October 04, 2021

The Business of Blogging Part One

The Business of Blogging Part One
In the world of blogging there are no rules. There are many ways to go about this business, so I wanted to share my experience with you. With many lessons learned along the way, let’s call this part one!

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Brittany: Hi friends. Welcome to Life with Loverly. I'm your host, Brittany Sjogren. I'm excited to share my heart with you beyond the 15 seconds we get on Instagram, grab an iced coffee and let's do life together. 

Hello hello. How are you guys? So excited to talk about today's topic and today's podcast blogging and sharing my background a little bit deeper.

I know I touched on my story in the first episode, but I'm going to go into a lot more details on my background and. The business behind blogging. It's something that y'all have asked a lot on Instagram or whenever I throw up those question boxes, there's always questions about blogging as a business.

How influencers do what they do, so I figured this would be a really good first topic. And it's actually a topic that I, when I was thinking about starting a podcast was always in the back of my mind as something to talk about, just because I feel like it's not talked about that often. I think it's starting to be, people are having questions and other people are putting information out there, but I'm excited to share my experience and give you guys some background of just blogging. 

Nichelle: I think it's also because the there's so many different ways to go about it. It's a business where there's not rules. 

Brittany: Right. We say that all the time, there are no rules in this business yet. So that is something that's can be great, but can be hard at times because it's like what do you do here?

 I figured I would just start out by sharing a little bit more about my story. I started Loverly Grey in January of 2016, Chris and I had gotten married in August of 2015. And after I had been like intensely planning our wedding, I was like, I need something else to do. I want to start a hobby or do something.

What else could I do? And a few of my girlfriends really encouraged me to start a blog and I was interested. I obviously really like style. Like styling outfits and putting things together. So after their encouragement, I was like, okay, let me just give this a shot and see what happens. And when I started there, it was like, legit blogging.

Like you got emails from bloggers and yeah, it was like Instagram stories was not a thing yet. Snapchat was, but there were no stories on Instagram. It was just photo sharing. And that's where I started out. And I wanted to figure out a way early on like how to make my name different and what I was going to be sharing.

And I really didn't see a lot of people sharing work wear ideas that were affordable. And since I was working in a corporate job, that was something that was very relevant to me. I worked for a staffing agency prior to blogging and I was in sales, so I was required to wear business professional attire. Every day I had to wear a blazer going into client meetings. And so I was always on the lookout for professional workwear and finding pieces at affordable prices. And so on my lunch break, I would go to the mall, go to H and M or loft or Banana Republic and find pieces that were either on sale, or pieces that I knew I could build more outfits around and I would buy them.

And then I would go back to my office and tell all the girls ,"Hey, Loft is having 50% off sale. If you need new pants or pencil skirts or blouses, you need to go check this." So I was already doing that prior to starting my blog. So it just seemed to be a good fit

Nichelle: That's why your friends were like, go for it, girl. You're already doing it

Brittany: That's how it started. And I was sharing five work, wear outfits every week. And I kind wanted to come up with a way, like, how could I be a resource to people who were following me and how can they like get inspiration from me? What do I need to give them so that they can know that's what I'm here to do.

And so I set out to post consistently on Instagram two times every day. And at first, that kind of seems like a lot, but I was wearing an outfit to work. So that was like my first post of the morning. And then I would either have something to do after work or a workout class or I'd come home and change into lounge clothes. Or there was always like an outfit change for me. And so I really utilized that as an opportunity to share what does that second outfit I'm wearing in the day? And that became my second post or on a Saturday, it was maybe like a lounge set or something more casual that I was wearing to go run errands.

And then a date night outfit for Saturday night. And then Sunday was maybe what I wore to church and then like a casual outfit for Sunday night. So that's how I structured my posts to start with knowing that a majority of the content would be like what to wear to work. I just decided. This is what I'm going to post.

I'm going to stay consistent so that when people come to me, they know what they can expect. And still to this day, I would say nine times out of 10 am posting two times a day, just giving outfit inspiration. And while Instagram and the algorithm and all social media has really changed in the last five to six years.

I just genuinely enjoy posting outfit, inspo. I want somebody to take their phone, pull up my Instagram feed and go into their closet and be like, okay, what do I want to wear today? Here's a list of ideas like that. While of course I would love if you purchased every item that I was sharing, that's not realistic.

But I find joy in helping people get dressed and feel like helping them feel their best. And that's one way that I always felt like I could be that for somebody giving them inspiration. 

Nichelle: Exactly. Something we talked about early on. I remember I came in one day and I was like, I didn't know what to wear. So I literally pulled up your posts. And like the day before you wore a tank like what I had and I was like, girl, I'm wearing that today. It looked good.

Brittany: And so that's something I started out like early on doing. But at the time, it was like also writing blogs that's what people did is they had blogs where you wrote about your outfit and explained it because there really wasn't video content to get on and explain your outfit over video.

So it was, I was like writing out the details and the sizing and, the textures and a few other ways you could wear it and putting links to additional pieces that you could make a blouse go for work. And then for date night, and so that was very time-consuming early on. 

Nichelle: How many did you write a week on average when you started?

Brittany: I think maybe two to three. I was still just trying to figure out what I could produce while working a full-time job while being a new wife. At the time Chris was traveling very heavily, and so I had a lot of extra time when he was gone to put a lot of effort into writing. So I would get home from my job.

And I would come up with concepts for posts that I wanted to work on or based off of what readers wanted to see or hear. I just started thinking. Okay. It's about to be fall. What are people going to do? They're going to go to a pumpkin patch, and they probably want to look cute. Maybe their family will take a photo or they're going to go on a girls trip to a winery, or they're going to go to a football game with their family or I started thinking of all these events and things that I was doing, and I was like, let me help people get dressed for those events. So that's what I would write my blog post about. I am very appreciative for the time that I had to work on this when Chris wasn't there because I think if I would've started it at a different time, it would've been a lot harder or I wouldn't have been able to like, pour so much energy into it in the beginning to like really get it going.

So while. He was gone traveling a lot. I was able to fill my time with starting out this business, I would say. So I worked in my sales job for the first year that I had my blog and in like September, I started realizing, I want to do this full time, or I really feel like this is going somewhere.

I had been accepted into rewardStyle, Like to Know it, which is where the company who provides like the links that we can get commission off of. And so I was accepted into them in May. So for the first four months or five months that I had my blog, it was just me sharing like outfits with not making any money, just wanting to share.

And then I could start sharing links if people were asking and could link my outfits, but even rewardStyle has grown leaps and bounds. The app was not a thing back then. The links lived on my blog, and I was constantly sending people to my blog to shop. At this point, there was still no Instagram stories.

So it was literally you see a picture, I want that, let me go to her blog where she has it linked. I started realizing, I really think if I could put more time into this, I would be able to grow this and this could be a business. While it started out as a hobby, I feel my sales person mentality and my business woman background really helped me launch loverly Grey to be something more than just a hobby, but it took a lot of convincing for Chris because he was like, why would you leave your good job where, you're making good money. 

 I planted the seed early on and was like, what are your thoughts on this? And he was like, yeah, I don't think so. Okay. A few days later you know, here's some evidence as to look at these people, they are doing this full-time I could do this too. And finally he was like, why don't you just give it a shot? It doesn't work out, you can always go back and get a job. I was in the staffing industry. I felt like I was pretty marketable. I left my company on really good terms if I ever needed to go back. You know, those conversations were had. 

So January, 2017, I started doing this completely full-time. I was by myself. I still didn't have any additional help, which at this point I look back and I'm like, how'd I do that with no extra help because I have a team behind me now. I really had to continue running my days like a workday. And I think that's one thing people don't realize is this is work.

This is a job. You have to get up, do your morning routine, start working, and while it's a different job, and there's a lot of flexibility. I just personally worked best, getting up, having a start time, writing out a to-do list, and working it that way. And I feel like that's what helped me be successful.

Nichelle: Exactly. I think that's what helped you go from where, when you started as a hobby to a business, because you treated it like a business. I think a lot of people take that for granted within the industry. Oh, I get to have fun and do whatever I want. Yeah, you can, but it's not going to be a business if you don't treat it like a business.

And that's one thing I see from you, you get up every single day and you're like, I have to be at work at this time. I will be at work at this time and you stay until the end of the day. There's so much that goes into running it. Honestly, I think you having that sales mentality and also being an enneagram three probably doesn't hurt. That's how you were able to go so fast. Like unlike a lot of people, like it takes them years to just hit the ground running, but you left a job very confident and in a very great position to just be able to just start full force, like boom, next year. Great. 

Brittany: And I think too, because I figured out what my niche was early on I knew that people wanted to know what to wear to work. They wanted ideas. 

Nichelle: Nobody was really doing that. 

Brittany: Yeah. Think about you graduated college, you go on interviews, you get a job. And then it's like what do you wear there? Who is marketing to that right out of college, first job, second job, that's still professional? So that's where I felt like I could provide that.

But then I was still going out on the weekends and going to dinner and concerts. I wanted to get the most bang for my buck with some of these pieces. I was reworking them to wear to those other things that most people were just buying outfits only for going out. I think, if I could give some advice to anybody who's wanting to start any type of like social business blogging, getting into an online career would just be nailing down what your niche is and what are you passionate about? Because I was very passionate about styling outfits, and putting clothes together.

Sometimes even now I'll close my office door and stand in my office for two hours putting outfits together, figuring out what am I going to share. What do they want to see? What do I have? How can I create several outfits for teachers? If they have these five pieces, how can we make 20 outfits out of that? So I still find so much joy in that, but identifying what makes you happy early on?

Another thing that I always think about is if money were to not be an option with this job. Would I still want to do this? And that was something early on where I was like, if I never get paid, would I still be excited to share outfits on Instagram? And for me, that answer has always been, yes. It's a little bit different now because this is a career for me.

This is my family's main source of income. My husband works with me on the backside of Loverly Grey as well. We've grown it to that, but I've always looked at this you need to make sure that you stay passionate about what it is that you're doing. So getting back into that, like first year, 27 or second year going into 2017 stories.

Just started to become a thing on Instagram. There was Snapchat before, and I remember I had a liberally Grey Snapchat, what did we do before stories? And so then I was able to start having conversations with people and start showing people the clothing. I really was one of the first people to do try-ons, go into a store, and while I was putting outfits together and shopping, I was videoing those try-ons and showing the textures, showing the movement, talking about sizing, then putting that on stories. 

Nichelle: Yeah, that's something we talked about the other day. Cause it went from flat lays the days of flat lays and just taking a mirror selfie to would that look okay to me I don't know, is it itchy? There's so many questions you have because you visually don't see it move and the way that it flows and sits on a body. I think that was one thing that you told me that was so important to you. I want people to know why this would work for them.

Brittany: Exactly. Another thing that I always thought was really important was, I didn't want somebody to buy something and then get it in and return it because they didn't have enough information about the piece. So if they knew it's going to run big, you should size down, and that took my audience learning to trust me over time.

 Now there's people who go off of my recommendation because they start trusting me however many years ago and they follow my recommendations and it's worked out for them. I think stories played a big part in allowing me to share more details. And then sharing enough so that people wouldn't return it. Think, it's such an inconvenience to make a return, or if you order something and the last thing you want to do is figure out how to ship it back, print out the label. Is it going to cost to send it back? That's why I wanted to provide all of the details, so it could make that purchase as easy as possible. Almost guaranteeing that it would be something that would work for somebody. So we go through 2017 and I start to get more brand opportunities and collaborations. I think that was a year of a lot of personal growth and kind of realizing my worth, making friends in the industry and just growing and towards the end of the year, I started being like, okay, I really need some help.

There are so many more things I want to do. If I had help with some of these backend things. What would that really look like? I hired my first employee in December of 2017. And she was amazing. She was an awesome asset to Loverly Grey. She had a social media background.

So she got the industry a little bit, and I feel like that next year I was really able to grow even more because I had help to launch me to the next level.

Nichelle: Probably some brain space for you to be able to be creative even more and come up with. We talk about it all the time. You know what I mean? It takes up so much brain space sometimes. Cause your job is 24 7. 

Brittany: Yeah. That's another thing I think people don't really realize is the amount of time that goes into this and it's a lot. Cause there's so many aspects because it's customer service at the end of the day, everybody who sends me a DM who has a question it's customer service.

And it works out on my behalf. If I respond to them and answer their question, because that could turn into a sale that could turn into a follower who is starting to trust me. I make it a point to really try to get back to every single person, and while sometimes it's not always possible.

We really do try because this is customer service. 

Nichelle: As a consumer, I'm sure that your followers feel this way too just going in any retail space or, they're having a service done. It's the same for you on the back end. Like you treat them, this is your business.

It's your name? And customer service is so important to the experience behind it. That's why you do have so many people that have been here for years because you've built that trust for them. 

Brittany: So as things were going along in 2018, we actually got pregnant during that time as well. And I had Collins in January of 2019, so then it turned into how do I juggle mom life, new mom, life and being a business owner in a business that never really stopped, never turned off. What are the right things to do? And I didn't really take a maternity leave with Collins. Maybe I was not posting as much for the first two weeks, but at the time Instagram job was, if you're out of sight, you're out of mind. While several followers and readers were like, just take a break. It's okay. We'll be here when you get back. It's hard to do that and actually know that could work. I think now if we had a third child, I would absolutely be like, I'll be back in a month and I would take time off.

But you just don't know, and it was still new. So it's what are you supposed to do? Exactly. Going back to the point of this industry has no rules, right? There's no standard and everybody does it different and everybody does what I think works for them, or they realize what works for them.

I think to that point I have started taking a one week vacation every quarter because I just needed the break, the mental break from a job that's 24 7 and not complaining about that because I love it. But I realized I needed to work in that time off. But I didn't know that as a new mom. And so there were struggles around there, but it was really cool to be able to connect with other women who also just had a baby who, or going through the same kind of things.

 So that sort of opened up this whole, other side of my blob. People were interested in what I was doing with Collins and what her favorite things was. And while I vowed to never become a mommy only blogger, I for my own sanity, I wanted to continue sharing outfits and style tips.

I just put a spin on it as a new mom. Here's what I'm wearing to do new mom things. If you're in this season, this is a great shirt. If you're breastfeeding, here's the pump I'm using it, but I didn't want that to be the only thing I was talking about. Instagram, and this job really turned into how much of my personal life do I share with people to be relatable, but also keeping some things close to my heart and a little bit more like quiet but still having people trust me to support my business. 

Nichelle: Yeah. Cause at the end of the day you're human and this is your life. You know what I mean? It's all out there and it's very personal as it is. I think that there has to be a balance. I think that's probably the thing that keeps you sane is being able to say, okay, this is what goes out, this is what stays in. 

Brittany: A lot of times Chris and I, we'll sit down and talk and it'll be like, what do you think about me sharing this or how should we share this. I still want to guard my family and guard my heart at times where that is needed, part of this job being relatable and sharing my experiences. That's ultimately why we shared our experience with IVF. I didn't tell anybody on Instagram or on my blog that I was going through IVF until after we were pregnant. I think opening up and sharing that experience really. Helped other people walking through that and that's going to be a completely separate episode that we will get into.

Nichelle: Okay. It'll be a couple of episodes. Cause that's something that you've really hit the heartstrings of so many people. 

Brittany: And there's a lot that we still want to even do. And some future goals that we have just around IVF, so more on that will be coming, but that was a very personal decision to share. And yeah, but that those are things that we have to decide. Is this something that we want to share and you were able to do that as a team, which is really cool. 

Nichelle: I think that's probably so important in this industry too, that you guys are a United front and that you make those decisions together.

Brittany: And I wanted to respect him for sure.

I think another thing it's funny, cause sometimes I always joke. Call myself, PR Brittany, and there's times where I go to post something and I'm like, okay, what's the PR spin on this, going to be, how much backlash am I going to get? If any, or how will people take this, or am I explaining this the way that I should explain it to where it's going to make sense to people?

So he always joke about that just because everybody has an opinion. And while I want to share mine, I also have to hear everybody else's reason on why my opinion shouldn't be what it is. Which I think is just funny. And that's also another episode we'll get into, but I don't think people understand that.

Nichelle: That's huge. You have 750 plus thousand followers. So think about the amount of DMS that you get in on a daily basis. Everybody types out different. Everybody explains things differently. Yeah. You have a lot.

Brittany: I definitely had to learn to let things roll out. There was definitely a time where I would get one nasty DM and that would set me back for a whole day though just because I'm human and exactly that hurt my feelings.

Or I start second guessing should I even do this? Should I take that down? And I think there are, I remember a time where there were a lot of influencers struggling. How do I handle that? And the something you have to learn to overcome and not let bother you. But it's still stings.

Even to this day, I still get my feelings hurt when somebody sends me something mean, but I just take it with a grain of salt now. So over the years, of course, Team Loverly Grey has grown, which I think we'll get into more about all the team members and what everybody is doing.

In another episode and my family has grown, but part of that has been because we've set goals and we've sat down and really tried to figure out where do we want to go? What do we want to do next? Is this only going to be about trying on clothes for the rest of time or how can we pivot? What else are we excited about?

What are some ten year goals? In different seasons, we've had to sit down and really think, where is this going? And I think that's how any business is going to make it to the next step into, in order to grow, you have to have goals and you have to set ways to reach them. Most recently we did a goal setting session.

I think it was like April or May of this year where we really sat down for two days and just wrote out ideas and what ifs and dreams. Then from those spawned additional ideas. And some of those things we wrote down on that list are happening right now. It's really cool to see, but I think you need a vision for sure.

And that's something that I've enjoyed doing because it gives me something to look forward to and it gives me a fresh perspective on the why behind what I'm doing here. So I'm excited to share, some of these future goals with you guys as we continue chatting. That's something I feel is really important even from starting out, a lot of people are like, I want to get into this space.

I want to become a blogger. Before you take that leap, what are you passionate about? What, who do you want to reach? What are some goals, where do you want to go with this? Answering all of those first will help you be successful in the long run. If you just hop into it, and you're like, I know I want to share something and sharing outfits looks easy. I go to Target. I can tell people what I buy there too. There's so much more that goes into it. I think people start doing it. And then they're like, whoa, this is way more intense than I thought it was going to be.

So taking that time at the beginning to really figure out what it is that you want is very important. And then continuing to do that throughout your business. Let's pivot here. Let's change this up, and we've made changes that are hard and there's definitely been seasons where it's okay, this was a terrible idea and we're super stressed and what's going to happen.

 Then we pushed through, and it was the right decision. 

Nichelle: Oh yeah. That can be said about the entire world of entrepreneurship. Anybody who goes out there and does anything on their own new endeavor, you have to have purpose behind it. 

Brittany: Yes. 

Nichelle: Your brother said it so well. Your why has to be bigger than your what? Not oh, this is fun. Rainbows and unicorns. Let's go on an adventure. Why are you doing this and why is it so important? And then you have that to fall back on when things get tough. 

Brittany: Yeah. It's very important.

And having people who want to support you and want you to grow around you, whether that's people on your team or friends or family, having a support system, I think is so important too. That's another thing that's helped me get to where I'm at. Being able to share goals with somebody, almost like an accountability partner.

Nichelle: Yeah, absolutely. So your followers have some questions that they want to follow up on when it comes to blogging.

Brittany: Okay. 

Nichelle: So the first question is tips on staying consistent. How do you prioritize what's important?

Brittany: I think first off is really staying in your lane, putting your blinders on, and once you figure out what you're passionate about, what you want to pursue, go out and do that.

This industry, there are so many people doing the same thing, and it's very easy to get on Instagram and scroll and see she's doing that while she's doing that. I need to be doing that. She just posted that maybe I need to post that. You can compare yourself all day long, but once you figure out what works for you, continuing to do that and not being worried about what other people are doing. I'm still to this day guilty at times, if I'm having a bad day and I get on Instagram and I'm like, oh, she's way better than me, or she's doing XYZ.

 Now I need to go do that. Is my need to go do that something I'm actually passionate about, or am I just trying to do it because somebody else is doing that? You can spiral down a deep hole if you're just trying to keep up with influencer XYZ next to you. There will be crossover.

There will be people sharing the same type of content because there's only so many stores out there's only so many new arrivals. You'll see it cross over, but where you can stand out is how you make it different. By keeping your blinders on and staying in your lane, you will do what is consistent to your brand and his followers.

Nichelle: I think they will feel that. They see that and they feel that because you aren't worrying about what's going on around you. I'm here for the followers, and it's it's great. When I see what I love doing align with what my followers love, seeing, and discussions that we start having.

Brittany: I think that's really cool. And it's always things that when I've stayed in my lane or when I've stuck to my gut and done whatever I wanted, it does and performs and is better than when I'm like she did that. I need to do that too. You can tell. I even just feel like this, maybe I could have given my own spin on that and it really would have worked out a little bit better. So I think staying consistent is very equal to staying in your lane and doing what makes you happy and your audience better than anybody else does. I know my readers and the core people who are there cheering me on and supporting me what they want to see.

 I want to continue to give that to them. There's going to be times we have to pivot a little or change your, but you just continue down that path. And I think that's definitely one way to stay successful. 

Nichelle: I love that. Not that this is a loaded question at all, but how do you balance it all life kids work friends. 

Brittany: I would say a lot of help. Wouldn't be the first thing I realized early on. I need help doing this, whether that was asking Chris to take outfit pictures for me, hiring a babysitter, getting extra help to help me think of ideas. I need help and really prioritizing my day, setting up a schedule for myself.

 That is something that I think is so important. Figuring out, I'm running this like a business, I need business hours, after hours I spend time with my family. I take time off through the year to go on vacation with my family, no Instagram, but that was very hard to figure out.

And I think it required me to ask for help in times where I was, I don't really like delegating that was something I had to really learn that it's okay. If somebody else does this task, that doesn't like mean I'm a lesser person, but I would absolutely say help early on is where I learned. That's how I'm going to just prioritize what's going on. 

Nichelle: How do you structure your days to be successful? I think you touched a little bit on this, but I think that question came up so much. I think that for any entrepreneur, it probably does help knowing where to start, but your morning and evening routines, probably even especially around having kids.

Brittany: Yeah. So going back to setting office hours, we have a time that we start and a time that we end every single day. To be specific, I usually wake up around 6:00 AM, and I spend from six to seven getting ready, waking up. Then my girls wake up between seven and seven 20, so I try to be ready before they get up so I can focus on them for the next hour before I'm getting out the door around eight and then I come to work and thankfully, now we have a separate office. Just doing everything out of my house and my employees were coming into my house. And that was very difficult as the business was really growing because there was no separation between like my family. The girls were seeing Nichelle. I felt like I had to pick, am I going to be mom right now, or am I going to shut the door and be Loverly Grey? 

That was hard. I just need it for my own sanity, a separation so that we could grow, and so we could reach some of those goals. So we have an office space now, which has made things so much better for me even just turning off work when I leave, but we come to the office and then it's like work in between those office hours.

 Then I get home around 5, 5 30, depending on the day. I spend the next two hours with the girls and with Chris and we eat dinner and we play, and that's my time where I'm like no phone, I'm focusing on them and then they go to bed. Chris and I hang out or if there's things I need to do, it's like picking right back up into work mode because this is a 24 hour business pretty much.

 I think really prioritizing a schedule. I am a schedule person. I like knowing at this time we're doing this at this time, we're doing this and because there's that also with this job, there's the best lighting for taking pictures is at a certain time of the day or the best lighting for me to do a try-on is at a certain time of the day.

Working my schedule around some of those things I absolutely know, have to get done, and then it's a hard stop at five when I am going home to spend time with the girls or just feeling like having all of that stuff set has been extremely important. I feel like I thrive when that is my mentality.

Nichelle: Awesome. 

Brittany: I think one other thing that I've seen people ask a lot is like how many hours a week? 

Nichelle: They want to know how many hours I was like, how many hours are in a day? And how many do you sleep? 

Brittany: I need to get better about this, but a lot of times I wake up and I open up my phone and I just immediately start reviewing emails or answering dm's or checking analytics. I need to stop and only do that once I get to the office, we're working through that. 

Nichelle: It's a three thing because that's the same for me. I'm like, oh, there's something going on? Let me send her a text really quick, or it's nine 30 at night. We're like, oh yeah, tomorrow we need to dah dah. 

Brittany: The part of my wake-up routine is just scrolling Instagram really fast. And while I'm not super proud of that, and maybe wish it was different and something I could work on. So I would say it really starts at six and then it stops when I close my eyes to go to sleep.

So there's a lot of hours that are put into this, but I think as I've gotten to this place, I've realized that it's okay for me to put the phone down. It's okay for me to not answer everything or get back to, 24 hours, 48 hours and I'm still working through things. And I by no means know everything about this industry. I'm not trying to say my way is the only way this is just my experience and where we are right now, but I think there's definitely work that can be done to continue improving just my overall experience as well. 

So I'm glad you had a few questions prepared because one thing I want to start doing with this podcast is answering listener questions that could be anything, not even related to this episode, but I think it would be really fun at the end of each episode is spend some time asking questions.

There's a lot of things I want to cover on this podcast, but I think there's a lot of questions that people have in general about everything. So we are going to start answering maybe two to three questions every episode. If you are following along at Life with Loverly on Instagram, we will give you question box opportunities throughout the week.

Of course you can always email us with questions to and send anything over to my personal page. At Loverly Grey. I'm happy to answer or forward over as well. So I can't wait to answer some questions and continue diving into topics that you guys really want to hear about.

So we will chat next time.

Thanks for listening to today's episode. I can't wait to continue these conversations with you over on Instagram at Life with Loverly. Until next time.

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