June 20, 2023

61. Not Sure of Your Purpose? What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do with Cleere Cherry Reaves of Cleerely Stated

61. Not Sure of Your Purpose? What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do with Cleere Cherry Reaves of Cleerely Stated

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and see a post that literally looks like it was written specifically for YOU?

Well this is exactly what my friend, Cleere Reaves’, writing does for me.

And so friends – this is why we struck GOLD on this week’s episode with our guest - Cleere Cherry Reaves - or you might know her better as @cleerelystated on Instagram.

She’s the one behind those posts that get circulated all over the internet because they truly feel like she has dipped into your heart and placed words to your specific circumstances. 

Cleere began writing and posting on Instagram 6 years ago, and the Lord has used her to influence so many lives through her platform.
What I found so wild about this conversation was that she told me that she posts IN THE MOMENT. The strikingly accurate posts are not pre-planned. She writes in the morning. And then posts just as soon as the graphics are done while she’s walking on the treadmill. It blew my mind that when I read her posts that I SO resonate with, she is writing the words on my heart at the same time I’m experiencing the emotions. It was crazy to me to see how, as Cleere puts it, it’s just like the Holy Spirit to move and come to our side, even when we are miles and miles apart.

In a world where social media can bring comparison or just show the highlight reel of life - Cleere and I are here to open up on how social media can be used for community and unity through the obstacles we face in life. Because friend, you really don’t have to do this life alone.

Cleere’s insights and wisdom bring such a refreshing perspective to the table, so join us as we dive into what life through her lens looks like, and how we can run the marathon race of life well.

Here’s a run-down of the episode:
  • Where Cleere’s creativity is sourced / how to handle Imposter Syndrome in your job.
  • How Cleere got started writing on Instagram and how she continues to share today.

  • Trusting God with the hardships: Cleere’s largest obstacle from an entrepreneurial perspective.

  • Cleere flips the script and interviews me for a segment. She asks me about my intentionality and how I show up differently in my career.
  • More of Cleere’s personal story - her romantic love story with Will and her inspiring birth story with her son who was born at 26 weeks.
  • What would Cleere tell someone that isn’t sure of their purpose?

I hope Cleere’s story encourages you the way it did me. She truly has inspired me to live a more peaceful, intentional, and God-honoring life. Pull out your notebooks… and maybe your tissues for this week’s episode - there are so many good nuggets of wisdom to grasp on to! You can watch the full episode below!

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More about Cleere:
She is the owner and creator of Cleerely Stated, a successful faith-based inspiration gift line, whose products can be found in retail stores all over the United States. She is also the host of the growing Let’s Be Cleere podcast. Known for her relatable writing style, Cleere’s mission is to help others see themselves and the world around them through the eyes of Jesus. Cleere and her husband, Will, live in Greenville, North Carolina, and welcomed their first child, son Sledge, into the world in the summer of 2021. She is passionate about living fully here while always keeping eternity in mind. 


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Brittany: Hi friends! Welcome to the Life of Loverly podcast. I'm Brittany, a wife, mom, and lifestyle entrepreneur here to help you discover your best daily style and encourage you to try new things when getting dressed each day, I took a tiny following on social media and turned it into a community of over 1 million amazing women. And I am so glad you're here. I'll be sharing my heart with you beyond the 15 seconds on Instagram. So we'll be diving into things like personal growth, friendships, motherhood, marriage, and of course the business of blogging. Really, this space is here to serve as your go-to resource to building a life you adore while sprinkling some kindness to others along the way. Grab an iced coffee and let's do life together. I'm Brittany, and this is The Life with Loverly podcast!


Hi friends! Welcome back to The Life with Loverly podcast. You are in for a treat. Today I am chatting with my new friend and someone whose account I have followed for a long time, Cleere Reeves, but you likely know her as CleerelyStated from Instagram with over 270,000 followers. You have probably seen her recognizable quotes and intentional thoughts shared across Instagram. And today you're getting a front row seat as we pull back the curtain to Cleere's creativity, vulnerability, and transparency through the highs and lows of life. Cleere is a wife, mom, bestselling, author, and content creator. She runs a successful faith-based gift line with the mission to help others see themselves through the eyes of Jesus. And now guys, when I tell you that Cleere's writing somehow always hits home for me and something that I'm currently walking through, I mean it time and time again, she seems to be able to put words to my emotions.

But on today's episode, she shared with me that she does not preplan her content. She writes it in the morning and posts it the same day, which really blew my mind because it showed me that with what was on her heart to write was the same thing that was on my heart. And on that same day, it really touched me when she shared that as you tune in, you'll also hear us cover where Cleere initially found her creativity, the surprising place she creates, her graphics, her biggest entrepreneurial struggle, the story of her son being born at 26 weeks, and how to find purpose in every season. You may want to grab a tissue for this one, but in the best way, here's my conversation with Cleere Reeves.


Hi, Cleere! How are you? I'm so excited to have you on the podcast today!


Cleere: Oh, Brittany, this is truly, I mean, I know it sounds cliche to say an answer to prayer, but I can safely say probably with a lot of other people that you have made a strong impact on me and really my family too. So this is really just an honor. I'm excited. I've been very expectant for this conversation.


Brittany: Yeah, it's so crazy because those same words, I can say exactly about you. I feel like you're writing and just everything that you put out on Instagram, I feel like I was just telling the girls beforehand, I was like, there's so many times that I see her post on Instagram and I'm like, those words are speaking to my soul. How did she know that's what I needed to read today?


Cleere: Was she with me earlier when I was, yeah, it's so crazy. So the power of the Holy Spirit though, cause think about that's your individual situation and then there's mine and then there's millions of other people just like you speak to, and the Holy Spirit makes it so individualistic and personal for each person, which is just so cool. And so I thank you for saying that. That means a lot.


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