August 08, 2023

67. Advice Column (Part 2!): Navigating Uncertainty, Mastering Tough Convos, Conquering Imposter Syndrome plus Great Gift Ideas and MORE

67. Advice Column (Part 2!): Navigating Uncertainty, Mastering Tough Convos, Conquering Imposter Syndrome plus Great Gift Ideas and MORE

Due to popular demand 
(drumroll please)... our Advice Column segment is back!

We had so much fun recording the first Advice Column, so we knew we had to bring it back. You guys submitted some fantastic questions last time, and you really came through again! (Advice Column Part 3, anyone?)
I loved that there was a big ‘Mom Segment’ in this one because I learn so much from Nichelle since her kids are much older than mine. She’s really paving the way for us, ladies. Nichelle is giving us the inside scoop on what it’s like to be a mom of teenagers… and I’m really glad I have her input before I experience the teenage girl stage for myself! (Let’s just hold on to the princess dresses forever, ok?)
Speaking of dresses…we are also talking about dressing for the job you want. While for my daughters, that might be a princess dress… for you and I, it's probably not (maybe…). So let’s break it down on how to land the interview.

Confidence is KEY when it comes to the interview process. 

Here are my best tips for securing your dream job:
  • Dress for the job you want. Better to be overdressed than underdressed!
  • Be early and be prepared.
  • Ask questions! It shows you are listening and engaged.
  • Bonus tip: Use something to make your name stand out. “Hi, I’m Brittany Sjogren - pronounced ‘show grin’ - like you're showing a smile :)”

And one other thing we are chatting about that I just *love* is self-help book recs!

Let this be your reminder that it’s okay to ask for help - whether that be through a book or in person. You don’t have to do this life alone!

Want a specific recommendation? I have been loving this devotion: The Enneagram Collection. It’s been my version of self-improvement lately. Understanding our personalities and tendencies can be so helpful in navigating our relationships, jobs, or daily life.

If you feel stuck, this can be a great place to start to get you back on track.

Here’s what else we are discussing today:
  • Advice for those of us who are working moms 
  • Tips and tricks to unplug, relax, and restore
  • Business advice: organization, tough conversations, and interview tips
  • Feeling inadequate? How to combat Imposter Syndrome 
  • Walking the line between taking risks and staying in your comfort zone
  • What kind of extra help do we receive + how has it been helpful?
  • Packing tips - because, yes, you need 16 pairs of underwear for a weekend trip.

So, gals, I hope you take away something from Nichelle and my experience with these topics - whether it's what TO do, or what NOT to do! That’s what we’re here for - to give you advice when you need it and be your friend along the way.
See ya next week!

Miss our first advice column? Watch it  HERE

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