June 18, 2024

84. What Would Brittany Do? Advice for YOUR Life Dilemmas

84. What Would Brittany Do? Advice for YOUR Life Dilemmas

“We’re taking our friendship to the next level!” 

In today’s episode, Brittany + Nichelle are diving into the next phase of friend status with you by answering YOUR submitted questions covering different areas of life advice. 

Brittany posted a question box on Instagram stories as a place for YOU to submit your life advice questions, and boy did you guys deliver! 

From what to do about toxic in-laws to how to deal with difficult parents of your children’s friends, the duo is skipping past the shallow stuff and straight for the deep end. 

On a more light hearted note of a question, one gal wrote in wondering what to do with her hair and accessories for a one shoulder gown with a bow that she is wearing to her daughter’s wedding! Here was Brittany’s answer!

She suggested for a one shoulder dress, pulling her hair in a pinned back style, on the opposite style of the shoulder/bow. She also said to go no-necklace but do go for simple earrings - and Nichelle suggested go heavy on the bracelets! Plus a clutch of course :) 

One shoulder seems to be having a MOMENT this season, here is a one shoulder dress that Brittany is loving! 

Another question was on how to feel+dress confidently in your body postpartum! Brittany’s suggestions: 

Pick 3 outfits in your closet that can always be your go-to outfits! This won’t be your future identity for attire, so just find things that you feel comfortable in NOW. For instance, if long dresses aren’t your ‘thing’, just know it’s not your FOREVER style, it can just be your NOW style. You’ll get back to feeling like yourself soon 🤍

Here are some other topics/questions the duo is covering!
  • What to do when a guy isn’t sure about ‘your future together'
  • How to help your daughters with their style - especially if they don’t want your advice
  • Steps to take when dealing with a difficult boss
  • How to position yourself for a raise
  • Making new friends as an adult!

Tune in to see if YOUR question was answered!

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