May 23, 2023

57. Let's Make the Birds & Bees Talk with your Children a Little Easier

57. Let's Make the Birds & Bees Talk with your Children a Little Easier
Do you remember having ‘the talk’ with your parents? 

It was probably so awkward wasn’t it?!

Well, now that I’m a mom, and my girls are 2 and 4, I really wanted to be equipped to have this conversation with them when the time felt appropriate.

And then my next thought was…well, WHEN is it appropriate?! That’s when I realized I was going to need a little extra help with this. So I figured I’d call in the experts. For all of us.
In today’s episode, I invited Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson from the brand Birds & Bees onto the show.

Birds & Bees exists to equip and empower parents to have healthy and age- appropriate conversations with their kids. Mary Flo has been passionately sharing this message all over the world for 30 years – and Megan joined her eight years ago to help bring this message to a new generation of parents. 

So yeah, I’d say they are certainly the experts here. The biggest takeaway I received from our discussion? That ‘the talk’ is actually OUTDATED.
Yes, friends. I love their ‘drip approach’ that this should NOT be a one and done conversation (even though it may feel good to just ‘get it out of the way’).

They suggest keeping these types of talks around sex, body parts, porn exposure, etc. as an on-going, age appropriate chat.

This way, the child doesn’t feel…
Shameful around their body parts.
Confused about where babies come from.
Like they have to keep any secrets from you.

It becomes an open conversation so when they have questions, or a friend talks about something they don’t know about, they feel safe to come to YOU about it. 

I love these ladies so much. They really empowered me to begin thinking about this conversation with my girls as a privilege - not something to dread. My girls will be someone’s future wife someday, and this conversation will only help to guide them into the women they are capable of becoming. And what an honor it is to journey with our kids – through even the awkward parts of life.

Tune in to listen to Mary Flo, Megan and I discuss:

  • How to have the ‘body parts’ talks with your kids,
  • WHEN is the right time to bring up the sex conversation - especially if your kids aren’t asking questions yet, and
  • Specific words and phrases to have in your toolbox for planned and spontaneous conversations

    The ladies get tangible + detailed on these conversations with your kids, so you aren’t left wondering ‘am I doing this right?!’
AND! They are so generous to offer 20% off their Birds & Bees Course with code: LOVERLY20 just for our podcast family.

Alright fam - let’s educate our kids and kick awkward conversations to the curb.
You got this.

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