July 09, 2024

87. Theresa Costas | Secrets to Hosting with Ease and Entertaining with Heart

87. Theresa Costas | Secrets to Hosting with Ease and Entertaining with Heart

You know the mad dash, stress dance before a dinner party? You know the one. It typically includes frantically rearranging the table flowers….for the fourth time. Your husband finishing off a large project on the back deck that he should have completed months ago. And of course, checking on the main dish that isn’t nearly cooked enough. Then, ding-dong. Your first guest is ringing the doorbell at 6:59 for your 7:00pm dinner party. We’ve all been there - and then swear off (especially our husbands!) ever having people over again! 

Well, our guest today is here to make sure you throw the stress in the trash (but not the overly cooked main dish) and actually focus on having an ENJOYABLE and beautiful gathering.

In this episode, Brittany dives deep into the art of hosting with Theresa Costas, a designer and entertaining expert who has turned her passion for hospitality into a transformative journey.

Theresa isn't just a designer; she's a storyteller through her whimsical tablescapes and stunning floral arrangements. This mom of three’s journey took an unexpected turn when she survived a sudden cardiac death, an event that reshaped her perspective on life. From that pivotal moment, Theresa found a renewed purpose in fostering connections and celebrating everyday moments through gatherings.

In this episode Brittany and Theresa talk about:
• Theresa’s transformative near-death experience and its impact on her approach to hosting.
• Essential hostess tips, including hacks for food and drink preparation, and how to make your guests feel more comfortable.
• Five expert techniques for crafting tablescapes that impress.
• Secrets to creating DIY floral arrangements that rival professional florists.
• Unique and memorable ideas for hostess gifts that leave a lasting impression.

Picture yourself effortlessly creating memorable experiences that leave your guests feeling loved and connected. Because that’s who you’ll be after this episode with these practical strategies to enhance your hosting abilities and create moments that matter. Whether you're planning a dinner party, a casual brunch, or a special celebration, Theresa's expertise will inspire you to approach each gathering with creativity, warmth, and personal touches that matter.

Theresa’s curated collection of entertaining essentials includes multiple matching linen napkin sets, silver platters from your local antique store (patina and all), and a few sets of classic white dinnerware that can be mixed and matched while still looking cohesive. And you don’t want to miss her tips for outsourcing the things you just can’t be bothered to do (like making the perfect playlist) or how to handle well-intentioned guests who arrive early to “help.”

For the occasions where you’re not hosting and just attending a gathering, Theresa always encourages guests to bring a hostess gift with a gift tag. Her favorites?

Listen to the full episode on "Life With Loverly" to hear Theresa's invaluable tips and heartfelt stories that will change the way you approach entertaining for good.

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