November 29, 2021

Thankful Thanksgiving Rundown

Thankful Thanksgiving Rundown

On today’s episode, Brittany and Nichelle are chatting about their Thanksgiving holiday! Enjoy listening to this recap of the fun times and traditions they share.

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Brittany: Hi friends. Welcome to Life with Loverly I'm your host, Brittany Sjogren. I'm excited to share my heart with you beyond the 15 seconds we get on Instagram. Grab an ice coffee and let's do life together. 

Good morning. How are you? Hi Nichelle 

Nichelle: Hello, good morning.

Brittany: We have not recorded in here in a few weeks.

Nichelle: I know it feels like an eternity since we've been in here. 

Brittany: We prerecorded a you episodes and we had some guests and then we took off last week for Thanksgiving. So we got back in the studio this morning and we're like, oh, hi, old friend testing. 

Nichelle: Testing one, two.

Brittany: So funny. How was y'all's Thanksgiving?

Nichelle: It was great. How was yours?

Brittany: It was good. It was, nice to be with family and we go to the beach every year for Thanksgiving. So it's a little bit of a vacation, but also happens to be my busiest week of the year. We always make your work somehow, right?

Nichelle: No, I'm so glad you got to get away. Try to force you to have some time off.

Brittany: Several voice texts from Nichelle being like, okay, you can just take off. It's fine. So yes, it was a great time away. You guys had family come over. How was that?

Nichelle: It was great. We had my grandfather's wife over, my grandfather passed away at the beginning of last year. My mom went out to go get her and have her come over. So we ended up having Thanksgiving at my house. I think the last that we talked, we were going to have it at the event hall that my sister and brother-in-law work at. We all were just like, let's just be cozy, comfortable in our own house, so we ended up all doing . A potluck Thanksgiving. She brought Bonnie over and it was really nice. She'd never, she's never been to our house. I think we've been there five and a half years, she can't travel by herself. They couldn't before he passed either. So it was really nice to have her over and and we just haven't seen her since he passed away last year. So it was nice. It was really nice. 

Brittany: That's fun. Did you end up making a charcuterie board?

Nichelle: Of course. 

Brittany: So a few weeks ago here at the lovely gray office, the four of us did a charcuterie class with Grazed by Lilly. If you've never heard of her, definitely check out her Instagram. We'll put it in the show notes so you can check her out, but she teaches people how to make sure charcuterie and she's brought us a few boxes and she makes these like charcuterie cones. Right before the holidays, she taught us how to make a charcuterie board. And so Nichelle was like, I'm going to use all of these ideas for my family charcuterie board.

Nichelle: It was so helpful because remember how we started with all the cheeses and you put them in different spots, you can't let them touch. I was very aware of all of that when I was putting it out. And I was like, okay, this is going to end up being a masterpiece. 

Brittany: We had we did like some appetizers on Saturday and I didn't do the meat and cheese. When it was sitting out on the table, I was like holding back the urge to move it around a little bit. Because I was like, Ooh, we could add a little bit more here. Let's put some fruit on this, but it wasn't my dish. So I refrained. I kept thinking about that all weekend, the yummy charcuterie and that class was so much fun.

Nichelle: Trader Joe's to the rescue.

Brittany: Seriously. And one other thing that Lily did was she gave us these shopping lists. So you can make these beautiful charcuterie boards for under $40 with items from Trader Joe's, which I thought was so cool. Because that's like such a great thing to bring to holiday parties coming up, like the presentation. And then, didn't you guys go to a movie this weekend? 

Nichelle: Yes. So Madison and I wanted to go see House of Gucci. We've been looking forward to it all year and she's a huge Adam Driver fan and Lady Gaga. And of course I'm obsessed with lady Gaga and we went Thanksgiving night. We've never done that before. I don't know, part of me felt guilty because, I've worked retail. But the people at the theater were so happy to be there. They were in such good spirits. So we ended up going, it was like a late, eight o'clock showing and Brittany it was so good. 

Brittany: I need to see it. I've heard good things about it. 

Nichelle: Have you ever heard of the story?

Brittany: Yes, but I guess I haven't in as much detail as what. they share in the movie. 

Nichelle: Yeah. I think it's gotten mixed reviews and I can see why, because, whenever like true life or a book gets translated into a movie, you're going to miss some stuff. It's just the way that it is. And I think that it could have been hours and hours long. And they still wouldn't have gotten everything in there, but I think for what it was and what they were able to fit in it they fit the big parts of the story in there. And they were able to drive at home. But the actors. I don't know if you know who Jared Leto is. I'm sorry. He stole the show so good. It was so good, but anyways, 

Brittany: Yeah, we'll have to go check it out. I have not been to the movies in so long. 

Nichelle: Yeah, that was, I guess it's my second time since COVID but it was nice. It wasn't crowded. 

Brittany: That's awesome. We used to do go to the movies on Christmas day. We haven't done that. Now with small kids, We aren't really doing that, but I feel like when my family, when we were like late high school into college, it was what is something we can go do as a family? So I always remember that kind of tradition with my parents so that when you were like, we're going to go see movie, it brought me back to oh, we used to do that. But it was on Christmas. 

Nichelle: It used to be when all the big movies came out. That I'm curious to see how that continues on and the years after, COVID and everything. So you, my friend were in Rosemary this last week. How fun is that? 

Brittany: Yes. We love it down there. After Chris and I got married, we started doing Thanksgiving out of town with my parents. I think it was right after Leah and Jared got married, we didn't have kids yet. My mom is from Canada. And my dad is from Oregon. All of our family is not close so we started traveling for Thanksgiving. The first time we did this, we went down to Rosemary Beach and then the next year we went to Amelia Island and then the next year, Chris and I went with his best friend from high school and his wife to Lake Tahoe, which was like super random. I've never laughed so hard on an entire trip. It was so much fun. So I guess, obviously we missed family, but it was fun to go experience something else and then get back into hanging with family. And then the next year we bought our beach house. And then for the last three Thanksgivings, we've just gone down to our beach house for Thanksgiving and it's been such a fun getaway. We bought our house, it's in this Seacrest Beach neighborhood. Which is right between, if you're familiar with 30A Rosemary Beach area, the start of 30A closest to Panama city 30A road right on the coast that just goes through all these beach towns. But Rosemary Beach is one little area. And then there's this giant neighborhood called Seacrest. And then on the other side of Seacrest is Aly's Beach and we absolutley love that area. We've been vacationing there for several years. We had the opportunity back in 2019 to purchase this beach house that we could use as a rental property. We probably never would have done it, but Chris's brother owns a management company out of Massachusetts. He manages short-term rentals all over the country. And so he was saying this is a great investment. We can manage it for you. And then you guys could also have a place to go a few times a year for the beach. Looking back at the prices, the house next to us at the beach is for sale and it's almost double what we paid for our house. It is insane. So we got in at a really good time. We bought the house, it was completely furnished, which was so exciting. The family that lived there before they actually did a great job decorating it. There were just a few things that we had to change. Now every year, we try to go down maybe a few times a year, but we rent it out. 

We actually just looked on the schedule for 2022 and Chris was like, okay, we need to book out when we want to go. We always go on Thanksgiving and we bring our family. So this year, my parents stayed with us. And then my brother and his wife's parents came and they rented a house down the street from us in the same neighborhood. So that was really fun to be able to do a bigger Thanksgiving with everybody and Leah's family was able to join in on the fun. It's just fun, it's relaxing. You're at the beach. You get to go take a walk on the beach every day. There's just something about that to me, that is so relaxing.

Nichelle: It's so crazy to me the difference in pace from summer. We went in May and July, and it was so busy. It's so chill and laid back during Thanksgiving, it's still busy. People are still there. They go there on purpose for the holiday, but it's such a cute area. If you've not been like you can walk everywhere. 

Brittany: Yes. We obviously drive there and then we just leave our car, and then we can walk everywhere. There's restaurants, shops, coffee, everything is so close and then there's even more stuff if you want to get in your car and drive, 10, 15, 20 minutes down to all these other cute little beach towns. Nichelle actually came down with us on Sunday and it was actually so helpful. So Thanksgiving week and into this time of year in general is my busiest time of year. In the past I've always gotten down there and it's okay, I need to go shoot some outfits that I want to share. Or I have a heads up on things that are going to be on sale. And so it's hard to p rioritize, I'm supposed to be having time with family, but I also need to work. So this year, what we did was Nichelle came down and on Monday and we just prepared and shot content all day and got all of the photos we needed, recorded all the try ons that we needed. So we had everything prepared for the week, which allowed me to have the rest of the week to spend time with family and not have to get all dressed up to go take an outfit picture to share a sale on Instagram. I don't know something about those intense photo shoot days always gets me really excited. We always have a lot of fun doing that. But it just made it so much easier for the rest of the week for my family to not be stressed out. 

Nichelle: So much to the point where you were like, I feel like I was supposed to be doing something. What is it? Nothing! 

Brittany: You're like, we did everything. But in this industry, I mentioned this before on the podcast that it's so easy to be like, I need to do more. They're doing more, so I need to do more. And I think this time by preparing everything that we did. Just reminded me, it's okay. I've done what I need to do. We don't have to do more. That doesn't make me like a lesser person or a lesser blogger. And so then I was able to really relax. That was super helpful and it was fun. We went to that bonfire. That was a good way to end a hardworking day. A girlfriend of mine lives down on 30A now. She moved from Connecticut last year. Her name's Rachel, Pinteresting Plans is her Instagram. She is so great. We've been friends for a few years now and she invited us and our family over to this bonfire that her and some of her friends were having for a friendsgiving and it was on the beach. So we took the kids, and my parents, and Chris and Nichelle, we all went.

So much fun. It was cold.

Nichelle: But it was so much fun. That was very different, for Thanksgiving week, normally, we're all bundled up here, but we were had our toes in the sand, so great.

Brittany: So that was a lot of fun. We kinda needed that, a hard work day on a good note. And then Nichelle left the next morning and drove back and was able to spend obviously that time with her family. I will definitely do that type of preparing in the future. It's funny. I feel like I get years and years into this job, like figuring out ways to work smarter, not harder has been so key.

Nichelle: Especially when you have a job that's 24/7. Your brain is on 24/7. It's always work, and you deserve a few days out of the year to yourself where you can just kick back and actually enjoy time with your family. So we're going to make sure that happens.

Brittany: Okay. Oh yeah. A few years ago, I guess it was like last year I started taking a week off. So I'm going to be doing that at the end of this year, beginning of next year. I feel like the only way I can truly unplug fully is like to just take a true vacation from my job, turn off Instagram and remove myself, and then I'm able to free my brain and have a prppper vacation, the same way that somebody who works, is able to clock out of their job and go on vacation for a week and not have to think about it. That's what I have to do. So I promised myself I would take a week off four times a year. This year. I think I did it three. I didn't in the Q3, but that's okay. I'm going to make up for it. So anyway, we absolutely love the beach. Highly recommend. The 30A area. A lot of people always ask what the weather is all year round. And it was the coldest it's ever been when we've been down there. It was like forties in the morning getting up to the high fifties, like occasional sixties. Usually it's a little bit warmer than that. It was funny to still see some people like in their bathing suits swimming. 

Nichelle: So down the middle, you were either in bathing suits and shorts, or you were in a parka there were several times.

Brittany: The girls are in their parka with their hat. Blanket over in the stroller. And somebody would run by in shorts and a tank top. This is all over the place. 

Nichelle: They're there to enjoy the beach. Okay? Did you guys get any shopping done while you were down there? Did you enjoy black Friday? 

Brittany: We did do a little Black Friday shopping. So there's so many great local shops. Not a ton of chains, which is nice because I feel like I was able to get what I need from the chain stores online. I feel like that's the best way to do it now. Then we went to a few different beach towns and shopped at some of their local shops. It was really fun. We just walked around. That's the thing I love. Everybody's just walking around with coffee or a mimosa. No agenda like relaxing. It was great. So we did that for a few hours and then we did family pictures down there. I'm so excited to get the photos back from our photographer that we worked with.

A lot of people always ask us who do you recommend for family photos? Because you know, going to the beach and then taking family photos. is something that's very common. This was actually the first time I worked with a photographer or ever had family photos taken down there. So I wasn't really familiar with 30A photographers. Heather Clark is who we used and I cannot wait. Her editing style is a little bit deeper and a little bit more contrast than what I would typically go for. But I felt like it was very appropriate for the location. That's why I picked her, which I guess if you are ever going to work with a photographer, make sure you check out their work and make sure that you like their editing style. Because there's some who like edit very light. Some who edit very dark hues and the photographer isn't going to change their style based off of what your wants are. So over the years I feel like I've gone with a few different people based off of that. I can't wait to see what these look like. She said she's going to get us a sneak peek soon. I'm just like checking my email, like refreshing. But if you're looking for a photographer, I'll put her Instagram handle in the in the show notes too, so you can check her out. I actually have a saved album in Instagram that has several 30A photographers just in case Heather is booked there's others that I recommend.

But like I say, just make sure you like their work, because they're going to edit similar to what they've already done. That's why I think people like photographers, Instagrams are so great to see what they do and make sure it's a good fit for your family. 

Nichelle: Love that. Do you guys have any traditions that you've started for Thanksgiving with the girls or the family?

Brittany: I guess Thanksgiving related, but it always falls on Thanksgiving weekend or right before we do pictures with Santa Claus. We did them right before we left this year. It's funny when Collins was a baby I remember we booked our Santa photos the Sunday after Thanksgiving. But we were still at the beach, so we had to wake up so early to drive back to Atlanta. And then we did the photos with Santa that afternoon. Looking back. I'm like, why did we do that? So now I always make sure to book the Santa pictures a little bit later, but this year the girls were not interested they were screaming. I feel like is just a classic. The kids screaming Santa but then by the end of the session, they were like laughing at him and like playing with them and it was just like that initial who is this? 

Nichelle: Who is this ? And you just sat me in his lap. I have no idea who this is. 

Brittany: They were so cute and we did them in their matching Christmas pajamas. It's a little bit more like cozy photos. And then the two of them together. It was so sweet. I have lots of family pictures going on over the last week or so. So that was fun.

And then I feel like in a future podcast episode, maybe next week, we'll talk a little bit more about some Chistmas traditions and things like that. Last year, we made Christmas cookies with my mom. That's something she wants to start doing every year with the grandkids is like making Christmas cookies and we got them these cute little aprons with their names on it. So they can all like together. 

Nichelle: There's something about the baking they because they can have their hands in it. They can help. It just brings everybody together. It's so cute. 

Brittany: Yeah and Collins remembers when my mom said okay, when we get back from the beach, we'll do Christmas cookies. And so yesterday we get home and she's like, when are we doing Christmas cookies with Nanna? And I'm like, okay. Wow. She knew coming back home, Nana said. So there's those type of things I want to start. Some type of ornament tradition with them. I feel like December offers, there's so many fun things you can do. Go to your local Christmas tree lighting. We'll get into what some of those are in a future episode. Because I feel like we could definitely cover all of that.

Nichelle: And we want to share your traditions too. One of the things that we asked last week of you guys was to share some of your Thanksgiving day traditions. And hopefully you create a new traditions. If you didn't have any, or you just really enjoyed the ones that you have, but there were so many cute ones that were out there that they shared with us. 

Brittany: I think that's something that's really cool about this community. I remember last year asking in my stories, I put up a question box and asked, what are some of your family, Christmas traditions? And just seeing some that were so unique or things that I'm like, oh, I didn't even think of that. But something that families are doing year over year. Maybe it's something I want to start doing with my family or incorporate something that makes sense for us. So I love the community we have that is willing to share some of those ideas to help people create new traditions and try new things. We'll definitely make sure to keep an eye out in the Life with Loverly Instagram stories this week, and you can share your family holiday traditions there so we can share some of those on the podcast next week. So I think that'll be really fun.

Nichelle: One thing that I know is a tradition for many is today. Giving Tuesday.

Brittany: Giving Tuesday I feel like it's so important and a great tradition to start with your kids. If it's a monetary donation. Great. If it's wrapping up a present and donating it.

Nichelle: A service.

Brittany: Yes. There's so many ways you can give back this holiday season. And I always have loved how Giving Tuesday. There's all these cyber week, Thanksgiving, cyber sales and everything. And then it's like giving Tuesday and then that kind of kicks off into December and the holidays. I'm excited to share a philanthropy with you guys that would love if you would donate today to help them reach their goal. It is prevent child abuse, Athens and the chapter, the local chapter here is called Bright Paths. It was actually my sorority's philanthropy when I was in college, I was a Kappa Delta and that's one of our main. Philanthropies. This year they are trying to raise $2,500 in one day to provide 10 families of at-risk children with a month of home visiting prevention program. So I think it's, that's just special cause to me at some, a place I've been donating to for years, and I would love to help the Athens chapter reach that $2,500 goal. We are going to be donating sales from my Poshmark account to them on giving Tuesday today. So I'm excited for that. If you're looking for somewhere to donate, definitely check them out. I will put all the information on where exactly you need to donate and any amount helps. Sometimes I'm like, okay, I can give $5 and not get a coffee that day. That's going to make a huge difference. Is it really going to inconvenience me that much to not have a Starbucks? Of course it's not. So if you think about it that way, it makes it really easy to give $5. If you can give more great, but any amount would help. So I'll put their information in the show notes so you can donate there if you feel led. Also, like we said, it doesn't have to just be monetary donations. There's several ways you can give back. We've been sharing a few different ideas. We started this thing back in November called giving 30, where we've been sharing different ideas of ways that you can give back to your community, to your family. 

Nichelle: You guys have had such great ideas. Some of these things we hadn't even thought about, and it's been so fun and it's felt really good to be able to put some of these programs and these services out there for others to hear as well.

Brittany: Yeah. While my account is mostly sharing fashion and beauty and style tips. And if you look on Loverly Grey Instagram page, it's mostly, outfit ideas. I also love being able to share ways to give back and ways to spread cheer all throughout the year. Doing this has been a lot of fun and it's been fun to see y'all's reaction and how you've added some additional ways to give to your daily life. I just think it's a cool opportunity. I'm thankful that this platform exists so that I can share those types of things as well. Okay. We're back in the office today. I was like, hi everybody. It was so nice to see everybody again.

Nichelle: We secretly all were ready to get back to work. 

Brittany: This week is going to be December 1st. I feel like we've got lots of fun things happening in December. So we're excited to share all of that with you guys, but we're going to get back to work here and we will see you guys next time.

Thanks for listening to today's episode. I can't wait to continue these conversations with you over on Instagram, at Life with Loverly until next time.

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