June 11, 2024

83. Truth & Co | Designing a Home You Love

83. Truth & Co | Designing a Home You Love

If peeking into other people’s homes for design inspo and overly romanticizing rooms is a hobby of yours – well, let’s just say you’re absolutely our kind of person then!

If you’ve been following along on Brittany’s Instagram over the last two years, you’ve probably seen a time or two that she’s been sharing a bit about her home renovation process.

If you missed the episode on her house situation (the move!), be sure to listen to that here!

And now, she’s finally pulling back the curtain (literally!) and sitting down with the design team behind her home renovation, Truth & Co, to walk us through the whole process!

From kitchen items to designing the entry hallway, the gals are going room by room chatting through details, intentions, and non negotiables.

Anisa and Gracie of Truth & Co. are the dream team duo behind Brittany’s beautiful home reveal, and their journey together over the last two years has created a fun friendship with the three women. You’ll hear in this episode, some funny stories of Chris’s requests in the home, how to make each room in the home feel cohesive, and their favorite rooms.

Anisa and Gracie are also getting detailed in this episode to provide you tips on some of those hard to decorate areas in your home, like coffee tables or entryways. 

Hint: For your coffee tables, they suggest candles for height, a tray to ground the pieces together, and flowers - always flowers!

And if you were wondering how the ‘reveal process’ went (as in Brittany left for the week and when she returned, the house all put together!), they gals are chatting allll about that process, too! 

It’s seriously an episode you don't want to miss!

Be sure to tune in to hear how each room came together for the final reveal – and to see the full reveal, head over to the Loverly Grey home reveal blog. It's like a fully immersive experience on this episode! 

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And check out their website for more info here!

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