of disability that they have. They come into this environment where they are seen for their abilities and it's just such an amazing environment. I think once you spend time with them, once you get sucked in, especially if you're around their C E O Laura Whitaker, she'll make sure that you are sucked in for life, which is where I've just totally appreciate her as a leader and as a woman and as a mom in the community. She's amazing. So it's just been so much fun over the last really probably two years for me, just being involved with them, but really getting to spend time dancing, hanging out, being part of their day was just so much fun. So I feel like we're kind of all on a little bit of a high over here. For sure. For sure. So that's kind of what we're up to right now.

Nichelle : We're about to get into these rapid fire questions and guys, they're going to actually be showing us for the first time what these questions are, and they're just going to really quick hold up the questions. So I'm really curious to see, I know we're going to, because You guys were actually the ones that turned these in, so...

Brittany: Yes, we polled y'all, you guys gave us all these questions. So they're going to hold up a category and then we will announce the category and then I guess we'll read the question. Should we do it in some type of order or should we just both?

Nichelle : I think we go back and forth.

Brittany: Yeah, let's do that. Sounds Good.

Nichelle : Alright, We're just diving right in.

Brittany: Come along for the crazy ride. Yeah. Okay, so first category is date night. How often? For date night we try to go once a week.

Nichelle : Once a week.

Most Unique date night you've been on being on a date because that's new for us

Brittany: Actually going on the date? Most unique date night. Oh gosh. The first thing that comes to my mind is not necessarily a date night, but we were on vacation, we went and dove in a shark tank and that feels very scary. It feels very scary. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Fancy or relaxed? I feel like in the middle.

Nichelle : I know I like a good fancy, but also maybe that just trickled in weekend or weeknight.

Brittany: We try to do weeknight, mostly

Nichelle : Weeknight for us too.

Brittany: Who plans them? It depends. Usually it's like, Hey, want to go to date night tonight? And Chris is like, sure where you want to go? And I'm like, Chuck's our Last Resort, and he's like, okay. So I don't know if that would be us together.

Nichelle : I usually decide because Robert's like wherever you want to go.

Brittany: So they're like, whatever you want to do.

Nichelle : Go to dessert. Tiramisu.

Brittany: Ooh. I would say Cecilia's cake at Last Resort. We will go out of our way to go there and get it.

Nichelle : I wish had that close by.

Brittany: Yeah. Yeah. At home date night, good or bad. I mean, I feel like that just reminds me too much of Covid time, so I wouldn't choose to do an at home date night if I had the option to go out in 2023.

Nichelle : Yeah. No, I think it's just because we spent so many years doing that, our kids were both young. It just was hard. So no, for me. Alone or double date alone,

Brittany: We double date a lot actually. I find myself having to be like, okay, so this time we should probably just go us because like the last four times we had a friend or other couples going.

Nichelle : Sex before or after? If you're lucky.

Brittany: Nichelle!

Nichelle : I'm just kidding. After for sure.

Brittany: Yeah, I definitely after I would say most occasions.

Nichelle : Yeah, and yeah, no, I don't want to do that after. I don't want to go on a date night after that.

Brittany: Right. I'm like, do we like,

Nichelle : No thanks. No,

Brittany: No. We need to just be, I feel like I'm going to be tired. I feel gross, then I want to go to sleep.

Nichelle : Exactly.

Brittany: Anyway. All right. Next topic is marriage.

Nichelle : Okay. Best piece of advice you received before getting married? I don't think I got any advice. It was, are you sure? Because you're going to have to pay your bills on your own. That's what it

Brittany: Was. Well, you also got married when you were 21.

Nichelle : I did so...

Brittany: I think the best marriage advice was just constantly having open communication and talking it out. It's cliche, but not going to bed angry. I feel like I, there's been a handful of times where we have gone to bed angry and I just was like, this is not the advice we were given. We're breaking the rules. Talk to me!!

Nichelle : Robert always says that, don't go to bed angry.

Brittany: Premarital counseling? We did it, so I would recommend 10 out of 10.

Nichelle : Yes, we did it too. Who said, I love you first? I did.

Brittany: I think Chris did. I feel like Chris did, and then I was like, but we were kind of both. I don't know.

Nichelle : I made it awkward.

Brittany: Must haves for wedding registry? Favorite thing you received from your registry?

Nichelle : My biggest thing is everyday items. I will say for me, everybody kept telling me to put China on mine and I literally nevert touched that. Yeah, no, but that might be important to somebody, but I'm towels and those everyday things, kitchen appliances even.

Brittany: I think really walk through the rooms of a house and see what is in there. Oh, we need extra hand towels for the bathroom or we need truly go through and kind of figure out before you go into a store to register. Because then I feel like sometimes it's like, oh, we don't need that, but then you get back and you're like, oh, that would've actually been super helpful. We registered at Anthropologie and which was like so that I could get some prettier of their home stuff, but then some people were just giving Anthropologie gift cards to which I took and got a whole new wardrobe. Thank you. Not really. I mean, I did buy some beautiful platters and things like that, so Chris was like wait

Nichelle : But win-win.

Brittany: This isn't fair. You're like, you just bought a dress with that. I'm like, I know. Date night. Exactly. What do think?

Nichelle : Exactly.

Brittany: One thing I would recommend though that we did not do that I wish we would've done was register for Christmas dishes. Yeah. Because now I'm like, I really wish I had some Christmas, China or just specific plates that we use at Christmas time and we don't, so yeah, I would register for that.

Nichelle : Best habit in your marriage? We always eat dinner together when possible.

Brittany: Yeah. I feel like that's a, I would say we do that too.

Nichelle : We would come together for that. Yeah.

Brittany: I mean, I would say that's probably the same. There's nothing else that's sticking out. Biggest challenge in your marriage, huh? Nichelle's eyes look like, which one am I going to say?


I biggest challenge. I don't know. I think for a little while before we got, when we did premarital counseling and into our first years of marriage, it was kind of religious/religion based because Chris grew up. I did not, and I just feel like the differences in Catholicism and Christianity, there was just a lot and so that kind of was a challenging in the first few years as we were kind of navigating church and that type of thing.

Nichelle : I would say recent, recently, it's actually been brought up a lot, but politics.

Most awkward marriage moment?

Brittany: I would say. Mine was before we were married, we were dating and we went out of town to a friend's wedding and we got a hotel room with another couple, so they were sharing the room with us and I had terrible stomach issues. I'm talking, thank God the other couple had been drinking at the wedding because when they went to bed, they went to bed and I literally went into the bathroom and had explosive diarrhea. It was coming out of the toilet. Chris had I, and this is early on in our relationship, Chris. I came out and I'm crying and I'm like, can you please go to the front desk and get a plunger? He literally comes back. He was like, here, I'll handle it. I was like, get rid of that plunger. You'll not handle it. It's like a crime scene in there. We get it all cleaned up. I don't, don't know. Literally we were in Savannah, we had to stop three or four times on the way home for me to go to the bathroom. It was so terrible. I don't know if I just ate something and I mean he's still with me, so I guess it wasn't that traumatic for him, but it was. I guess maybe that would be great for most traumatic relationship experience instead of awkward because we just flew past awkward into trauma.

Nichelle : Mine's definitely awkward, but I have so many of them, but this is the only one that's coming to my mind right now. I hope. Wow I hope my in-law's are not listening. Robert wanted to do the nasty in the same hotel room as them.

When they were sleeping right next to us.

Brittany: In the same room as your in-laws. Did you do it?

Nichelle : Yeah.

Brittany: Okay.

Nichelle : Only time it happened. The only time it happened and I was very angry afterwards, but.

Brittany: Robert got his fix. Okay.

Joint or separate? Finances. We have joint.

Nichelle : Joint. How to keep things spicy, date, do things different. You need to date your person constantly.

Brittany: And try new things. Yes. Switch it up a little bit. I mean spicy feel like in the bedroom. Switch it up a little bit. What's referring to? I don't know.

Yeah. All right. Next topic is vacation. Fave place to vacation with family? Well, for us, I would say probably 30a just that's where we always go.

Nichelle : Yeah. I think it's just because we've been doing it now for several years. Anna Maria Island in Florida. It's just our family. Big family vacation.

Favorite place with spouse? Definitely Mexico mhh Jamaica. Jamaica.

Brittany: Mine would be to Puerto Rico. We went to Dorado Beach and that was like, I literally dream about that trip of how just amazing and fun and everything that was like, I want to go back tomorrow if I could.

Nichelle: Bucket list destination. I have so many of them. Lemme just say Europe because yeah, on mine,

Brittany: We went to Italy for anniversary one year and I would absolutely go back there to other parts of Italy or even Greece I think would be so amazing. That's what I'm saying, just go down a list. We just go there every year.

Nichelle: Let's go travel. Yeah.

Brittany: Greg goes abroad. Yes,

Nichelle: Exactly.

Brittany: Hotel or Airbnb?

Nichelle: Airbnb.

Brittany: I don't know. I guess it depends on where it is. I do love a hotel, but it also depends on the hotel. I don't know. I'm I'm team either depending on the location and what we're doing. Yeah.

Nichelle: Next planned trip. I don't have anything planned right now.

Brittany: You did just get back from your vacation?

Nichelle: I did, but I did decide when we got back that I need a second one, so not just the one This year

Brittany: We are going to 30A at the end of July and I'm already like, oh. I'm starting to be like, oh, I need to plan this. I need to plan that. I can't wait.

Do you pack your husband's clothes?

Nichelle: Absolutely not.

Brittany: No, I do not. He can handle it? Yeah.

Nichelle: Something you always do the first day you arrive, unpack. Well, I don't think a lot of people do

Brittany: You take your stuff out and put it in the dresser?

Nichelle: There and I put all my suitcases in each other so they can go out out of the

Brittany: Yeah, I'll do that. I think we always rapid fire. It

Nichelle: Was the first thing that came to mind. It's true.

Brittany: We always go to dinner at this Mexican restaurant on our first night down at the beach. It's like get in, unpack, and then go eat at the Mexican restaurant.

Nichelle: Yeah, it's good there. The Mexican restaurant. It's good.

Brittany: Yeah, I know.

Nichelle: Beach or mountains? Beach

Brittany: Fav Beach accessory?

Nichelle: Functional. Is that what we're talking about?

Brittany: Yeah, sure.

Nichelle: Honestly, my Logan and Lenora bags. I know because they're washable.

Brittany: You can wash all the sand out of 'em. It's

Nichelle: Been best thing ever.

Brittany: Yeah. Cook or eat out? I would say a combination of both. It's always fun to eat out at the beach, especially if you, we go to the same restaurants or there's some restaurants that I'm like, I cannot wait to get back down there to eat this specific meal, but then we also cook at home on some nights too. Yeah,

Nichelle: We go out because we'll eat in for breakfast and lunch. It's usually at the beach then, but we love to go out because anything on vacation, it's usually, it's so particular to being at the beach.

Brittany: Totally. Yeah.

Nichelle: After trip, unpack right away or wait. Oh, I unpack because it's already washed and I can put it away.

Brittany: So you wash your clothes before you come home?

Nichelle: I'm a freak about it. You can ask Robert. He was going nuts when we went on vacation. He put a couple things in the floor and I was like, that is not, no, I put them in the washing machine immediately washed.

Brittany: I do, we usually do wash clothes before we leave, but then I'll leave my suitcase out for a few days and be pick out from the suitcase. I usually try to get the girls stuff done right away, but I'm not one of those. I don't know. I saw a meme once that was like, if you get home from your trip and immediately unpack your list. Serial killer.

Nichelle: Mean,

Brittany: And I'm like all you maybe.

Nichelle: All right. This one's parenting and mom life. Funniest thing that happened as a parent so far? I haven't told you about what happened the other night. I don't want to tell it on air either.

Oh, we were talking about sex. My oldest and I.

Brittany: Oh, are you going to tell it on the air

Nichelle: No because I don't feel like it's right to tell his information on the air.

Brittany: Okay.

Nichelle: Okay. Funniest thing is definitely the sex talk with my kids. Anything to do with the sex talk with my kids.

Oh, I have many funny moments.

Brittany: The first thing that comes to mind is when I looked over one day and Collins was just licking the refrigerator as a one and a half year old and I was like, what are you doing? And we were both are

Nichelle: We?

Brittany: What is life? Yeah. Kids are weird. Most inconvenient time. Your kid has thrown up.

Nichelle: Ooh. I haven't had one of those and I don't know what this says, but Madison did almost throw up. She swallowed it back. She threw a

Brittany: Poor child.

Nichelle: She was like five when it happened. She was like, I just threw up, and I was like, where? And she's like, I swallowed it.

Brittany: She probably didn't want to throw up either. No. Hazel so kindly threw up. We just sat down at a restaurant outside, thank God, and we're sitting down, we're ordering our drinks, chips and queso on the way we are sitting, and she's just like, whi being whiny, and I'm like, stop. What is wrong? And she's just wanting to hold onto me and all of a sudden she just turns and just projectile vomits all over and literally we're outside. The patio is full. Everybody just stops and turns and I was like, well, okay, and What do you do?

Nichelle: Yeah,

Brittany: So we cleaned it up and left. Ooh. Favorite you time activity. I would say going to the spa or treat your feet. I mean even just going and getting my nails done.

Nichelle: Any me time period alone, I just enjoy and honestly a peruse through target. If I can read without being interrupted, it's great.

Brittany: Yeah. I'm not picky.

Nichelle: No.

Brittany: Are you currently living or surviving in this season?

Nichelle: I am surviving. If being real.

Brittany: It's feel like I'm day to day. Some days I'm like, oh, we're living today, and other days I'm like, oh, we're surviving this chapter of life.

Nichelle: Would you consider yourself a crunchy mom or a silky mom?

Brittany: What is a silky mom?

Nichelle: Don't know.

Brittany: I don't think I'm a crunchy mom. I

Nichelle: Mean, if I'm just going by what it says, it kind of feels like maybe I'd prefer to be a silky mom.

Brittany: Yeah, same. Who is the disciplinarian? Me. Yeah. I would say I am too. Yeah. Chris tries, but I mean they're four and three, so it's like go to timeout.

Nichelle: Robert's, their buddy. Funny phrase or thing that your kid has said, I think. Okay. I just thought of one for you.

Brittany: I mean, I think just them talking about little body parts right now. The girls say their bagina and every time they say it I'm like, okay, it's a vagina, and then they're like, yeah, bagina, and I'm like, okay. They just can't pronounce, but it's kind of funny. Yeah. Makes me giggle.

Nichelle: Mine is, it's a bunch of Gen Z stuff that I don't understand, but I'm like, that doesn't even make sense in this moment. Bryn's the worst, but she's like, if I walk down the stairs and we're about to go somewhere, she's like, mm slay. I'm like, what?

Brittany: You're like, okay,

Nichelle: Thanks.

Brittany: Something unexpected about motherhood? I would say there's a lot I didn't know right after having a baby that was going to happen. The fourth trimester is a real thing. The night sweats, just the emotions, the things that are like, you kind of have this outof body experience. It really hits you those first few weeks after. Yeah, just so many emotions. When I thought I was emotionally stable person before and then all of a sudden I'm like, I don't want to be crying, but I just am.

Nichelle: You're literally unhinged. Yeah.

Brittany: Yeah.

Nichelle: Mine would be that it actually, I worry more about my kids now than when they were little. Yeah. It's like it's getting that stress of worrying about them is, I don't know. It's just amplified as they've gotten older.

Brittany: True.

Nichelle: How many hours of sleep do you get on the regular? This week is very different, but I definitely get eight hours, usually.

Brittany: Same eight hours. Hard pass, non-negotiable for not, I will say I sleep, train both my children early on. Yeah, 10 out of 10. Recommend like 1000%. Get yourself Moms On Call and live your life.

Nichelle: I even agree. I did not, and I wish that that was around when they were little.

Brittany: Yeah. Okay. Next topic. We're moving on to music, movies and books.

Nichelle: Favorite movie? Oh gosh. Pretty Woman.

Brittany: This Is always so hard for me because I feel like I have so many favorite movies and then I dunno what to say.

Nichelle: Oh, it's not Marvel movies for sure.

Brittany: That's true. I'm not into the Marvel. I will go. I mean, this is old school, but Sweet Home Alabama is a classic

Nichelle: Old school. I just gave you an eighties movie. Come on.

Brittany: That's true. That's true. I mean,

Nichelle: That's a really, really good movie. We were just talking about that. Yeah. Yeah. Favorite music genre. I don't have one.

Brittany: I think I would say mostly country. If I'm like, oh, I don't like, what am I going to listen to? I always just go to Country Top hits first and then I'll be like, oh, let me get some pop in here.

Nichelle: I almost said Harry Styles, but I was like, I guess people wouldn't think of that as a genre, but I'm just kidding.

Brittany: Last song you listened to?

Nichelle: Dandelions. Oh

Brittany: Yeah. Yeah. We like that song is stuck in my head for days right now.

Nichelle: Yeah, mine's the same right now. We both heard it, so I know. True. Yeah. Favorite T Swift song? That one's tough.

Brittany: I'm really into Cruel Summer right now. Yeah, but I feel like all time Favorite is Bad Blood. Yeah. I don't know why. I just love the music videos is so good.

Nichelle: It's so hard. Getaway Car maybe. That's probably why. And driving in the

Brittany: Getaway Car car. Yeah. You never get

Nichelle: Far

Brittany: Good vibe. Nope. RIP T-Swift. Yeah. I feel like that was mean to put in there, but

Nichelle: It's fine. Favorite book of all time? This is very tough for me because I kind of go back and forth, but Rapid Fire, what we're supposed to be doing is Taking Chances by Molly. Molly McAdams.

Brittany: Oh, rapid Fire. Oh, I mean, what comes to mind first? I think what has stuck with me throughout so much of my life is the Karen Kingsbury series that she, I read those when I was in high school or younger, and I still think about those characters to these days, to this day.

Nichelle: That's how my book is just one of that actually got me passionate about reading again. Yes. So I think that's why it sticks with me too.

Favorite singer you listen to regularly? Taylor Swift.

Brittany: Yeah. I would say Taylor Swift too. Yeah. Favorite, most memorable concert?

Nichelle: Lady Gaga.

Brittany: I think Mumford and Sons in Centennial Park in Atlanta. That was like Chris and I's first one of our first dates. Nice. And it was just like everything about the setup was so magical. It was so much fun. Yes.

Nichelle: Favorite movie as a kid. Casper.

Brittany: I really loved Finding Nemo. Sandlot

Nichelle: Was Finding Nemo around when you were little?

Brittany: Not when I was little. Oh, when I was in high school.

Nichelle: I was like what?

Brittany: I liked it then too. Okay. Favorite TV show? Go. What's that look?

Nichelle: Oh no, the Office.

Brittany: Oh, I love Grey's Anatomy or, okay. I would say one really want to watch again that I love so much is Parenthood.

Nichelle: Oh, I never watched that.

Brittany: Oh my gosh. You need to watch it. Okay. I'm not kidding. Now would be an excellent time for you to watch it. Okay.

Nichelle: Celebrities. Celebrity you'd like to meet.

Brittany: I've heard great things about Ryan Reynolds and Matthew McConaughey. I'd love to meet them. Blake Lively.

Nichelle: I feel like I don't even know where to start

Brittany: Yeah, I mean all of them.

Nichelle: I mean, yes, Ryan Reynolds because genius,

Brittany: Julia Roberts,

Nichelle : She's a classic and all of these singers. I just keep thinking of music artists that's not, you know what I mean? Yeah. So

Brittany: Anyway, I mean, they're celebrities too.

Nichelle: I feel like Ryan Reynolds is a solid.

Brittany: Yeah.

Nichelle: Dream concert.

Brittany: Well, it would be Taylor Swift at this point in our life,

Nichelle: And it still is, so hopefully she comes back to the US after her international.

Brittany: Hey, Anybody wants to send us to LA? Wink, wink. She's like looking at me. She's like, yeah, do you want to send us?

Nichelle: Please?

Brittany: You could go work in LA for the week. You can pick only one music, movies or books?

Nichelle: Music.

Brittany: Ooh, that's tough. I would be definitely, between music or books, I think I'd have to go music too.

Nichelle: Yeah.

Brittany: All right. Next category is fashion. Okay.

Nichelle: You know a little something about this? A little, yeah. Favorite wardrobe basics. A good solid pair of jeans.

Brittany: Yes. Classic denim jacket. Great. White or striped t-shirt as I'm wearing right now

Nichelle: Good solid pair of sneakers.

Brittany: Sneakers. Yeah. Favorite summer trend. Really into the two piece set happening right now.

Nichelle: Yeah. That's really good.

Brittany: Also love a clear heel and a statement earring.

Nichelle: Statement earring. That's my favorite right now.

Brittany: Yeah. Yeah. You've been thriving.

Nichelle: Favorite colors you wear on yourself? I think yours is really easy. You go right ahead.

Brittany: I like pinks or blues. I love when I'm like, I don't know. Those are what I pull towards first.

Nichelle: This new, it's almost like cobalt blue that's been come out this summer. I actually really like it.

Brittany: That's a good color for you. It's like you can do good bold colors. I feel like that's not, it's the new for me trend. You can't get behind. Ooh, like nineties grunge.

Nichelle: Yes. It's terrible. My kids are like, oh, this is so cool. Have you seen this trend? I'm like, yeah like 30 years ago!

Brittany: Yeah. Or a cargo pants like the wide leg cargo pants with all the baggy jeans

Nichelle: Tube top and jeans. Yeah. Ugh. Something you can't live without in fashion.

Brittany: Clothes, nude shoes.

Nichelle: Oh yeah, that's a good one. I think. Graphic tees.

Brittany: Yeah. That's my life. You do love a good graphic tee. Most surprising comeback trend. Nineties. Nineties fashion

Nichelle: Valore jumpsuit.

Brittany: Yes. Like a juicy couture suit. So terrible. I can get behind that in the comfort of my own home, but not the zip up tight. It reminds me of, oh gosh, what's the movie? The milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Nichelle: Mean Girls and the mom

Brittany: Wanting to be like, what happened? Tell me everything. I'm like,

Nichelle: The last time I wore one, I literally going into labor. When I really going into labor. I was dying before I

Brittany: Actually had her. So you have a belly. It was underneath

Nichelle: It was like a maternity one, but it was like skin tight all the way down in bell bottom.

Brittany: Please find a photo of this. Don't

Nichelle: Have it, so I don't have it. I was dying that night. Yeah. That's when I had Maddie, so That's

Brittany: True. That was a rough

Nichelle: Time. Yeah. Anyway.

Brittany: How often do you apply self tanner? I would say for sure once a week.

Nichelle: No more than two for me.

Brittany: Yeah. I feel like you do more than I do. Yeah.

Nichelle: I'd say solid two for sure.

Brittany: I try to make two. One last, but I would do two if I needed. Yeah. But then I'm also starting to be, what is in this is this just eroding the inside of my body. Probably. Color's great though. Yes.

Nichelle: Favorite thing you wore as a kid? Man, I wore a lot of jumpsuits. Interesting. Well, it was not by choice, but I have so many pictures in fourth and fifth grade. Every picture I had taken is like button up, long sleeve, wide leg, black with flowers on it, jumpsuit.

Brittany: I don't know. My favorite thing I wore as a kid, I just wore a lot of different things, which is probably how I ended up where I am. I dunno.

Nichelle: That's a good question. I can think more about high school, but not as a kid. So yeah.

Brittany: If you could only shop at three retailers for the rest of your life, which three? Anthropologie, Target? Probably Nordstrom.

Nichelle: Yeah, that's a good one,

Brittany: Because you can get everything you

Nichelle: Would need at all. Yes, I know, and that's what I think of. Definitely Target and I would even say Abercrombie.

Brittany: I mean, I will say the other day I was looking on Anthro's website and I literally thought to myself, if I could only shop at one place for the rest of my life, this fits my personality the most, the unique pieces. I feel like I could do a lot with all of everything that they have.

Nichelle: If I had a champagne budget, I'd definitely be there too, but I don't, so I'm just that I couldn't do that,

Brittany: But they didn't ask that. No, that's

Nichelle: True. They didn't. Favorite splurge worthy brand? Anthropologie.

Brittany: I mean brand. I would say Chanel.

Nichelle: Oh yeah. I don't know about that yet.

Brittany: I love that you just said yet.

Nichelle: I mean goals, right, right.

Brittany: Got to speak these things into existence.

Nichelle: Oldest item in your closet, A pair of red checkered vans, slide ons.

Brittany: I would definitely, I think there's probably some shoes in there. It's hard for me. I feel like my closet kind of rotates, but this probably isn't the oldest item in there, but one that I will never get rid of is this like h and m maxi dress that is this stunning sage color. It's like floral, watercolor. Yeah. That is the piece. If don't have something to wear, I always go for that. Yeah. I would literally wear that every single day if I could

Nichelle: Closet organized or not by season or by color or anything like that. Yeah.

Brittany: You Mine is not for you.

Nichelle: Yeah,

Brittany: I wish.

Nichelle: Mine is, I do it by style. It's tank top, short sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters, dresses, and then it's by sleeve or length. That's nice.

Brittany: I would love to know what that is like.

Nichelle: Jeans? Yeah.

Brittany: Favorite designer bag. Oh, I don't even know how to pick a favorite.

Nichelle: I have a favorite. I don't own it yet, but I have a favorite.

Brittany: I love that. Yes. I think maybe a Chanel classic flap in either black or tan would be like, or I don't know, that really pretty mob boy bag that I have. Yes. He's such a good one.

Nichelle: The boy bag is like goals, man.

Brittany: I do love that one. Yeah.

All right. Next topic is Everyday favorites. Current coffee order.

Nichelle: I would say when I get it, if it's, I've tried to do coffee in the morning now. I don't know if you've noticed that I've been trying to do that. No. So if I get a coffee usually, oh gosh, I have two.

Brittany: Why Is this hard for us?

Nichelle: I know because it's like I have a hot one and I have a cold one, so chai, dirty chai latte with oat milk, and then I usually get an extra shot of espresso in that. That's hot. And then Honey, honey oat milk latte iced.

Brittany: Before recently my favorite was a honey lavender, oat milk latte iced, but now I'm trying to not do oat milk and that's been very hard because it is so nice and creamy. So I don't know what my current favorite coffee order is because I'm trying to figure out what is going to work for me and so far nothing has lived up to the expectations.

Favorite cocktail? Just give me a glass of champagne. Yeah,

Nichelle: That is my favorite.

Brittany: Or I would say the drink. The greyhound at Chuck's is the best.

It's grapefruit vodka with a soda water. I don't know what else is in there, but it is so good.

Nichelle: Grapefruit juice. So cocktail it. Honestly, if it has a vodka base,

Brittany: You love a lemon drop martini.

Nichelle: I really do. Yeah. It's like an oldie but a goodie. I know how I can handle it.

Brittany: It's great. Yeah. I usually don't drink cocktails that much. No, you don't. You go for

Nichelle: Wine Proseco or a wine

Brittany: Yeah. I'm not like a, I dunno. The liquors scare me. Favorite category you follow on Instagram besides fashion?

Nichelle: Home. Home?

Brittany: Yeah. Oh my gosh, yes. My explore page is just home content. Yeah. Oh, I have so many good home bloggers.

Nichelle: So spiritual. When God helped you in a way you knew it was him in him alone. I feel like I've talked about this recently. This is probably the biggest one for me is when Lindsay connected us.

Brittany: Yeah. I mean, that was just a straight up. There's literally no way we would've connected. No, no. Otherwise, so that I would say agree. I also think there were just times when we were going through infertility that I was like, this is only, I'm only being carried and surviving right now. Yes. Because of my faith.

Favorite at home dinner. Chris has been making really good chicken parm lately that I love. We also used to make this one skillet pasta a lot. Back when I was doing a lot of the cooking, I had that in the rotation very often.

Nichelle: That's actually what mine is right now, and it is something I obviously learned on TikTok during Covid and it's just such an easy Yeah. Yeah.

Go-to lunch. A sandwich.

Brittany: Yeah. Firehouse lately.

Nichelle: I love Jimmy John's.

Brittany: Yeah. I feel like Maple is another one that we do a lot here. True. Because it's right down the street. True.

Sweet or salty.

Nichelle: Can I have both?

Brittany: Yeah. I don't know. I feel like I kind of go more salty.

Nichelle: It just depends on what the sweet is. I know. So yeah.

Current devotional. I don't have a current one, but the last one I had is Jesus Calling.

Brittany: That's a good one. I am currently doing, there's this girl I follow on Instagram, Proverbs 31 girl, I think it's the Proverbs 31 girl. Her name's Ally and she started a thing that started at the beginning of June that was reading through the Bible for a whole year, and so I started at the beginning of June and I've actually been surprised with myself of how consistent I've been. It's just a few verses or a few chapters every day and I'm like, there's some stuff that I'm like, hold on, did I just read that in the Bible? I've read the Bible plenty of times, but not in chronological order and it's been so fascinating. I feel like I'm connecting dots from as an adult being in Bible class and being like, whoa, that's okay. This is what they're talking about. This is applying to me now or whatever. It's been very interesting.

Nichelle: I went back and reread it as an adult and I don't think I got all the way through, but I did start it again and I was just like,

Brittany: Whoa. Yeah. Literally.

Nichelle: I don't remember this being what was taught this. This

Brittany: What I read yesterday was yes. I mean, I'm in Sodom and Gomorrah. You guys are familiar. It's tough times for them.

Nichelle: Quirky or weird habit.

Brittany: Do you know mine?

Nichelle: No. I just immediately thought of mine because I do it to you.

Brittany: What

Nichelle: If you say something and it's a lyric to a song, I'll start singing it.

Brittany: Oh, that is definitely, you do that with anybody. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know what mine would be, but I'm sure everybody in this room is probably like, it's for sure that,

Nichelle: I don't know. I can't think of off the top of my head.

Brittany: I don't know. Everybody behind the camera is saying they don't know either. I don't know. A weird habit.

Nichelle: You'll check yourself in your camera. It's not weird,

Brittany: But it's your job it feels like. Right? I'm always like, oh, are we on or are we not?

Nichelle: I just noticed sensitive of the mirror. You'll pick up your phone and you're like, okay, okay. I'm fine. Huh? I don't know. Okay. That's just the first thing I thought of that

Brittany: Feels good. If we could have a superpower, what would it be?

Nichelle: I kind of would want time travel.

Brittany: Oh. I don't know if that's an option. I think I would want to know the future. I want to know the future.

Nichelle: I was going to say that, but I was like, I kind of want to go back

Brittany: And because I'm such a planner. I want to be like, oh, what are we like getting into?

Nichelle: But would that feed into your anxiety? Probably.

Brittany: Okay. For sure, for sure.

Nichelle: Last thing you ate. I ate a hot dog.

Brittany: A carrot. One thing you can eat daily and never get tired of

Nichelle: Pizza.

Brittany: I agree. Eat pizza every day or a Mexican. Yes. I love cheese dip.

Nichelle: Okay. Favorite ice cream flavor? I know this is so I'm an old person. I love butter Pecan

Brittany: Gross. Not for me

Nichelle: Or vanilla, but

Brittany: I like chocolate or mousse tracks.

Nichelle: Yeah. Okay.

Okay. Go to road trip snack. Cheetos,

Brittany: But the puffy Cheetos. Yes.

Nichelle: And the white cheddar

Brittany: Yeah, those are good. Oh, I love

Nichelle: The white cheddar ones

Brittany: Or the white cheddar popcorn. Smart pop. Oh yes. They're their favorite nerds. Nerd. Row cluster clusters. Yeah.

Nichelle: Yeah.

Brittany: They're terrible for you, but they're so good. Oh,

Nichelle: This is funny because we're on full coverage panties or thongs?

Brittany: Thongs.

Nichelle: Boy shorts. Not really. It's boy briefs. I guess the full coverage.

Brittany: See, but I don't sleep in thongs.

Nichelle: I don't want to wear thong. I had my time in that.

Brittany: Yeah, but you had your time in it when it was a piece of floss.

Nichelle: I know, and it was silk and it was not good for your hygiene,

Brittany: Your microbiome of your

Nichelle: Exactly. The flora down there. Yes, I've learned all these new words,

Brittany: But I feel like now they, there's so many. You should give it another try.

Nichelle: I should. I just haven't, I haven't been shopping to find the right one

Brittany: And I found the right ones are like $25 per thong and I'm like, I, this is robbery.

Nichelle: I know, and that's why I haven't tried those. They're great. I know. Favorite kitchen appliance?

Brittany: Is the coffee machine an option?

Nichelle: It has to be because I hate kitchen appliances.

Brittany: Yeah. An air fryer is a close second right now.

Nichelle: It's probably the only other thing that I will use on a consistent basis.

Brittany: I'm a toaster. I use a toaster a lot. You,

Nichelle: I love my KitchenAid mixer because I feel like I can next level bake now. Yeah,

Brittany: That's true.

Nichelle : Yeah.

Brittany: Favorite candle scent.

Nichelle: Volcano by Capri Blue.

Brittany: Yeah, I agree. I just got a new one. There's one candle that I just got. I don't know what the brand is, but the name of the candle is Georgia and I picked it up at a little home shop in Highlands and it smells so good. No, I need to look up the brand. I will buy it again. Right.

Nichelle: Daily routine or habit. You can't go without doing. Washing my face and brushing my teeth.

Brittany: Absolutely. Skincare. Yeah, like morning and night routine.

Nichelle: Yes. Don't miss it.

Brittany: Yes. No. SNS or Gel nails.

Nichelle: SNS

Brittany: S N S, which reminds me, I need to make an appointment.

Biggest fear? Irrational fear. Oof. Related to my kids. I would say my biggest fear was worrying that I would be carrying them and that I would fall and then they a fall on them or something. That was always such a fear of mine when I was new with a newborn.

Nichelle: I don't feel like that's irrational though,

Brittany: But I would've go out of my way to be stepping. I'm stepping overly conscious. Yeah.

Nichelle: I think mine's not possible because I've already put it out in the universe, but getting kidnapped and raped and killed, that kind of thing. I watch these really scary things.

Brittany: I know I didn't,

Nichelle: Speaking of that fourth trimester, we were talking about crazy thoughts. I would cry every night about dying because I didn't want to leave my kids behind.

Brittany: Yeah. Fourth trimester does some weird stuff to you.

Nichelle: We lost my mind would wake Robert up and be like,

Nichelle : I can't. Oh my God, I can't die.

Nichelle: It was just like,

Brittany: I'd be like, I'm going to kill you if you don't let me sleep.

Nichelle: Literally, you don't have to worry about it, dude.

Brittany: Biggest pet peeve. I know what yours is. She cannot handle somebody crunching or chewing.

Nichelle: I will go postal. Literally. I feel like one day I probably will because it literally, it rattles me to my core, to my bones. I can't even describe it.

Brittany: I think of this now. Even yesterday, I got a snack. I had yogurt in granola. Yeah, you did. And then we were going to go over something and I was like, this is probably going to bother her, but...

Nichelle: I usually remove myself and I did. It took me a minute, but I did.

Brittany: I mean, I'm not like smacking. No, it's, it's just normal. You could be in your mouth closed.

Nichelle: And it's just crunchy and it's crunching. Yeah.

Yeah. My family literally tests my every limit at dinner.

Brittany: On purpose

Nichelle: Though, on purpose, they'll start giggling. I'm like,

Brittany: You're get out of here.

I don't know. I feel like, do you know?

Nichelle: It's one at least, I don't know if you have more, but I think it's trying to figure out how to word it. People exceeding in their roles or their jobs or just the norm. The norm.

Brittany: I feel like expectations are high. Expectations are just high, but I don't know if it's a pet peeve. If you don't, that's probably maybe more of a toxic trait than a pet peeve. Okay. I don't know.

Nichelle: Thought I'd give you one since she

Brittany: Couldn't come up one's one, so makes sense. Okay. This is our last one. Three people you could have dinner with who are either dead or alive.

Nichelle: I've always said Abraham Lincoln.

Brittany: Oh, He was pretty brilliant.

Nichelle: And then Lady Gaga, she'd be like my best friend and then I think her and Taylor Swift would be great together. I just feel like those people have so much talent and wisdom for me. I am huge into music. Guys love music, but the artistic side of it, and then just honestly, I don't know. Abraham Lincoln did so many cool things and was a very intelligent person. I'd just be curious.

Brittany: Yeah. I think I would love to have dinner with Jesus. Oh, have some questions.

Nichelle: I know. Sorry guys. I what's, I was lame.

Brittany: What's going on? I also have a huge crush on George W. Bush.

Nichelle: Oh yeah.

Brittany: I would love to have dinner with him just as a person. Yeah. Sweet Angel. And the third one, I don't know, a third. There's nobody, I feel like no one that would be who can match Jesus? I know.

Nichelle: I just feel like I'm over here mine is not great,

Brittany: But yours makes sense. I agree. I think I could do another Ryan Reynolds.

Nichelle: Seriously,

Brittany: Man Crush Monday.

Seriously. My gosh. Do you remember when people would get on and do

Nichelle: Like, oh, listen, I have a story to tell you later about that. Yes. I found my, I used to do it and Henry Cabell in 2012 was mine. Oh my gosh. Can't help it still on top. Anyway, hopefully that was fun.

Brittany: Yeah, I think there was definitely some ones in there that stumped us.

Nichelle: Yes, yes.

Brittany: So interesting. Yes. Yeah. Anyway, well thanks for listening to the episode and hopefully that was fun for you guys too.

I think maybe we'll do this again with a little bit more like this or that.

Nichelle: Yeah, I think that's fun and we could do a quick episode, maybe even a little bts.

Brittany: We'll talk to you guys next time.

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