May 17, 2022

Eat, Shop + Play on 30A: Alys, Rosemary and Seacrest Beach

Eat, Shop + Play on 30A: Alys, Rosemary and Seacrest Beach

On today’s episode, Nichelle and I are chatting about one of my favorite places in the world. I am sharing all of my favorite places to eat, get coffee and shop. My hope is that this episode will help you when you are planning your next vacation on 30A! 

In this episode you’ll hear:

    •    How and when I discovered 30A

    •    Our new coffee shop find

    •    About the beach access situation

    •    Tips to make your beach experience the best

    •    Our favorite things to order at the restaurants and coffee shops we share

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Brittany: Hi friends. Welcome to Life with Loverly. I'm your host, Brittany Sjogren. I'm excited to share my heart with you beyond the 15 seconds we get on Instagram, grab an ice coffee and let's do life together. 

Hi friends, happy Tuesday. Hope y'all are having a lovely day. Nichelle and I are in the podcast room right now. I just got back from a little family vacation on 30 a and we thought it would be a great opportunity to share a little bit about the area. My family's been vacationing there for several years and we own a house there that we rent out, so I'm very familiar with the area and everything that's around there.

 I always get lots of questions about Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach and Seacrest Beach, so while 30A is a longer strip of land, and there's a lot more beach towns on 30A. I'm really only like most knowledgeable about the Rosemary Beach, Seacrest and Alys Beach areas, so that's what I'm going to cover on this podcast today.

I do have several blog posts and saved highlights with all my favorite restaurants, shopping lots of different things. So we've got tons of information on Loverly Grey, but wanted to put it all in a podcast as well, because some people that just love listening to it on a podcast and consume it a different way.

So we thought it would be really fun. Nichelle's been down there with us several times too because usually what we'll do is I love shooting content down there because it's just so beautiful. There's beautiful backgrounds, especially as I'm prepping content for you guys and coming up with outfit ideas and styling options so that you can go on vacation with some of these pieces.

I think it's a great way for y'all to actually visualize it. If it's shot in the environment that you're going to go. So Nichelle comes with us for the first part of the trip, and we usually work really hard for a day or two and bust out a lot of content. Some of it is sponsored content that we are like partnering with brands to create others is just stuff that we are like, let's make a reel for this, or let's find stuff to last throughout the summer. 

Nichelle: For sure.

Brittany: Exactly. So on this trip and the shell came down for a few days and then I took some time off and spent time with my family and we had a little family vacation down there. It's just heaven on Earth. I feel like even you guys are starting to love it so much too.

Nichelle: I've talked to Robert into that. You're going to love it too. I promise. And this is why we went, what was it Thanksgiving? And that was the first time that I'd come with you, and it was not as busy. Okay. Yeah, it wasn't as busy cause we had gone during the summer before that, and that was the first time I'd ever been on actual 30A.

The furthest we'd gone. I would say on the Gulf is Panama city and it's like Sunset. It's a little bitty town near Laguna beach, but I had never been on that side. It's such a quaint small town feel and it feels like it's so secluded from other parts of Florida and the Gulf. It literally feels like it's its own little nook and cranny.

Brittany: Yeah, it is. And I think they created it like that on purpose. I think Rosemary was established in the nineties. Like it hasn't been around for that long. And then Alys is even still being developed as well. And it's just, it's like you pull onto 30A, and it feels like you're pulling through a European country.

 It feels completely different than neighboring, Panama City or even Destin. It's just a completely different vibe. There's a downtown area in Rosemary that is full of restaurants and shops and coffee shops and ice cream parlors. On the bottom is all shops and then like residences or there's a really nice hotel in downtown Rosemary called the Pearl.

That's all just right there. So yeah. What I love about it is you can drive there or there, if you're not from like a driving distance, you can fly in the airports about 30 minutes from this area. But once you get there, you literally can walk everywhere that you want to go for the entire time you're there.

Nichelle: It's so incredible. The bikes, that's a huge thing down. There is bike riding bikes, and it's just so cute, but you literally can walk anywhere you need to go while you're down there. There's a little grocery convenience store. Like she was saying there's shops. There's anything that you would do in a normal beach town is right there within that small town within those three, towns like beach towns. Yeah. 

Brittany: Rosemary and Alys more like even neighborhoods and they're all, it's all like they each have a very unique style about them. Rosemary's house architecture is one way and then Seacrest is a different way. And then Alys is a completely different way, but they're all right there.

And everybody can utilize everything about the three different communities that are there. The very first time I ever went to the area was when I was in college. I was on spring break my sophomore or junior year, and we rented a house in the Seacrest Beach neighborhood, which is where our house is now.

And it was so cool to just, be right there at the beach, but we were able to eat dinners in Rosemary, and it wasn't even as built up as it is now. A few years later after I had graduated college, my mom and I went back down to Rosemary for like just a girls' weekend. And we stayed right in Rosemary.

We ate the restaurants and we were we should come here for Thanksgiving with our family, my brother and his wife were getting married in October. So it would be the first Thanksgiving that. My brother and I were both married. We didn't have any kids yet. So it was the six of us and we rented a house in Seacrest and stayed there for a week and just did our whole Thanksgiving. Like we did a Thanksgiving dinner there. It was so much fun. And so then we started making it a tradition to like rent there in like the Thanksgiving timeframe. Then I don't know, we had an opportunity to buy a house in Seacrest crest. It actually like fell into our lap.

Chris's brother is in short-term rentals. He teaches people how to have short-term rentals. He actually has so much brilliant information. I'll put his website in the show notes. If you're interested in learning more about like short-term rentals and how to have an Airbnb and just investing in that type of thing, he is very knowledgeable. So he was getting into this and he was buying properties and turning them into rentals. And he was telling Chris and I, you guys should really consider this. You guys love going to this area. What if you just bought something, rented it out when you weren't there?

And so we were like, I don't know. Could we do that? I don't know. And this house ended up being like a perfect fit for us. It came fully furnished, which is one thing about buying down there is everything is pretty much sold, fully furnished, unless it's a new construction, which is awesome because it gave us like a starting point.

Yes. And while I do wish we could like maybe do a little bit of a refresh, I think. The rental, everything is completely fine. And we've been shifting some things and like adding new decor and new pieces every now and then, but that's like how we started getting down there. And then we bought the house in 2019.

So we've had it for three years, almost three years. This summer will be. And. It's been a great rental property, but then we've been able to go down there a few times a year and it's just grown so much, like the area. It's funny cause every now and then somebody will be like stop telling people to go to 30A.

It's like a little secret that now everybody knows about, which is so true. I feel like everybody and their mom is like starting to go.

Nichelle: This year I noticed so many people down there. They were like, oh, we get what the hype's about. 

Brittany: Yes. I know. But every time we talk about, where should we go on vacation? I always just want to go back there because I love all the restaurants. I love the ease. I love that you can park your car and not drive it. You walk everywhere. There's things to do for families where we are. Our house in the Seacrest Beach area, which is like right in between Alys and Rosemary right on the other side of 30A. So to walk to the beach from our front steps takes about five minutes. You just cross over 30A and walk, and there's like a designated like beach access spot for the secret speech neighborhood. And I will say the beach, situation has gotten a little crowded when we were there last summer, they had a section of the beach blocked off.

And that was for the entire neighborhood, which is hundreds of homes. 

Nichelle: Is it public access or you actually have to have a place?

Brittany: The band to get over there. So there is public beach access, like at the very end of Rosemary and then like past Alys somewhere. I think there might be something in the middle, but I don't think that there is, so it is all private, but then there's sections of what is private or a neighborhood.

And then like, some people who just own a house on the beach. Like they don't want people right on their beach. So there's some privacy restrictions and I feel like the Seacrest area is getting smaller and smaller. 

We were just there, and when we were there the first week in May, honestly, it was like the best time to go because it was not as busy.

It was still amazing weather. It's a really busy time of year for some people school coming to an end. We hardly saw any like school-aged kids there. It was tiny babies who weren't in school yet, or like girls' weekends or bachelorette parties was like the majority of the people that we saw while we were there, it was like, perfect.

So the beach wasn't overly crowded. There are like rental chair and umbrella rentals, like right there next to the Seacrest section going both ways, but you do, you would have to pay to rent that. We ended up doing it two of the days and at the time, I'm not sure if the rates like change for different times of the season, but it was $125 for a front row, on the beach, right on the water for all day for three chairs and an umbrella. And it was great. You also had space to move around. You didn't feel like you were getting in anybody's way by oh, is your towel touching mine? Oh, sorry. My kids are like getting in your way, and they're so young, they don't really fully understand excuse me, don't step on the towels. That's not our space. Yeah, it was so funny. Because obviously kids, like they don't know anything until they're taught. Yeah. And so I like laid a towel out and all of a sudden Collins just comes like tramping across the towel.

And I was like, wait, what are you doing? But no one's ever said, don't walk all over that. And so I was like, okay, mental note, like we have to teach you this, and it's, even though she's been to the beach before. She's still three. 

Nichelle: Exactly

Brittany: So that kind of thing was just funny to me. 

Nichelle: These spaces that are designated for the Seacrest, Alys Beach, Rosemary neighborhoods. When you say blocked off, it's literally there's tape. It's like yeah this is your square. They're like, this is where you go. 

Brittany: And it says do not cross, not public, private. Only people renting these umbrellas or the guests staying at this property can stay here.

Nichelle: Yeah. So you made a point earlier when we were talking about this, that it was very beneficial for you guys because when the beaches are crowded or there's a lot of people on the beach, your little ones want to go back and forth to the water. Yes. And when you were dealing with that many people, you're trying to keep an eye on them and it's tough, but you renting out that space. you're able to keep your eye on them and actually sit down and relax. Have the chairs, have the umbrella and it just made it a lot easier for the girls.

Brittany: So much easier. We are planning to go back in July for a family vacation, and we've already been like, we're going to rent them while we're there. It's so stressful when you don't have a place to go.

And even for the people who are like, oh, that's not going to be me. I get up at, 6:00 AM and go take my stuff to the beach. Everybody is doing that by the time 7:00 AM, like the whole designated section is completely full. 

Nichelle: Remember we were shooting last May and we went down there to shoot. I think we got down there right at seven. It was like 6 45 7. Yes. Because we were working, but we went down there to shoot and we. were like wow towels laid out everywhere. 

Brittany: It was nuts. I would just take that into consideration because if you're somebody who likes to be at the beach, like the entire day, it gets really crowded.

So I would maybe just consider an area that has a larger private beach option. The one great thing about Seacrest is there is a community pool within the neighborhood that is huge. And it has there's I would say within it, there's four different pools. They're all connected, but there's like different levels of the pool.

Nichelle: It's a small style resort almost.

Brittany: Yes. Very much so with tons of chairs I don't know if I've ever seen it, like completely full. So that's a great alternative if you like being at the pool on vacation. And a lot of times we'll do half a day at the beach and then come up and do half a day at the pool or because our kids are still like napping.

So we still have that three hour block in the middle of the day that it's okay, like somebody is hanging out up here and kids are napping. I kept laying out on the top porch that we have up on the top. During nap I would just go up there and read and lay out. And I was like, this is the same thing.

Exactly. You can see the ocean from the house. I think that's like the main thing to consider is just if you like the beach, make sure you go to an area that has really good beach access is that's the one kind of negative about our neighborhood now. And you have to have bands, like they're very strict.

There's certain things you can't take down there. So just before you go, make sure you check all of the rules and regulations and that type of thing. 

Nichelle: We found a cute little place that had some amazing coffee the last time we were there. 

Brittany: Yes. So we actually found two new coffee places this time.

Nichelle: Yeah

Brittany: .Charlie's cafe, which we had lunch at, and we did sandwiches. We had a sandwich called the Rosemary club or something like that. It was so delicious. 

Nichelle: It was so good. I thought about it the other day. 

And then they have coffee. There is something to me about like iced coffee at the beach. It just hits different same thing with a sandwich and potato chips. 

Brittany: It's our favorite thing, guys, a sandwich, like a homemade sandwich and potato chips at the beach. So good. One thing I like about going here is we'd never get Starbucks while we're down there. Cause it's there are so many other great coffee spots that it's like, you don't even need to go to your chain restaurants. Yes. So we had Charlie's I had the lavender oat milk latte. 

Nichelle: I had the honey oat milk latte, so good. 

Brittany: I got it a few more times when my mom and I were shopping around one day, I was like, let's just stop in here for a coffee. And then on the other side of the street, there's a new spot called Third Cup Coffee, which I think is just like such a cute name.

Your third cup of, for the day. I loved it. Yes, exactly. And they it's really cute inside. It's smaller inside and then they've got some outdoor seating, but they also have a window that you can order your coffee at the side and they pass it to you out the window. So cute. But they hand make their syrups as all, like they make their syrup.

Yeah. And they put them in these like really cool jars and pump them out that way. And maybe. For somebody who's like a huge coffee connoisseur. Maybe I should know this, but when I was watching them make the coffee, they had the shot of espresso and they put the flavor pump in the shot glass with the espresso and then dumped it instead of putting it in the bottom of the cup and then dumping espresso and milk on it.

And so that was is that common or is that just like another way to get the flavor mixed with the coffee better? 

Nichelle: Yeah. Probably. It would dissolve a little bit more in that fresh espresso before it actually went in and sat at the bottom.

Brittany: Exactly. So I appreciated that they did that, but there's so many great little coffee spots and breakfast spots. We always go to Raw & Juicy, which is an Alys Beach. It's just a quick walk from our house and there's a great little play area for the kids. They've got tons of really good outdoor seating. It's mostly, I would say like breakfast, they do lunch and then it's open in the afternoon, I think until about five for an afternoon coffee or snack, but they have really good overnight oats, smoothies, coffee. I always get this egg biscuit that they have there. That's really good. So Raw & Juicy is always a really good place to go to. And then another coffee shop that I feel like is probably the like oldest coffee shop around there is called Amaveda. And that's more in Rosemary. So they're all separated out.

It's all like very close, but it's if you're shopping on this side of the street, you can get coffee from Third Cup. If you're shopping on this side of the street, you can get of coffee from Amaveda or whatever you get. You have a little bit of options and then the food down there is so good. 

Nichelle: That's probably the one thing that we talk about. I know whenever I've come with you, we're like, where are we going tonight?

Brittany: And we crave the food for weeks afterwards. Yeah. And I would say I'm like a foodie in the sense of I love going out to eat. I love like trying new things, try upcoming restaurants. And so to be able to go to a place that has several, like really good options, you just know Hey, you're on vacation.

You're taking time off. You're going to eat really good. You're going to have a lot of great places to shop. To me I'm like what more do you want on vacation? But the food,. I think we could do an entire separate episode on just all the restaurants.

Nichelle: Probably, I think we've narrowed it down though. We were going to talk about just the favorites because there are so many, but there definitely are a few that I know you guys, whenever you guys are there. Every single time. Yeah. And then I know that I know we have a favorite one.

Brittany: Exactly. So I will say, I know I mentioned my story highlight that has a lot of saved information about 30A. There really is like three years worth of information. Whenever we're down there, I try to add to it. So definitely check it out. If you're interested in going there, maybe you already have a trip planned. There's a lot more about like specific restaurants that we might not get to that are still like ones I would definitely recommend. 

One thing I would say in the summertime is it is very busy and not a lot of the restaurants take reservations. So you have to plan ahead. There's one restaurant that we go to every time George's. It's such a classic Alys Beach restaurant. It's so good. It's friendly.

They have tons of outdoor seating, but if you're not in line at four 30, when they open up, like you are going to wait for a long time. 

Nichelle: You're going to wait if you get in line at four 30, because they don't open until five. I feel like we've waited probably an hour. Yeah. A good hour.

Brittany: If you don't have little kids, that's okay to do because they have an outdoor bar. They've got corn hole. They've got like a lot of area you can walk around and do stuff. But with kids waiting for a long time, definitely gets a little bit like, okay come on, do we really want to eat here? Is it that good?

 And it really is. Every time we're like, nope, we're holding out, we're holding out, and it's always so worth it. I would say you do need to plan to come off the beach early and start your dinner process early. With that being said, I feel like by 10 o'clock Rosemary's quiet.

Nichelle: The sidewalks clear out, completely clear out.

Brittany: Yeah. It's funny. It's like high school kids, like riding their bikes and guys and girls trying to be like, Hey, who are you? Who are you? On vacation. 

Nichelle: Have you ever done takeout with George's?

Brittany: So Chris did this week, my mom and I went to dinner one night. And so Chris. Actually, he ended up getting takeout from Edwards instead because Georges, they said that they do take out, but not when the restaurant first opens because it's so busy.

So normally they wait until the flow has started and then they will do it. When we went on our team retreat in February, we did the George's takeout and ate that on the beach. We did this like awesome picnic set up Fresco Picnic is the company that we used and they were so amazing. We'll actually put a link to my Tik TOK, where we made a video about the process and we ordered Georges and ate that down at the beach that night, and we had a bonfire going. It was such a great thing to do. I would definitely recommend a couples trip, a bachelorette party or something like that. So that was the only time we've ever gotten Georges to go.

Nichelle: I was curious because of us getting takeout with Fresco that if it was just because it was a service that they, had connection with or if they actually didn't take out. Cause that could be an option for families that just didn't want to wait in line with little kids. 

Brittany: So in 2020, right after Florida allowed for short-term rentals to open back up. So during COVID all short term rentals had to stop. They opened back up like the end of May. All of the restaurants were offering take out options for families who didn't want to eat in the restaurant, which was a great way for these restaurants to adapt. And so now I feel like it's not as common. Most people are going back into the restaurant.

Nichelle: Just trying to get back to some normalcy at this point.

Brittany: Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. We used to do take out a lot, and we still do for like the Mexican restaurant that's like right there in Seacrest it's called Loco. It is so good. We always either do take out on the first night or eat there on the first night that we've driven down to the beach.

It's so good. Their tacos are great. Their queso is great their guacamole, everything. So that's a restaurant I would definitely recommend.

Nichelle: The pizza place in there, it's Pizza by the Sea. Is it right? It's actually really good. I actually got just a single pie on my way back to my room that one time. I was like, okay.

Brittany: Yeah. That's another great one with kids too. One thing about the Seacrest area is it's so family friendly. There's this big pavilion with open greenery, fire pits with all these like cute little huts that have Charlie's donuts or there's another pizza restaurant. There's a place you can get a drink There's an ice cream spot. There's all these cute little things that you can just go to that area and eat dinner and get dessert and then sit out. And they do like music out on the lawn live music. I feel is from five until everything shuts down. Exactly. Yeah. So there's always somebody playing live music, which is great.

So I've looked appreciated that area being so close with little kids.

Nichelle: La Crema. Really enjoyed that. I know there was like a little asterisk next to that one, because we had a little bit of an experience one of the times that we went. 

Brittany: Yeah, it's interesting. The food at La Crema is so good, and I always try to go there.

My mom and I went there for lunch one day while we were there this last time. And the food is always so good it;s tapas us and fondue. They do dessert fondue, cheese fondue. The salads are really good. The crab cakes are amazing, but sometimes the service is a little bit like hit or miss.

And it's interesting because a lot of the restaurants are owned by the same restaurant group. 

Nichelle: I was going to ask that cause George's, La Crema, Edwards, and there's like another one. I think they're like sister companies, they all have the same umbrella. Yeah.

Brittany: So sometimes I'm like, okay, how are all of the other locations, like such good service? And then La Crema sometimes is not, but it's not enough for us to not go there. We just go there knowing okay it might take a little longer, but it's great. They have a lot of outdoor seating. It's a great place to have a drink with your lunch or dinner. It's just, the vibe is just very great there. So I love going back, but just a heads up. That's something that we've experienced a few times and then Edwards is amazing. They sometimes have live music.

They have this great courtyard that has all this outdoor seating and it's just, it's lovely. Like the food is so good. 

Nichelle: Their service is top-notch 

Brittany: Yes. Every time at Edwards it's so good. One restaurant that we have been obsessed with since they opened last summer, is Citizen. 

Nichelle: Obsessed, I feel is the understatement of the year. It is so good.

Brittany: The good thing about the Citizen is if you have a party of eight or more, you can make reservation, and so a lot of people with larger parties do make reservation. So I think it's eight, it's either eight or six. So check that on their website.

 You can put your name in and then get on a wait list with them, but you do have to like physically go there. Our house is very close to there, so a lot of times we like be walking up from the beach, we'd go put her name and they'd be like, okay, hour and a half. We'd go get ready and come back. We wouldn't technically be like waiting outside for an hour and a half. So yeah. 

Nichelle: I let you put the girls down and I was like, I'm going to run up there and get us a spot cause we are going tonight. 

Brittany: Yes. Oh my gosh. It's so good. The oysters are, if you like raw oysters, I don't know what it is. I think it's the warm saltene crackers that they come with and all these delicious sauces. It's next level. 

Nichelle: It is. It really is. And I feel like if you have never tried, but you're willing to, that is the place to try because they do it I feel like there's a lot of places you could go and it could be done very wrong, but they do them perfectly.

Brittany: Yes. So this last trip I ate at Citizen three times.

Nichelle: Good for you.

Brittany: It was all so great, like you and I ate there, and then Chris and I ate there with Rachel and Chris and then my mom wanted to go. So I was like, listen, we are going to go back, and she's been before and loved it as well.

But we were reading up on the oysters that they, so there's like they get oysters from like a few different areas, but one consistent place that they get them from is called. Murder Point Oysters in Alabama, and we read all about them and how they're able to keep them so small. They're farm raised, but out in the Gulf.

And they can monitor everything about the oyster, which is very interesting because I've actually, when I was in Rhode Island a few years ago, I was there with Red Dress and one of the, excursions that we did was went and harvested oysters. We went on a boat and the guide took us and taught us all about the oysters. I've been on an oyster farm.

And so I thought that was good because the Murder Point oysters are so good. They're a little bit more petite, but it's like the perfect bite. It's not too big. 

Nichelle: I feel like that's what gets people sometimes with oysters. Yeah. 

Brittany: It's like too much, but that's not the case with these oysters. They're so good.

 There other appetizers, the warm cheddar biscuits, the whipped feta, their Caesar salad is really good. Their cocktails are really good. They also have some like non-alcoholic cocktails that are unbelievable. There's a liquor brand called Zero Proof, and they make a few different type of like non-alcoholic liquors that kind of give a similar taste, but without the alcohol in them, and Chris has had those a few times and was always like, this is a really great alternative. And I think of mocktails, if you're pregnant and you want to enjoy a mocktail, like that's something that they offer on their menu, which is really great. Just the whole environment, the vibe. They've got great outdoor seating. They've got an oyster bar you can sit at they've got an actual bar that's really nice that you can do first come first serve. So if you have a really long wait, you could just check out, see if there's any like the bar is like full service bar, like food wise too. So we've sat at the bar before. We love it. 

Nichelle: It's an experience. You have to try it if you are in the area.

Brittany: Yes. Just plan for, maybe a little bit of a wait, but know that it will be so worth it. 

Nichelle: So Raw & Juicy is a really great breakfast place that I know that we've gone, but for our team retreat, we did donuts. What's the name of that? It's like a cart. 

Brittany: Yeah. The Charlie's donut truck.

Nichelle: Yes. 

Brittany: Oh yes. They, their donuts are delicious. Another good doughnut spot. It's at the entrance of 30A, but it's called Donut Hole.

It's a huge restaurant. Breakfast, they do like donuts and then all other like breakfast offerings, so I will say I know I'm really only covering, like I mentioned, like Alys, Seacrest and Rosemary areas because that's, we literally don't really drive anywhere else. But I know a little bit further down is Seaside an in-between Seaside's probably like 20 minutes down and there are several other really great spots in between that also have other awesome restaurants, coffee shops, doughnut places.

I'm just not as familiar with what they are. I have a friend, Rachel, she's actually an influencer as well. Her blog is called Pinteresting Plans. Rachel and I met each other, our first year of blogging back in 2016. She used to live in Connecticut, and then like within the last few years, her and her family moved down to 30A.

And so she shares a ton of other like 30A and like the surrounding area. So she would be a great person to follow. If you're looking for like more of a local who's there and came attest to a larger area. 

Nichelle: One thing that I think a lot of people or get confused about, cause I did too. At first, until I went down there 30A, they think is like a place. Whereas like it is a highway.

Brittany: It's like county road, 30A.

Nichelle: You travel down 30A and it goes, miles and miles. So there's so much to 30A. Rosemary is right at the entrance of 30A, and this is like right after Panama City. So you pass Panama City and you enter 30A and then go into Rosemary, Seacrest, Alys, Watersound, all of that.

 But there are so many other cities beyond that.

Brittany: So think of it like 30A is like the major street that is closest to the beach, and then there's the actual highway that runs parallel, but it's a four or six lane highway that's like larger, whereas 30A is going to be your like two lane. You're closest to the beach when you're on 30A.

A lot of people are always like, what is this 30A place? And I'm like, well it's a highway, but there's lots of beach towns off this general area. There's so much in the area.

Nichelle: There's so many cute shops, the little boutiques that they have in Rosemary specifically. I know that's the ones that I've personally frequented, but there is a really cute Rosemary gift shop.

Brittany: It's called the Rosemary trading company. So cute. They have like where you can get like the great, like Rosemary beach t-shirts and sweatshirts and hats. And then they've got great little gifts. We always go down there for the week of Thanksgiving, and so I usually get gifts for people at this Rosemary shop because they have just great, like little notebooks, and note cards and coffee mugs, or just even like more cute stuff that you want to give to somebody?

Nichelle: Yes. 

Brittany: A few other shops I really there one is Luminary. They have amazing accessories. I just recently got a pair of earrings from there and I love them. They also have really great shoes. My mom loves shopping there too. So it's they offer like a wide range of options.

And then next door to that is a store called Disco, which is super cute. You got your daughter, a pair of earrings there.

Nichelle: They had I would say teen to maybe mid late twenties clothing. So cute.

Brittany: Some of their stuff I feel like I would say teen to 40. 

Nichelle: I could find some pieces for sure. 

Brittany: It's like your fun, beachy outfits or like things that you buy on vacation and then want to wear out that night. And then that's like your thing oh, I bought this top at the beach and I loved it, so that's another great one. Across the street Willow is really cute.

They've got some great options. They actually have a few locations as well. There's like probably seven or eight, just super cute, good clothing stores. They've got a few kids' stores around. That's got like bathing suits, unique brands like just good quality, kids clothes and stuff.

Nichelle: Yeah. There is a boutique and I can't remember if it's all pets, but it had a of pet stuff. I saw that. It's cute bandanas, collars, leashes, like all the accessories, but they're very beach themed. 

Brittany: Every time we're there. I'm like, should we get Birdie a treat or a special present? Should we bring her home something? That the area is so great. Another restaurant that I thought about as I'm like mentally visualizing like the layout of the downtown, but there's a restaurant in there called Pescado. A rooftop restaurant and the views of sunset are incredible.

 They take reservations for their dining room, but the outdoor patio and bar area are first come first serve that you can get on a waiting list for those locations, but usually the dining room, like you have to have a reservation to eat there. I would say. I really like Citizen, but this would be another similar really good restaurant.

The drinks are really good. So that's a fun one, and it's located like right there, at the top of the downtown area.

Nichelle: So cute. There's so many great things down there. And I think your information that you give is super helpful. There's I feel like so much that's still just developing down there because it's growing so fast. Hope this helps. Everybody that's going. Hopefully not too many of you guys. 

Brittany: Yeah. Like I said, I'll leave Rachel's information so you guys can check her out. She actually has her real estate license and is super knowledgeable on real estate in the area. So if anybody's looking to potentially buy or want to learn more about the area, Rach would be an awesome person to reach out to.

So we'll include her information in the show notes, but I absolutely love 30A. Chris is always we should go. Do you really want to go back there? And I'm like, yes, I really want to go back there every single time we go on vacation, we just love it. So hopefully this is helpful. If you guys go in the future, please let us know. We'd love to see your beach pictures. And if we're ever down there at the same time, I always meet people when we're down there who are Loverly Grey followers, and it's always so much fun just for people to be like, we found this place because of you. Please come and say hi. I love meeting everybody.

So I hope this episode has been so helpful for you guys. I can't wait to see all your photos when you go down to 30A in the future, and we will talk soon. Until next time. 

Thanks for listening to today's episode. I can't wait to continue these conversations with you over on Instagram. Make sure to follow along at life with loverly until next.

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