May 28, 2024

81. The Blooming Nest | How to Elevate Your Home on a Home Goods Budget

81. The Blooming Nest | How to Elevate Your Home on a Home Goods Budget
If home is where the heart is, it may as well be a beautifully decorated home for our hearts… right?!

But in all seriousness, it feels great when our homes feel like… us. 

It’s certainly not an easy thing to accomplish, especially with the price of furniture these days, but this is exactly why Brittany knew she needed to bring on friend and home decorator on a budget extraordinaire: Regan Mauck of the BloomingNest

You see, Regan is one of the GIRLS when it comes to finding the best steals and deals at our favorite store: HOME GOODS. 

What started as a hobby and a creative outlet for Regan has now turned into 222,000+ followers on Instagram.

Regan has always had a love and passion for all things DIY, but when she found herself a little burnt out from sewing all the time in college (that’s right, SEWING), she knew she had to find another outlet after she graduated and was newly married.

She and her husband didn’t have a lot of additional income at the time, so Regan threw her DIY creativity into home decorating, and put down the sewing machine for a bit.

Her first project she shared on her blog, turning art into a chalkboard (remember when that was a thing?!) was where it all began. After 3-4 years of doing it on the side (she was raising babies during this time!), things started to pick up and gain some momentum. 

And today, Regan is sharing all of her favorite things she’s learned over the years in this conversation with Brittany.

They are chatting:
• Her favorite way to elevate a room very inexpensively (see below!)
• Her favorite paint colors (inside and out!)
• How to add a touch of interest to your dining room
• How to make your house look cohesive
• And the details behind her latest bathroom Facebook marketplace transformation!

Let’s chat about how to elevate a room on a very, very limited budget. 

Regan’s go-to? Print out artwork from Etsy that you love, and then find a great, vintage frame from Goodwill, or somewhere similar! It will make your home look so intentional, without the big bucks!

And if you wanted to take note of her favorite paint she mentions throughout the episode, here you go! Pigeon from Farrow&Ball

You’ll also hear in the episode how Regan suggests decorating your kitchen shelves (those can be tricky!). She says to start with layering bigger pieces in the back. Then you can place smaller items, like dishes, in front. She also loves to mix old and new together. An old cookbook for instance! She still loves to decorate with that since it means so much to her. Let’s see what you can come up with for your kitchen!

This episode is so fun and fresh and will leave you with so many good ideas to elevate your home and make it feel like YOU.

For more on Regan, give her a follow here

And if you want to join her Design Community, click here!

If you’d like another design episode to listen to after this one, be sure to tune in to Brittany’s episode with owner of Linen + Flax, Chaz!

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