July 02, 2024

86. Navigating the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Your Ultimate Guide

86. Navigating the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Your Ultimate Guide

Can you believe it’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Time again?!
In this episode, Brittany + Nichelle are joyously diving into one the girls’ version of the Super Bowl – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s like Christmas in July for all the fashion enthusiasts out there, but the ladies totally understand it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Rest assured, they’re here to ensure you’re fully prepped to make the most of it.

Tune in to the episode to hear:
• What the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is and why you should consider shopping it
• Our 4 best tips for navigating the sale, including prep work and a game plan for when the sale goes live
• Top recommendations and favorite items from the sale
• How we aim to be your continued resource with detailed info and styling tips on Instagram

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is unique because it offers new fall arrivals at discounted prices for a limited period. After the sale, prices revert to their original amounts. This “reverse sale” concept lets you snag the best fall staples from high-quality brands at a fraction of the cost.

Our Top 4 Tips for Making the Most of the NSale:
1. Do a Closet Inventory: Assess your wardrobe so you have a better understanding of what you really need (and don’t forget to check those cold weather items you’ve stored away for the summer!). Think about where you stand with essentials like black jeans and leggings, sweaters, fall boots and workout clothing.
2. Start Gift Planning: It may feel strange to shop for Christmas gifts in July, but once the holidays roll around, you’ll be so happy you did! Also consider any upcoming birthdays, baby showers and weddings. The sale is a perfect opportunity to knock all of these out at once.
3. Create Your Wishlist: On June 27th, a preview of the sale goes live! Take advantage of this feature which allows you to organize your must-haves, budget accordingly and streamline your overall shopping experience.
4. Prioritize Staples: We don’t recommend using the sale for trendy pieces that will cycle out by next season. Instead, focus on items like jackets, boots, and jeans. These pieces are timeless and offer the best value.

Lastly, here are some important dates to remember when planning to shop the NSale:
• Preview Starts: June 27th
• Icon Early Access: July 9th
• Ambassador Early Access: July 10th
• All Cardholders: July 11th
• Open to Public: July 15th
• Prices Go Up: August 4th

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is more than just a shopping event; it’s a chance to revamp your wardrobe and find fantastic deals. We’ll be here to guide you through it as always, offering styling tips and recommendations to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible. Stay tuned for more updates and happy shopping!

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