May 21, 2024

80. Q+A: All Things Influencing as a Business + The Evolution of Loverly Grey

80. Q+A: All Things Influencing as a Business + The Evolution of Loverly Grey
‘Sooo…what is your full time job?’
Brittany gets this question all the time!

And with the influencer industry being new to all of us, it’s valid! Especially since most of us are consumers of content, and not necessarily creators - it can leave a lot of unanswered questions.

Like, how DOES a content creator make money? What exactly are the tasks of the job? What do team members do? 

Well, in today’s episode, Brittany is letting us in on the evolution of Loverly Grey! From brand changes, to business model, to her weekly schedule, she is painting a picture of what the content creator lifestyle looks like.

Brittany starts out the episode by looking back on Loverly Grey Day 1: December of 2015. And what was her post? Well, a pretty flatlay of course! Remember when those were giving *all the vibes?* Oh how things have evolved! 

She also goes into how she stumbled upon her brand’s name, if her style has changed, and her biggest obstacles at the beginning.

Then she’s answering questions like: How does the business model actually work?

She goes into full detail in the episode, but here are two ways she describes the monetization of the influencer industry:
1. Brand Collaborations
2. Affiliate Links/LTK

First, a brand collaboration is when a company (Anthropologie, Abercrombie, etc) presents an opportunity to team up with the Loverly Grey team to bring awareness to their products on the Loverly Grey Instagram handle. This could also flow into email list, etc. -  but Instagram is the primary source of Brittany’s community! This could include awareness in posts and stories, and different details about the items.

The second way to monetize, is affiliate links. This is where something like LTK (if you didn’t hear Brittany’s conversation with the creator of LTK, click here to listen now!) comes into play. Brittany will receive a small commission of any items purchased through that link. You can think of this like someone who works at a department store and receives a commission on any purchase they helped that customer complete.

Be sure to tune into today’s episode for Brittany’s full insights on the business model!

You’ll also hear today how Brittany runs her brand from her position of CEO. Things like: team growth, hiring/firing, employee salary, delegating - all the things that come along as a team grows. So even if you don’t have interest in the influencer industry per se, this episode is here to provide you with a lot of advice on how to run a successful team, or how to work well within one. 

If you’re looking for a place to keep your to-do lists and keep track of any projects, the Loverly Grey team uses It’s their one stop shop where they keep track of all the back end business items! From content to create, to deadlines, to collabs - is here to keep you organized.

And Brittany actually shares a dream she has for the future of Loverly Grey for the first time - even to Nichelle! It might surprise you where she wants to take things next!

Be sure to hit play for the inspiration you need to follow your dreams. As Brittany says at the end:

Go for it. Don’t just think about it. Follow your dream and DO IT. Stop the overthinking.’

And if that isn’t the pep talk we needed today, I don’t know what is.

Be sure to tune into the episode here!

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