May 09, 2023

55. Woman On the Go? How to Build Your Best (and easiest) Spring Wardrobe

55. Woman On the Go? How to Build Your Best (and easiest) Spring Wardrobe
There are few things I love more in this world than STYLING.
I mean, Chris and the girls are up there, too ;)

If I’m honest, I really get so much satisfaction from building new outfits and styling different pieces together.
And I LOVE helping you to do the same.

So, today I want to help you build your BEST spring wardrobe - with things you most likely ALREADY have in your closet. 
And if you’re a mom on the go, I think you’ll especially love this one!

Tune in to hear:
  • How to build new outfits with clothes you already own
  • Staple items you MUST have in your closet this season
  • How Nichelle is re-creating her wardrobe after her breast reduction
Here’s a few, quick tips for you:
  • Always have a maxi dress handy! It’s a one-piece outfit that you don’t have to match
  • Grab a denim jacket for layering to make it look intentional
  • Then add a statement earring (here are some faves
Seriously, you’ll look so put together, even on the most chaotic of days.

Watch the rest of the episode HERE for more ways to style your closet - and the staple items you don’t want to miss this season.

Love our outfits? Re-create them yourself with the links below!


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Brittany: Hi friends! Welcome to the Life with Loverly podcast. I'm Brittany, a wife, mom, and lifestyle entrepreneur here to help you discover your best daily style and encourage you to try new things when getting dressed each day, I took a tiny following on social media and turned it into a community of over 1 million amazing women, and I am so glad you're here. I'll be sharing my heart with you beyond the 15 seconds on Instagram. So we'll be diving into things like personal growth, friendships, motherhood, marriage, and of course the business of blogging. Really, this space is here to serve as your go-to resource to building a life you adore while sprinkling some kindness to others along the way. Grab an iced coffee and let's do life together. I'm Brittany, and this is The Life with Loverly podcast.


Brittany: Hi friends! Welcome back to today's episode of Life with Loverly. Today we are going to be diving into all things styling!


Nichelle: I mean, right up your alley.


Brittany: Exactly.


Nichelle: Yeah, it's one of our favorite things to do and I know you actually putting pieces together, that's something you're super passionate about. This is where your passion lies with Loverly Grey. So I'm very excited to dive into this one and I'm sure that you guys are too. So we're going to cover a few things today, how to shop your own closet, staple items you must have, and styling guidelines for each of these outfit ideas. And of course, I guess we'll talk a little bit about how I'm recreating my wardrobe from my new boobies.


Brittany: Yes. I think people really want to know about that too.


Nichelle: So interesting. I'm still learning, but we'll get


Brittany: Into that. I know, right? Well, by the time you guys are listening to this, we will be on a team retreat. At the beach. Cannot wait. It's going to be so much fun to just relax with the team and be in the sand and all the things. So I can't wait to give a recap of that once we get back.


Nichelle: I know. And you're about to pack for Disney.


Brittany: I know. I have got so much to do, but the girls are doing swimming lessons this weekend. My father-in-law is in town. It's just like, why do things like simple before a big trip?


Nichelle: Do you think simple is kind of the theme?


Brittany: That's kind of my life theme.


Nichelle: Yeah. It's just how it goes.


Brittany: I know, but you guys have anything going on? Wait, Maddie has prom this weekend. She does!


Nichelle: Yeah. She has prom. We did nails already getting her last coat of tanner on tonight. Yeah. And then we're doing pictures before it, they were trying to not have parents come take pictures. I'm like, who does that?


Brittany: You're like, "you guys. I'm a professional photographer."


Nichelle: Seriously!


Brittany: " I will be there. "


Nichelle: So the guy she's going with is actually a neighbor of ours and he's so precious. I love him. I wish they would get married one day, but


Brittany: You never know. You heard it here first if it happens.


Nichelle: Exactly. So they were talking and she's like, my mom wants to come take pictures when we're in downtown Braselton. You know what time? And he's like, no, Nichelle, No pictures! And I was like, yes, Desmond. We're taking pictures. And she goes, if you want somebody to take good pictures, we're getting my mom here Okay?


Brittany: Yes ma'am. She knows what's up. Yeah. Okay. What is the brand of the tanner that you're using on her? Do you remember?


Nichelle: It's something Bondi, It's Australian.


Brittany: Okay.


Nichelle: I cannot remember it, but I would say it's very, very similar to Loving Tan. It has the same base that olive bass, so it actually worked really well on her. I'll have to find it and link it because if you are fair-skinned with pink undertones, I was shocked at how well it did.


Brittany: Okay. Yeah, I know. We were talking about it the other day and you were like, okay, this is actually a really great sunless tanner for her.


Nichelle: Yes, yes.


Brittany: Yeah. You'll have to keep us posted and let us know. I can't wait to, I'm going to be like, "okay, send me photos."


Nichelle: I'm going to be like "I'm over here crying."


Brittany: Yeah, I know. I'll come over for emotional support afterwards.


Nichelle: Exactly.


Brittany: That is so crazy.


Nichelle: Okay, so we want to start with shopping your own closet. I know that this is something that you always tell your followers. Shop your own closet first before you feel like you have to go out and buy something. Tell us a little bit about shopping your closet. I know it looks different a little bit for you.

But what do you recommend?


Brittany: It's so important to. It's so easy to get lost on Instagram in this like buy, buy, buy mentality. I mean, my job is to style outfits for people. So the volume of clothes I have is just crazy compared to what an average consumer should have. And then I know that gets overwhelming for people sometimes or it's like, okay, well I need more, I need more. Cause that's just kind of like our society right now.


Nichelle: Heard that.


Brittany: Really you probably have so many amazing pieces in your closet that get pushed to the back or you forget about or you buy because it's like, oh, I'm going to wear that. Once the weather gets warmer, the weather's warmer, you've forgotten about it. So I always try to encourage people to shop what you have in your closet and take inspiration from what you are seeing online or magazines or Pinterest or wherever you're getting your inspiration from. Before I was an influencer, I used to look on Pinterest all the time and spend time in my closet just putting outfits together, being like, I have something similar to that. How can I recreate what I already have to make it work for me? And so that is something everybody should absolutely still do. I think one thing that's really important, you need a little bit of time.


The way that you can set yourself up for success in shopping your closet and creating some outfits that are sort of fail safe outfits. You need some time to go in your closet and inventory what you have and then maybe you put a few outfits together. So on those mornings when you're running late or you don't have anything to wear, you know you have those fail safe options that's already created in your mind. You can even stack them together if you want. And that can be what you grab for and then you can switch it out with accessories or different shoes or different bags and make the outfit look a little bit different. But it does take a little bit of preparation, but once you've done that prep work, it's going to set you up for success to be able to continue re-wearing like what's in your closet.


Nichelle: Yeah, I love that. That's something that I truly I think need to do now is go through everything in my closet, just spend an hour or two trying everything back on to see what works, but then it'll also help me put these pieces back together again. I do love that. I do love finding a piece that I've had for two years and I'm like, I haven't worn this in a minute. Let me see what it'll go well with that I have now. You know?


Brittany: Totally. I think it's sometimes I feel like when my kids go to bed and maybe Chris is out to dinner with guys or away, that's a great time to turn on some music, pour a glass of wine and just kind of go through an inventory, put your audio book in. Exactly. So much can happen when you're busy listening to your favorite novel, you can kind of make it fun! I remember finding so much inspiration and creating when I was just like, it was no pressure. It was just like if these outfits work, they work. But I would always come up with things that I'm like, heck yeah, little did you know, just made six to ten outfits that you've got for the next month to wear and rewear. So it does 

take a little bit of effort and time, but it would be really, really worth it.


When I go into my closet, the first few things that I'm always like, what should I look for? It kind of depends on what the weather is or what the day is like, but I feel like I always go for a dress I love. It's one piece. Love. Yeah, a maxi dress. It's easy. It's a one piece outfit. So you don't have to think of, oh, do I have the top? Is that clean I that's skirts, I don't like that or whatever. So that's my first thing would be having a few dresses that you really like if you're a dress person and then pieces that you can layer with. So maybe you have a dress, but it's a little bit chilly having a good denim jacket or a cardigan that you can wear, but then later take off. And then also just a great pair of jeans knowing that, okay, if I'm going to put these jeans on, here are three or four shirts that I already have that I know look great with it. I can add a necklace, I can put on a statement, a pair of statement earrings, which I feel like is a must have.


Nichelle: Yes. I think that we add that to what we're about to get into.


Brittany: I know, I do too. But I think just setting yourself up for success when you're going into your closet to get ready and just making sure you what is in there is a great place to start.


Nichelle: Yeah, agree. So that right there is going to lead us into our next discussion. So you mentioned a couple of pieces that we actually talk about a lot with being staple items for your closet. So tell us a little bit about some of these staples that you highly recommend for everybody's closet that can last year round.


Brittany: Okay. I think the outfit I'm currently wearing is a bunch of staples!


Nichelle: All staple pieces!


Brittany: For those of you watching on YouTube, you'll be able to see what I'm talking about. But I've got on a white linen blazer, which I think is more of a warm weather staple, but having a blazer in general is an absolute must have. You can do so much with them. It elevates a look. I have on just a grey t-shirt, tank, you could put a blazer on over a graphic tee, a plain white tee, layer it over a dress. They can be for work for meeting a friend for lunch, but you just want to be elevated. We're going to get into some mom looks and ways to elevate your mom look. But adding a blazer when you go out and run your errands, and I'm talking not a stuffy blazer, something comfortable you can wear all day and move around in. And there's so many great lightweight options out there right now.

We're going to share a few links in the show notes so you guys will be able to see what we're talking about. But absolutely a blazer. I think having good pair of jeans for summer, definitely a great pair of white jeans. We love the Mother denim white kick crop. They are an investment, but I would say those are my most worn denim. You guys heard us rave about them in the last episode and then also another just pair of blue denim or black denim. I think having one of each that is going to be, these are the three main genes that I'm always going to pull through.


Nichelle: And you would suggest not destroyed, right? Because you want to have more of a professional pair just in case.


Brittany: Yes. So I think if you like a distressed pair of denim, absolutely. If that's something that is appropriate for your line of work or if you're just looking for a chic mom outfit and you want a little bit of distressing, absolutely. I have plenty of those on hand too. But I do think it's important to have a non-distressed pair that you can dress up or wear on a casual day in the office. That is absolutely a must have. Some places I love for denim that I would say is a little bit more affordable would be Abercrombie MadeWell even we've had a lot of success with Free Assembly and Scoop brands at Walmart for sure. So I would say those are some great places to look. And then having a great white tee is absolutely a closet stable. You can do so much by wearing it with shorts, styling it with a skirt, putting it on with your denim and throwing a blazer and some great little gold chains and a cute bag and shoes and you're out the door and you look elevated it put together and you have a really great one that they carry year over year. J Crew Factory makes this amazing thinner vintage tee, I think it's the featherweight, and it's just got a great V that's not too revealing. It washes really well. It's like a great length. It's a little longer, but it's perfect for a front tuck situation. So I love that tee. Actually, the top that I'm wearing right now, it's kind of a thicker tank and it's from Topshop at Nordstrom and I've had it for probably four or five years, and it's awesome. They have it just they keep having it over and over. Yeah, this is another amazing one I would definitely recommend. So having some really solid basics that you can use is layering some kind of fun staples that I recommend having. I love a good mini skirt. I think something, this is where you can bring some print in.

I think it's great to have a solid option, but you can, there's some great florals. You can do a lot with that by just with your plain white tee or a white cami, which is another staple I would say. Yeah. I also love having a go-to long sleeve maxi dress or just sleeved maxi dress. Something with a sleeve that's like a midi-er maxi length. I do that is what if I'm like, "I don't have anything to wear today." I've got a few that I'm like, well here we go. Adding a chunky belt to kind of break up your thicker sweater that could be a little bit hard to tuck in if you don't have a focal point, which is where a thicker belt would come in. And so it kind of breaks the outfit up. So now you're seeing three pieces that come together instead of two pieces that look like it's missing something.


Nichelle: I also feel like that gives you your waist.


Brittany: Exactly. Because if you're wearing a chunk of your sweater, you're going to need something to pull it in. But then in the summertime doing a tank, layering a denim jacket with a great sandal and that same skirt is the perfect way to reuse some of the pieces over and over. I also really love layering, so I'm a big fan of layering a shirt over a dress. So maybe we've got a dress that's got a spaghetti strap, we're going into the winter, but it's a print that works in cooler months as well. Layering over a sweater or a long sleeve top, but then using a belt to cinch that all in and hold it in place. This kind of goes back to spending a little bit of time in your closet creating these outfits. Once you see the inspiration on my Instagram, actually trying it for yourself and figuring out, okay, how can I make this work for me so that you're not on the day of you're like, "well Loverly Grey did this and it's not working for me!" But maybe you have a different belt that you need to try out or something like that. I also think just having a denim jacket can add so much to some of these staple pieces too.


Nichelle: So much. Just so much. So I think if you guys can tell, having these staple pieces in your closet is going to help you start with any outfit at any point. I think those are the pieces that you can pull and rely on constantly and then build your outfit from there, wouldn't you say?


Brittany: Absolutely. Yeah. And even looking at some of my work wear posts that we do, a lot of them start with, okay, there's a blazer of some color or print. There's a cami or a white button down that's under it, and then where can we change out our bottoms? So it's like we're building with the same pieces and then we're just rotating certain colors or pants styles or whatnot. So you probably have a lot of these items. You just need to figure out how to rework them for what you're looking for.


Nichelle: For sure. So one thing that I think is super fun that you do, and I know you have a lot of fun doing it, but a lot of people kind of go "skirt" whenever it happens is mixing prints.


Brittany: Oh my goodness.


Nichelle: Tell me a little bit about that and how it started.


Brittany: I love mixing prints and patterns and colors. I feel like this started when I was in high school and then once I got my corporate job, I just was like, okay, I wanted to wear things that weren't just plain black or navy suit. We had to wear business professional attire, which always meant a blazer. You had to look put together going to client meetings. But I was like, how can I make this fun? So I would get a striped skirt and do a floral top and I would always try to find something. So if I did a navy and white striped skirt, I would always try to find a top that was maybe floral that had a hint of navy in it or something that would coordinate with the bottom print. It's usually mixing some type of stripe or some type of plaid print, something that's got lines to it and then mixing that with a floral print.

So it's some straight lines and then there's some abstract going on and those tend to go together really well. I think keeping within the same color, maybe having something neutral and then something bright to pair together. It also, it's kind of hard to explain without being able to show you guys, here's why this would work and this would work. But I think this is something that takes a little bit of confidence. You're going to have to step out of your comfort zone and put these type of looks together. But I promise you I, you'll receive so many compliments when you try and you are confident about what you've done. I get messages all the time from people that are like, "I wasn't sure about this, but I tried it and I received so many compliments just like that this outfit looked so fun and put together."

And once you hear one compliment, you're beaming for the rest of the day and then you feel even more confident to try it again or try it with something else. So I think don't be afraid to give it a shot because you never know that might become your favorite outfit and that might push you in a direction of stepping out of your comfort zone more often. And at the end of the day, what we're here to do is help you feel good in what you're wearing. So I think that's just a fun way. Over the years, mixing prints and patterns has been, we've been able to do that.


Nichelle: So I have two more questions when it comes to this cause I know that you were asked this a lot. So when it comes to certain types of pieces that you wear, your ankle fit crop denim, Abercrombie, a lot of people are really curious what kind of shoes to wear with straight leg jeans. Do you have any advice?


Brittany: So I, I guess it depends on where you live. A lot of the styling that we're doing is, I live in Georgia, the weather is pretty mild, so I feel like a lot more open ankle type shoes. So for example, I think I like to do a heel. I just love the way, it just kind of elevates me a little bit. I'm 5'5, A lot of people always think I'm much taller than that but I'm usually always wearing some type of heel. I think doing a pump is a great something that's still going to show your ankle. I think if you did it with a booty, just making sure that it was a ankle booty and that there's enough space, all you really need is two inches between the bottom of your denim and the top of the booty if you're wearing them in the winter. But I think mules, slides, sandals, you can really wear any shoes with them. And then if you were going to try to cover your ankle, I would just wear a boot that comes up a little higher that the straight would then go over the top of


Nichelle: And you would suggest a booty that is more fitted around the ankle or something like that. Right? Than a loose Cause I know, I just imagine, I don't know, let's say a cow girl boot. Yeah. Or something. You don't want something with that I guess thickness.


Brittany: Yes. Because then that kind of just keeps it wide and you want it to, the ankle kind of thins it out Exactly. And then goes to your shoes, Yeah, absolutely. Sneakers is probably the way that I wear it the most with a Golden Goose or some type of just casual, everyday sneaker. But you can do a lot with them.


Nichelle: One thing that I have learned to do, because I'm not scared to cut something,


Brittany: Same.


Nichelle: That if you find a pair of denim that you are in love with and you have multiple pair, maybe you have one that is going to be for winter or fall that you wear booties with and you just cut the couple inches that you need off of them.


Brittany: Exactly. I have a pair of Abercrombie that I'm like, these are the ones I'm going to wear with my booties. Yes. I need them to be a little shorter than the ones that I wear with my heels or sandals. And when Abercrombie does a sale that's like 25% off or their denim goes on crazy sale, it's a great time to grab two pairs of those jeans. Especially if you've tried them before you really like them and then you can make it work to where you have the one that works with your booties and the one that works with your sandals or heels or more summery type shoes.


Nichelle: Yeah.


Brittany: I oftentimes will cut the strings off. If you've been following me on Instagram, you guys know I do not do the little strings that have no purpose that just hang off of blouses or dresses.


Nichelle: Unnecessary.


Brittany: Especially if you would never actually tie it. I kind of think the strings cheapen the outfit or the tops and so it's a such a quick cut that then you have this beautiful neckline now. And so don't be afraid to change. If you love the top, you love the print, but you're like, oh, I hate strings. Okay, well we can still make this work.


Nichelle: It was a running joke for a long time because we had a drawer full of strings. We just were like, let's just see how many we can accumulate. It's full when we moved.


Brittany: I know I don't love the strings if I have the strings left on because sometimes I leave it on to show people that, hey, this is coming with the strings, but then I'm going to cut it off. I'll get messages that, "are you okay? The strings are still on that shirt." And I'm like, I know, but I need people to see they're getting strings.


Nichelle: Your people know!


Brittany: I'm going to cut it off to wear it actually.


Nichelle: That's funny. With jewelry, we kind of touched on this a second ago. Little statement earring is a necessity.


Brittany: Absolutely.


Nichelle: Neutral, Something fun.


Brittany: And even bright colors depending on the time of year. I think you, I have different jewelry for different times of year, but the rafia, the pearls are really popular right now. A chunkier white gold Anthropologie is somewhere, I always look at their statement earrings if I'm just wanting to buy something, but I've got some really solid pieces in my closet. I will look at Anthropologie, or BaubleBar, Target also has some really great statement earrings out right now and just invest in a good pair of statement earrings. And you will be surprised at how often you are wearing them. And it just elevates your outfit. You could be in a simple t-shirt, your favorite tee, pair of jeans and some slides and then you put on a great earring.


Nichelle: I feel like it brings the attention up too.


Brittany: People are Like, exactly, those are so cute.


Nichelle: And then it's like, oh wow. She put together herself together and has a great jewelry on. I think it's all about simple ways to just level up what you're comfortable in. So finding great earrings. I think having, I always just wear a simple necklace. I don't do a ton of chunky necklaces. That was definitely circa 2010.


Brittany: Yeah, we were all about that. I, and if I find a great necklace, I'm all about it. Or if the outfit needs a necklace that's a little bit longer. Absolutely. But every day I just wear a thin little diamond necklace. I did a collaboration with the SISs kiss a few years ago and this five stone diamond necklace is one of my favorites. I literally never take it off and I feel like it just is part of me almost. It's


Nichelle: So classic. Yeah, it's timeless. That's the other thing.


Brittany: And then having a great stack of bracelets is another way to just level up your look. I really love the Millie B bracelets. They're kind of like these, I don't even know what is,


Nichelle: I don't know what the material is. Yeah, but they're great and sturdy.


Brittany: Yes!


Nichelle: Oh yeah. You can mix so many of them together. They're very fun.


Brittany: I think just having a great stack that you can wear every day. Just another, again, way to just level up your look.


Nichelle: Absolutely. Absolutely.


Brittany: Okay. Let's hear from Nichelle on how she's dressing her new boobies. I'm still just really excited for you to try the adhesive bra.


Nichelle: So I did this morning. I did and nothing happened. It was great.


Brittany: What did you think? Are you wearing it right now?


Nichelle: No. It was sitting there and I woke up at three this morning and didn't quite go bed. So I had time when I got ready and I was like just sitting there. Let me just try it and it fits so great. It's so fun.


Brittany: Is this the first time you've ever attempted one?


Nichelle: Yes.


Brittany: Okay. So what did you think when you took it off?


Nichelle: I was like, nipples, please don't come off.


Brittany: Okay. So guys, this is probably the best thing. It is this strapless bra that is adhesive and you literally just stick it onto your boobs. It has a little clasp if you want to create some cleavage, but this is the only strapless bra that I wear. So it's backless.


Nichelle: It doesn't have the adhesive here because some of them are backless and they have this adhesive under, this one feels so much more secure.


Brittany: I mean it's like you're good. Yeah, it does. And you wash it, you literally wash it in the sink with soap and water and then you can put it back on the next day once it dries. And so you can rewear it. I would say in summer months you probably need to, yeah, it only lasts a month.


Nichelle: You're going to get a little hot In the summer...


Brittany: And if it's not super sticky it will kind of slide. So if you're going to be at an outdoor wedding, you need to make sure you got a new one on. Yeah. But they're like 18 or $20.


Nichelle: They're 18 bucks, I just bought another one for Madi.


Brittany: Yeah. And it is if you take away, well, I hope you take away a lot of things from this podcast, but definitely buy that as well.


Nichelle: Yeah, because it is so good and I think people are probably going to ask also, does it have support? So it doesn't have necessarily support. What it will do is once you adhere it onto your boobs, you snap it and it brings them together and I think it just kind of gives it a little lift because if you put them on correctly, you're almost going under your boob.


Brittany: Yeah. It's like it pushes up, up and then the clasp together.


Nichelle: Yes. And I was afraid it wouldn't fit. I was like, oh, this looks small and it actually fits in the right place to where you won't have lines. Yeah.


Brittany: Did you do the D or the double D?


Nichelle: I ended up getting the double D. Okay. So I'm very covered.


Brittany: And I would say they fit true to size, but if you want to make sure you have more coverage, then size up. Yeah, I'm a true B and I 

have the B size and I feel like it's perfect. But when I was nursing and my boobs were just bigger during pregnancy, I size up to the sea and definitely felt it worked great too.


Nichelle: Yeah. I just didn't know what size I was going to end up, so I was like, it's better to be a little bit bigger.


Brittany: For sure. For sure. Okay, so I'm so glad you've tried that because I now can't wait to see all the outfits you're going to wear now that you have this great strap straw.


Nichelle: I can't wait for a retreat because I have some plans.


Brittany: Yeah, Nichelle's going to step out on 30A looking like a snack.


Nichelle: Literally backless? Here we come!


Brittany: Okay. So speaking of, what's the number one outfit that you can wear now that you couldn't wear before?


Nichelle: A wireless bra. I don't mean to sound outfit, but I still am just dumbfounded right now. So I would say there are a lot of dresses that I'm finding that Okay. I just ordered a couple of dresses from Abercrombie and first of all, I've never ordered anything that I can't wear a bra with because I have to. And this has the cutouts underneath and everything. And I was like, I can wear this now. I bought it and it was actually kind of loose.


Brittany: And you're like, ah


Nichelle: Yes. I'm like, do I size down? What? And then just a lot of dresses, a lot of tops. I'm finding all those pop. What are peplum tops that I wore last year? Yeah. I looked wider because my boobs brought everything out and now it just looks right.


Brittany: Yeah, I feel like just the confidence that you've walked into the office having, and for those of you that are maybe like, listen, this is your first podcast that you're listening to. Nichelle recently had a breast reduction and she went from a size H cup to now is like a D, DD. So it's a completely different outfit. Yeah, vibe.


Nichelle: Hot. Yeah.


Brittany: H as in Hi.


Nichelle: Hi!! Yeah!


Brittany: Literally! Okay. So have you been having to buy a lot of new clothes or how are your clothes fitting?


Nichelle: I will say come winter, I'm probably going to have to find a new few new pieces. Some of the dresses I currently have, if they were fitting with larger breasts, they're a lot looser now, so it looks just looks weird, you know what I mean? Because they're saggy and stuff. So we're going into spring and summer, so I'm going to focus on that. I am having to buy a lot of new tops. I'm down to my closet has this many that I can wear this season. So I'm currently looking for tops that I can wear. I'm a dress girl too in the summer and so I find myself attracted to so many dresses, so I haven't even gotten to the top situation.


Brittany: Oh my Gosh. Well and I feel like it's so great working here because you get to see so many options. That's part of our job is just constantly looking at clothes and so you're now able to be like, oh, that would actually potentially work for me.


Nichelle: This morning when I woke up, I was trying to get tired again, but I was scrolling for swimsuits.


Brittany: Yeah, yeah. Because that's going to be a whole different look on you now, too.


Nichelle: I'm able to look at swimsuits totally different now, right? It's insane.


Brittany: I remember last year there you were looking at some of a different brand that you were like, I can't even consider the airy bathing suits because my boobs don't fit in that. And so this year I feel like you just have so many options


Nichelle: Now. I know. And I got the green swimsuit that you have. I got it in hot pink and I was able to get a large. Wow, that's awesome. Cause the extra large was just sagging right there. Yeah, it's insane.


Brittany: So I guess if you had to do the surgery over again...


Nichelle: 1000%.


Brittany: Yeah.


Nichelle: 12 times. Yes.


Brittany: So good!


Nichelle: A lot of people have been asking that because I don't show up on social media, but I did share a lot of that because people had asked about it and people are still checking in. How are you doing? Tell us how you're doing. Would you do it again? Was it painful? And I'm like, honestly, it was a blip on the radar.


Brittany: Totally,


Nichelle: Yes. I can think of times that I was like, Ooh, I'm sore, but would totally do it. Yeah. 10 times over.


Brittany: Gosh, I love that. Yeah. I'm so excited to see the warm weather outfits.


Nichelle: Summers coming!


Brittany: Get excited! Oh my gosh. Yeah, that's great.


Nichelle: You put a question box up a while back and we asked some people to give some of the things they really want to know. We get this a lot. Okay, wedding guest dresses, go-to travel outfits, bachelorette party weekends. So I wanted to dive into a few of these. Right now we have a lot of bachelorettes out there that are, or they're having bachelorette parties and they're wanting to know what to wear to go to one or if they're the bride, what they should be wearing. So tell us a little bit about your opinion on this.


Brittany: Love a good bachelorette party and I really try to, if I'm doing a reel or if I'm sharing outfits to be like, Hey, if you're going on a bachelorette and you're like a friend of the bride, grab this. So make sure you're watching Instagram stories. Cause I do try to notate, this would be great for a bride for bachelorette parties. I think for brides it's a great time to wear white. There's so many awesome white pieces and white is not just only for bride. So if you're not even in the bath wedding timeframe, still please wear the white. White is beautiful to wear. Oh yeah. But I think there's just so many great pieces out there for brides right now that you can wear for a shower on your bachelorette party and then again on your honeymoons so you can really repurpose these white outfits or maybe solid white isn't your style, kind of looking at some other bridal options. But I think it's great to, I love seeing a bachelorette party that the bride is in all white and the friends are in other colors and it's just kind of, she stands out, this is your time to be celebrated. As far as the people attending the bachelorette party, I think doing themes of everybody's wearing hot pink one night. There's so many good hot pink dresses out there right now.


Nichelle: So many.


Brittany: We shared a few recently with our Taylor Swift outfit ideas and as we're doing that we're like, this would be so cute for a bachelorette party. I need to tell people to get this one shoulder dress. I think just knowing, being comfortable, a lot of times being on bachelorette party, there's a lot of things happening, so you want to be in pieces that are comfortable that you can dress up or dress down. And then cute bathing suits. I think there's a lot that come in white and then black, that's always cute to do with everybody wearing matching bathing suits. Yes. I mean you could go, there's so many different routes to go with a bachelorette party, but I would say just making sure that the bride is the one standing out and then wearing things that are comfortable. Good shoes that you can have a great time for a full weekend.


Nichelle: No, that's fun. So wedding guest dresses are a top request constantly.


Brittany: I feel like we are constantly making, creating content for wedding guest dresses and I mean there are so many options out there and so many different style of weddings. I would say for me, if I am attending a wedding, we have a wedding coming up in June and so I start with, okay, what do I already have in my closet? I can maybe repurpose, maybe I wore something to a gala or a nicer event. Could I rewear that? Is it appropriate for the wedding that I'm going to? I would start there because you could always, again, switch it up with a different type of earring, add a different clutch. Having just a great black long dress is always something I recommend having in your closet. But maybe when I try something new in my mind I always go like dressier. Yeah. I don't know the last time I wore a short dress to a wedding.


I'm not saying that you can't, if you love short dresses then by all means, but for some reason I think midi or maxi length just is what I prefer best. So that's kind of where I start. I've had some really great luck with wedding guest dresses from Dillard's and from asos. They, ASOS especially has an amazing return policy so you can try a few things and then send it back free shipping and it's super easy to do and it's unique. Those are usually where you can try something a little bit more fun, but it's pieces that you'll be really comfortable in. Obviously having a great neutral shoe that is comfortable that you can wear over and over. Sam Edelman has a great strappy sandal even Express with the clear heel. Yeah, clear overtop is a great wedding guest. That's one of the first things Express is another great place to look for wedding guest dress as well. But I tend to do something a little bit more flowy. And again, you never want to wear white to a wedding or any form of white. You don't ever want to show up the bride. It's funny, I remember somebody wore white to my wedding and I was just kind of like, I'm so confused. But it was an older guest and so I think sometimes people think because it's a wedding we need to wear white.


Nichelle: Interesting.


Brittany: But that is like do not wear white, hear me when I say!


Nichelle: I think we had somebody ask, there was a two piece jumpsuit that was pale pink and cream and we were like, that's kind of teetering on..I would stay away from that.


Brittany: I would not. I think if anything that's more bridal that is more for the bride to wear on her brunch.


Nichelle: Yes.


Brittany: Before the wedding or something else. I would just steer away from any part of solid white. I do think there is, if there's white in the back of a dress and it's got a heavy print over it, but there is some white in it that could work. But at the end of the day, playing it safe and just steering clear of white is probably the best way to go.


Nichelle: Agree. I love that.

So traveling, you're about to do a lot of that and travel, I would say. Where is something that I know you love too.


Brittany: Yeah.


Nichelle: So what are your go-to pieces whenever you're traveling? I guess you could say car versus flying.


Brittany: So this is kind of a topic for discussion. I feel like people are very passionate about this, but I love a jumpsuit to travel in and the feedback I get sometimes that's like, I can't believe you would wear a jumpsuit to travel and go to the bathroom in a airplane and have to pull a jumpsuit all the way down. And I'm like, it just doesn't bother me.


Nichelle: It just probably because uou pee three times a day.


Brittany: It is what it is, yeah, maybe I should consume more water, but I wouldn't suggest a jumpsuit if I was traveling with kids.


Nichelle: True.


Brittany: Because that makes your bathroom experience a lot harder.


Nichelle: You have less hands to work with.


Brittany: And my kids are always like, are you done yet? Halfway out the door and I'm like, I don't need to be sitting there naked and my kid's running out. So I agree. I think there's a time and a place, but I love, Spanx has some great travel outfits. Their jumpsuit is awesome. The two piece, Air Essentials, cropped pant and sweatshirt is great. I think just wearing clothes that are super comfortable. I do like Target has some great more air tech kind of pant material. Yes. Doing a denim jacket. I always suggest some type of sweater or denim jacket because you never know if you're going to get cold or hot or then being able to take your jacket off and you're at your warm destination and you've got your tank on underneath and thinner pants bringing a pair of sandals into your carry-on bags so you can switch out your shoes depending on where you're going. But I would just say for travel, comfort is key. I mean if you want to wear bike shorts and an oversized t-shirt for the car, by all means wear what you feel comfortable in. But a two piece set is always a great way to level up your travel look.


Nichelle: Yeah, I've learned that over the years because I used to get dressed and be to go once I hit the ground and I was like, I'm too old for this. No, I want to be comfortable.


Brittany: And honestly, I used to wear makeup, hair, all the things. And then when we had to wear masks to travel, I was like, I'm not wearing makeup. And then since then I feel like I rarely wear makeup to travel. And then that way I can start with a clean face, wash my face, whatever, and then do fresh makeup at the destination and it makes it so much easier.


Nichelle: Well that is it guys. We have had so much fun chatting about this.


Brittany: I can't wait to see what you guys put together in your outfits. Please send me photos, tag me. I absolutely love receiving pictures! And then if you have any questions about what to wear, always feel free to send us a message on Instagram. So much fun. I feel like I could go on and on talking about outfits.


Nichelle: We could! That's why we had to put it down. We had to nail it down to a certain few things. Guys, please don't miss an episode. Go to YouTube and subscribe so you never miss an episode. We've had so much fun. Hope you enjoyed it too!!


Brittany: Thanks you guys! We'll see you next week!


Brittany: Hi friend! If you're loving the show, will you go find that follow button on your podcast app? This will ensure that you won't miss 

a single episode. I love having you in this community. Until next time!


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