May 02, 2023

54. We’re Back! Life Updates & Boob Things + Clothes, Books & TV Shows We’re Loving

54. We’re Back! Life Updates & Boob Things + Clothes, Books & TV Shows We’re Loving



Cue the Oprah level of excitement from our team that Life with Loverly is back for Season 5!

(There’s an episode for you, and for you, and you!)

But, seriously - Nichelle and I have missed you guys! And we are back + bigger than ever.

Well, except, Nichelle is back and actually smaller than ever. Missed the news?! See, we DO have a lot to catch up.

(Here’s a little spoiler then: During our break, Nichelle had a life-changing breast reduction surgery. But we’ll get to that more in a bit.) 


With Season 5, we wanted to bring you more content, more resources, and more behind the scenes. And what better way to do this than add a VIDEO element?!

Check out the episodes now on YOUTUBE to see what we’re wearing, how we’re styling, and what the new office space looks like! 


Today, we wanted to catch up with YOU - so in this episode we are bringing you some life updates, along with what we are WEARING, READING, and WATCHING.

Let’s break down what we are chatting about in this episode, and then we’ll break down what we’re wearing.


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        If you follow along on socials, you KNOW our team is all about a good read. So, doesn’t it sort of make sense to create a book club down the road?! Tune into the episode to hear our thoughts on this and what we are planning to bring to YOU.

        Now onto what we’re wearing!




        You also heard us mention our builders and studio designer! Can’t recommend them both enough in you’re in the area!

        Schmidt + Satterfield Construction

        Rachel Webb Designs


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        Brittany: Hi friends! Welcome to the Live with Loverly podcast. I'm Brittany, a wife, mom, and lifestyle entrepreneur here to help you discover your best daily style and encourage you to try new things When getting dressed each day, I took a tiny following on social media and turned it into a community of over 1 million amazing women and I am so glad you're here. I'll be sharing my heart with you beyond the 15 seconds on Instagram. So we'll be diving into things like personal growth, friendships, motherhood, marriage, and of course the business of blogging. Really, this space is here to serve as your go-to resource to building a life you adore while sprinkling some kindness to others along the way. Grab an iced coffee and let's do life together. I'm Brittany and this is The Life with Loverly podcast.


        Brittany: Hi friends! Welcome back to Season 5 of the Life with Loverly podcast. So excited to be back with Nichelle.


        Nichelle: Hi!


        Brittany: We are coming to you live from a brand new studio.


        Nichelle: We are, it's gorgeous guys.


        Brittany: I know. You guys can actually watch this on YouTube and see where we're sitting and what we're talking about and we will also be showing some more of the behind the scenes of our office on our Instagram account at Life with Loverly. But how are you? I'm so happy to be back in a new season.


        Nichelle: It feels so good to be back. I feel like we probably got to get a couple of episodes under our belt to feel it again cause it's been a couple months, but it's going to feel really good once we get started.


        Brittany: Yeah


        Nichelle: I am so excited to be in this space. It feels like it was always meant to be here.


        Brittany: I know, and it's so pretty. The walls are pink, the, we've got wallpaper, we've got these great chairs that we're sitting in now. We've got a whole production team happening here. We've got some really fun new mics this season that have, we got lots of logo stuff going on, which feels like we're official now that we're on season five.


        Nichelle: It really does. I really wish that you guys could see behind the scenes right now. It is so funny


        Brittany: I know. We need to take a phone and go this way.


        Nichelle: Lights, camera, lights, camera.


        Brittany: Truly. But we're so excited to be back. We've got a lot of really awesome topics that we're going to be covering this season. This season is also doesn't have an end date, which I am very excited about. So we're hoping to just offer the podcast all throughout the summer. So we've got some really great topics that we're going to share. We figured now is a great time to bring up some of these conversations that you guys have asked us, guests that y'all have wanted us to have on the podcast. You are going to get that this season, so it's going to be awesome.


        Nichelle: You asked for more, so here we are.


        Brittany: Yeah, we are doing the most.


        Nichelle: So tell us, tell everybody what's been going on since the end of last season.


        Brittany: Oh my goodness, you guys, I feel like it has been a whirlwind the last four months that we have been off of the podcast. We moved into a new office space and it is unbelievable.


        Nichelle: It's so good. I love the feeling of it. We loved our little house. We really did love our little house. It was so homey. We would wear slippers around, but I do feel like this is just leveled up. It's corporate job vibes. You come in kind of dress a little more elevated because you want to hit the ground running. It feels so good to feel like work. I love that.


        Brittany: And there's just more space. We've got room to grow here. We've, we've hired new employees, we've got more people in the building with us. Chris has an office here, so he does, he's here with us a few days a week, which is kind of fun. But the space is so great. We are finalizing all the decorations and then we're going to do a little tour for you guys so you can see where we work every day. We've, it's been a long process


        Nichelle: It has, I think it's just because it's a different vibe because we were in a house and we were able to make it feel homey. Whereas here we're working with very, we're working with concrete floors and white walls and very more modern lines, and so it's just taken a little bit more time to I guess make it right for us.


        Brittany: But I will say, so I'm going to give a shout out to a few people really fast, but we started this build process in August and Schmidt and Satterfield were our builders. They are local here in Athens and they were amazing.


        Nichelle: 10 out of 10 recommend.


        Brittany: They came in before schedule. We were moving in, which was kind of unheard of.


        Nichelle: It really was.


        Brittany: But the whole process with them was amazing. They do some commercial buildouts, but they also mostly do a lot of custom homes and renovations and things like that. So if you're in the Athens area looking for a builder, highly recommend. Taylor and Preston are amazing. And then for our design, we worked with my friend Rachel Webb. She is an interior designer here in Athens and she helped us with all of the layouts, with all of the design, the wallpaper, the rugs, the decor. She has done so much to bring this space to life. And she also worked hand in hand with Taylor during the process. So there were a lot of conversations she was having that just made it so easy for Nichelle and I to do our jobs and continue that and we trusted her and knew that it was going to be beautiful at the end. So just taking that pressure off was amazing. But she was so great. So if you're looking for somebody to help you with one room in your house or design an entire house, she's awesome. And she's one of my close friends, so absolutely loved working with her.


        Nichelle: She was so easy to work with. I think that's the biggest thing because you need to find somebody who works with your personality whenever you're working with a designer. She is so easy to work with and I know for me the coordinating her, doing all the coordinating was what I feel like. Bless you, Rachel. Thank you.


        Brittany: Yes. It was awesome. So we've just had stuff still getting delivered and which is why we haven't really shown a ton of behind the scenes because I've just kind of wanted it to be fully ready before we We do a big reveal. So that is coming, I promise we will get that over. So make sure you're either tuning to Loverly Grey on Instagram or Life with Loverly Cause We'll be kind of doing some cross content on both platforms. So that's kind of where January was like we were packing up the old house. Yes, we were moving into this new location, which was great. I also found out during that time that I was pregnant, which was wild because we were kind of trying, but just sort of, let's see what happens. So I was pregnant and then unfortunately I had a miscarriage the same week that we were moving into the office, which was crazy timing. I mean,


        Nichelle: Looking back at it, it was such a blur of time,


        Brittany: Such a blur


        Nichelle: Because so much was happening. I for a little bit was like, okay, are you processing this?


        Brittany: Yeah, which I wasn't. Yeah. I Mean. And we are going to do a whole episode just on the miscarriage because I think I shared a little bit about the process or what was going on right after it happened, and I was just overwhelmed with people being like, thank you for sharing about this. Now I feel like I'm not alone or you know what I mean? And I didn't realize that would be some of the feedback. So we do have an episode coming where I'm going to walk through that. I'm sure that's going to be a really emotional episode. So that was just kind of a blur. We literally, there was no heartbeat. And then the next week we're moving. I ended up having surgery the same week that we moved and then the craziest timing last year, Chris and I booked a two weeks at our house. We have a beach house down in Florida that we rent out, but in February we were like, we're just going to take two weeks, take the kids and go down there. So we booked this six months ago and it happened to be we were leaving a week after this miscarriage happened and that trip, God knew that we needed that. 


        Nichelle: 1000%


        Brittany: Was just complete renewal of our minds and just, I don't know, we'll definitely get into more of that. That's just my safe space down there and just, there's something about being at the ocean when you're recovering or just like, oh yeah, it was to


        Nichelle: Really be in your thoughts. Yeah. Safely it feels


        Brittany: Like. Exactly. So that trip was just exactly what we needed. Some of our best friends went with us for the first part of the trip and they brought their kids. So our kids just absolutely loved that. And then just the four of us in our family, we stayed down there for the second week and just had such a good family time that we hadn't really had on a trip before because usually our extended family comes with us or other people. So this was really our first time, and the kids are great ages. Collins is four, Hazel's almost three. So they just played really well. They wanted to do stuff. We weren't restricted to the house for naps. There was freedom. So it was just February ended up just being a recovery month, which at the time, if you would've asked me in the end of January, oh yeah, this is what's going to happen. I would be like, right, I don't know I'm going to handle that. Right. But it ended up being so amazing and then I come back and the office is really starting to come together. The team has been able to have a solid month of being there. We always call it the office house. It's


        Nichelle: The office house.


        Brittany: We sold the office house in March. So that was awesome. To close on that. And a new family can make that whatever they are going to do with it. I mean, we loved that house. It was such a great little season of life. It's


        Nichelle: Such a great memory to have.


        Brittany: Yeah. It's so funny because I still remember it was yesterday, Nichelle and I building a case to Chris that we should buy this house


        Nichelle: To, we were like, this is why we need the house and not an office space. Because remember when we were looking at office spaces, they were little, they weren't really like what we would've imagined. And we were like, it's just smarter. It's a smarter investment.


        Brittany: Yeah. Well and if you think about it, a lot of, I mean we're in an office now, but there's also aspects of this that I am trying to make relatable to the consumer. So if you're getting dressed in your bedroom, I kind of needed to remake that type of setup somewhere. People very visual. So we, the house felt cozy. We were able to style a living room area, giving followers inspiration, and we're able to do that now. It's just kind of got separation. Yes, a little bit, but we still have some spaces that we will be able to continue some of that styling. But it's just so great to see where we've come since those times of driving around being, it was just Nichelle and I and just we needed to hire another employee. We couldn't just continue to have people working out of the house where I lived.

        Our nanny was there with Hazel. It was just too many people in the house. And so now to see only two years later, less than two years later, we have this amazing space. I'm just proud of everything that we've accomplished and goals that we've set for ourselves. It's the sky is truly the limit. I think it is. If you can put your mind to something and you can have some people who support you and back you and want to see you succeed, you can absolutely do it. It's so fun to see those goals that we put on paper two years ago. They've all come to life. I remember sitting in my office at our house with a big whiteboard and we're on our hands and knees. We closed the doors off and we were like, we are off limits. We were like, do not come in here for anything.

        So it's just been great to see the office coming to life. And then March, I feel was a busy, I mean every month has been busy.


        Nichelle: I know the year of calm turned into the year of busy.


        Brittany: I know. I'm still manifesting the word of the year. Calm. Calm during the crazy. Yes. Because I think I just work best when my inner self is calm. It might be crazy around me as long as I can operate from a calm head space. Which haven't always, you know what I mean? That's not every day. Don't get it wrong. There's definitely some days where I'm like, yeah, we are not calm. It's crazy today.

        But I also had my first target live in March. You did. Which was so fun and so exciting. By the time you guys listened to this episode, I will actually have done a separate target live. We will leave the link for both of those in the show notes if you want to go back and watch them because there's some great styling ideas and tips and tricks that will be in both of those, some great pieces that are still available. But that was such a fun opportunity. I mean, hello, target is a dream brand to work with. And somebody that this year I've actually been doing several different paid opportunities with. Yeah, that's been a big year for a good old target. So that's been really fun. But just having that space to do something different be I do so much on Instagram and to be on a different platform on their website, it was just a really cool opportunity. So I was very thankful and that just, I think it will open doors for just some future things that we're working on and have in the work. So that's going to be exciting. So exciting. One thing that I don't want to skip over as we're going in this chronological order of this past few months, the got her boobs done.


        Nichelle: Yes, she did.


        Brittany: I mean, she did you guys,


        Nichelle: New boobs, new woman.


        Brittany: Literally. Okay. Tell us about your surgery and all the things. So when I was gone to the beach, she was recovering.


        Nichelle: Yes. We kind of timed that the best that we could. I think just being the unknown of how it was all going to pan out. But yeah, so I think I made plans to do it in February because we wanted to get through the beginning of the year, the planning of the year, we're really into making sure we set the year up properly and being in a good space with the team, being able for both of us to really leave. Yeah. I mean really check out. I know. So had the surgery at the end of February and took a week and a half off and came back. So I was the person who was living with the largest breast ever. I feel


        Brittany: Like literally from when you were in high school. She's had huge boobs.


        Nichelle: Yes.


        Brittany: Her whole life.


        Nichelle: And thank you to both of my grandmothers who supplied me with those genes. My poor mother and sister are like, why? Let me tell you, it's not all it's cracked up to be. I an, I was in an H before I had, I know, yes that exists. I was in an H before I had surgery. And I mean, I remember all the way back to my mom said I was 18. I'm like, mom, I had a double D'S in middle school. Middle school. So I have been wanting this majority of my life. It goes back to I was in bra in second grade.


        Brittany: That's crazy.


        Nichelle: I know, I know. So my entire life I was like, I don't want 'em. And people were always like, oh, I wish I had boobs. And I'm like, you don't want these, let me tell you. Yeah. So it came down to being, they took almost a thousand grams off of each one. One of 'em was a little over a thousand, one was right under a thousand grams.


        Brittany: Which was like what, three pounds each?


        Nichelle: Yeah, it was a little over six pounds. It


        Brittany: Was so crazy.


        Nichelle: Insane. Immediate weight loss.


        Brittany: Yeah.

        You're like, let's go


        Nichelle: Bye. And I went down to a D, so I'll probably end up in a D double D by the time it's all said and done, but feeling great.


        Brittany: Yeah. I feel like you have this air about you. You can just hold your shoulders back


        Nichelle: immediately after the surgery. I was just like, what is this?


        Brittany: It's like the saying, a weight lifted off your shoulder, literally


        Nichelle: Two boulders off the shoulders. A, it's so insane. This crop top that I'm wearing today, I've worn repeatedly because I'm able to wear a normal top without it just coming right under my boobs. I'm like, this is what it's like to be normal. So yeah, it is a life changing surgery for sure.


        Brittany: And she, Dr. Pittman here in Athens, did her surgery. He actually did my surgery 12 years ago.When I got implants. And he was awesome then. I feel like you had a great experience with him.


        Nichelle: I seriously, I have not been to any other plastic surgeon, but I could not recommend him and his staff more than what I have because they were amazing. And still to this day, check in on me. How are you doing? Following me on social media? Oh, that's such a good idea. I need to share that with patients! So they didn't know about the boob pillow. Oh, they had never seen that before.


        Brittany: But that was what? That was a mastectomy pillow that you used in the car?


        Nichelle: Yes. It was called a mastectomy pillow. But I used it for many things. Sleeping number one, because I didn't want my arms squished my armpits. That scar right there is probably the one that bothered me the most just because you have so much more movement than you think throughout the day under your arms. So that scar bothered me, but sleeping with it with my arms out a little bit helped sleeping with it on my side helped getting in the car because it took me several weeks to be able to drive without the seatbelt touching me. You know what I mean? So yeah, it was a lot of people are scared of the pain. But now I look back and I go, guys, it was a blip on the radar.


        Brittany: Right. And I mean, this week you'll be like eight weeks post- op and I feel like you're back to doing all the things you were be doing before.


        Nichelle: I feel a little weak because I haven't done it in a while, but I'm hanging things on the wall and I'm picking up boxes I wasn't able to before. And it's back to normal,


        Brittany: Man. Yeah, well you look great. It's been so fun to also just see the confidence that you walk in wearing an outfit that you're like, I love this. I can wear this now. And I am a proponent of do what makes you feel good. If you are self-conscious about something and there's a way to alter it and that's going to make you feel your best version of yourself, by all means. You don't need anybody's approval. No. To do something that you feel like is best for you and your body. I know Nichelle did months of research and probably actually years, really.


        Nichelle: Years. But whenever it got time to finding somebody, it was, I wanted to know everything there is to know. And in the process found out that so many other people want to know, but just they don't know where to start or they're scared. And I took that for granted too. When I shared everything online, I was really scared people were going to be clapping back, giving their opinions. And everybody 

        was so supportive.


        Brittany: Mostly, there's so many people who are like, wait, I'm in the same boat of how did you decide? What did you do?


        Nichelle: Exactly


        Brittany: So I don't know. I, I feel just the giddiness is still, you're still very, look at this. I know I can wear this now. And then we went to I'm Taryn's


        Nichelle: Oh yes.


        Brittany: Vow Renewal in Texas in that you wore that awesome strapless dress and didn't wear a bra.


        Nichelle: No.


        Brittany: And that was your first time.


        Nichelle: I remember a couple of the ladies were like, wait, how long ago was your surgery? What was it, three weeks at that time? Yeah. I was like, I'm three weeks post-op. And they were like, what?


        Brittany: I know. But it was so great. And that was so fun because I feel like that was the start of, okay, I can wear this.


        Nichelle: I get to experiment, can wear this.


        Brittany: Yes, I can wear this. And now we send screenshots back and forth to each other all the time of, Ooh, what do you think about this outfit? Yes. What do you mean about this? And there's so many things that you're sending me now that I'm like, you wouldn't have that as an option before.


        Nichelle: No. Yeah it's exciting.


        Brittany: So it's very exciting. Lots of fun changes.


        Nichelle: So speaking of clothing and trying new things, I feel like spring is such a solid season to find some really good fines when it comes to fashion. Yes. Have you had any things that you have had on repeat or maybe that you're just super loving right now?


        Brittany: Okay, well for one, these earrings that we actually both have on,


        Nichelle: I don't know what you're talking about.


        Brittany: Such a good little Target find. So they're so similar to these Anthropologie ones that I had last year and I was wearing them a few weeks ago. And a follower actually sent me a text or a DM and was like, I just bought something so similar to that at Target. And I was like, oh my gosh, really? So we've been literally stalking Target until these came out and they're finally available and they're so cute. They're really lightweight.


        Nichelle: They're very lightweight.


        Brittany: They go with everything. I think just statement earrings in general is my jam. I love a statement earring, whether it's kind of the woven or the raffia or there's so many different options, pops of color, simple gold, white. I feel like they can really spruce up an outfit too. One thing I was telling somebody recently is if you have some pieces in your closet that you feel like are kind of blah, but you are maybe not looking to invest at the time on some new pieces, getting some statement earrings can really elevate your look.


        Nichelle: I feel like it just gives you another confidence too, to your outfit. I know that the Anthropologie ones that we both found when we were in Dallas.


        Brittany: Yes!


        Nichelle: When I put those on, I think I had on a white t-shirt or blue t-shirt that day and I was just like "its so cute!"


        Brittany: It elevates it! You know, can take some of your simple t-shirts and put on a great earring, do a little front tuck with some high wasted pants and some cute sandals and you look put together. And all it took was a great earring. It's not, you really had to do much. I even find myself wearing my hair with this slick back like pony, like a low bun, and doing a big statement earring. And I just immediately feel put together. And usually when I have my hair like that, it's because it hasn't been washed in several days. So now you know, but


        Nichelle: A little low maintenance, you know?


        Brittany: But I still feel like really good about my hair and my outfit choice. So those have been awesome. I feel like there's also been some really good shoes.


        Nichelle: There have been some amazing shoes.


        Brittany: Sandals right now are so good. You got a pair.


        Nichelle: Yes! Robert surprised me with those Sam Edelman ones that I've been wanting so bad. They have a little pearl raffia detailing on them and they're so comfortable of course.


        Brittany: Those are good ones that I feel like finding pieces that will carry you from spring break through all of summer is where it's at. And right now even Target just released another handful of shoes and they're all so good. So even if you're looking, a lot of them are designer inspired. So if you're wanting something that looks like it's a higher price point, but you don't want to pay that much. I mean, I think most of them are under $30, and they're super comfortable. Some of my most worn sandals are Target sandals.


        Nichelle: Same. And they've actually lasted season over season too.


        Brittany: Yeah, agree. But even, I mean we've Nordstrom and ShopBop also has the great staple shoes too. So I feel like I kind of do a mixture of a lower price point and then higher price point. But I feel like I'm wearing them about the same amount.


        Nichelle: Oh, for sure. And I think that was one of the things that I told Robert whenever I was like, I really want these, but I couldn't bring myself to buy them for me. And he heard me and he was like, you said that you'd wear them all the time. And he's like, I'm so glad to see you wearing them all the time. Yeah. They are truly one of those pieces that I don't think people would necessarily think of them as a staple, but they truly are because they've gone with so much at the end of the day.


        Brittany: Another thing that I feel like now is the time to grab. And I did this last year around this time and wore this pair of jeans for the whole summer and then some, but this white denim by the brand Mother, I bought them last year at an Anthropologie and literally those were the main white jeans I wore all summer. And still to this day, I love those jeans. Oh yeah. So they are a little bit more of an investment. Mother denim is a higher priced denim. I think this specific pair is right around 200 or 215.

        But I will say if I went back and looked at the cost over the last year, it would absolutely be worth it. I've worn them so many times and occasionally you can get 'em on sale. Shopbop just recently had a sale and you could get 'em for 15% off. So that was a great time to grab. And I will of course keep you guys posted if I see them on sale again. But investing in a good one pair. And I do show, I like to continue to show other options just because I know $200 jeans is not everybody's budget. And some people are not looking to make that investment. But we've been able to find some other similar options. Madewell has a great one. Theirs are still around a hundred, but I know even some of the Walmart Free Assembly brand jeans have been really great quality. So I think that's one thing right now. We're really looking for some of those staple pieces that can carry you throughout an entire season and beyond. And I personally wear white jeans all year round.


        Nichelle: I do if I find a good pair and I think that we've done a really good job this year finding those that aren't going to show your underwear. They're not see through. I think that's the other thing about buying the quality denim that's going to do that for you. You're going to feel more confident in wearing them over and over and over again.


        Brittany: Absolutely. Those are the ones I pull for, which is, I don't know, I think there's just something to be said if you're going to grab for the same pair of denim over and over. What other pieces have you been loving?


        Nichelle: I think that, not necessarily that it's a new piece, but I have denim jacket.


        Brittany: Oh my gosh. I know.


        Nichelle: Right now is the time that I find myself going for it time and time again because I have sleeveless on today. But in the morning it's a little bit chillier and it'll be a little warmer this afternoon. So my denim jacket's my go-to right now. I'm feeling the lighter version this year. I wore the medium denim a lot last year, but I love the cut of this one. It's a little bit more, I would say waste than


        Brittany: Is that the Old Navy one?


        Nichelle: It is, Yeah. It's the distressed one.


        Brittany: The Old Navy denim jackets are some of my favorites. S even before I was an influencer, literally, I had an old Navy denim jacket that I wore all the time. And this weekend, I mean, that was the one jacket that I brought with me when we were in Nashville. That one was a little bit more of an oversized trucker style from Abercrombie, which I think is now sold out. So I'll have to look for something similar. Cause that one is great. But my tried and true year over year, just classic good fit is the Old Navy one.


        Nichelle: I know. Think about how many years.


        Brittany: I know!


        Nichelle: That has been a staple in your closet. I mean, I can think back honestly to High School,


        Brittany: Right? My mom had a denim jacket, that's been forever. Just a piece everybody needs to have.


        Nichelle: Yes. And we actually are going to have an episode that's going to be on styling, which I think that's one of the pieces that we've talked about time and time again that we go to for staples.


        Brittany: Yes. That's going to be a great episode. I feel like I could just keep going on this, but we're going to save some of that. That is an episode coming up very soon. So yes, we've got lots of great styling tips coming. Okay. One thing that we have been doing crazy over here is reading.


        Nichelle: Oh yes.


        Brittany: Yes. I mean, we are in the works of figuring out how we're going to do a Loverly Grey book club!


        Nichelle: How fun would that be guys? Be able to talk about our favorite books together?


        Brittany: Yes. And we do that in the office and I kind of get on and just discuss a little bit about what I'm reading and I've just gotten some feedback from y'all that are like, wait, we want to keep this discussion with you. So that is coming. We're going to figure out a way to do that. But up in this a month ago is when I read my first Colleen Hoover book.


        Nichelle: And you devoured it, didn't you?


        Brittany: Yes. Yes. I think so. I just thought they were going to all be similar to "Verity"


        Nichelle: Because that's what was very popular whenever you started hearing about her. Yes. Everybody was on the "Verity" kick because it had just come out.


        Brittany: Yes.


        Nichelle: So that was one of her newest releases.


        Brittany: And you told me about that one and I was kind of like, I don't really know if I want, it wasn't really vibing for me.


        Nichelle: No. I was like, this is definitely not her usual at all


        Brittany: So then I'm glad that I gave it a shot because yeah, I've been addicted.


        Nichelle: Yeah. So Colleen Hoover, a lot of her books that are really big right now, they were all written in the early 2000 tens. So I think it was like 2013, 14, 15, 16. Those were when a chunk of them came out. And those were some of the first books I would say that I read. I think, I don't even want to admit what I started reading when I really, really got into reading as an adult "Twilight". But I went down that whole dystopian like rollercoaster and then I went into the suspense thriller and then I got into romance, stuff like that. So Colleen Hoover was really one of the first authors that I started devouring back then, and then Molly McAdams and all of those. Well, I was like, people are talking about Colleen Hoover. She's not like new.


        Brittany: Something came out.


        Nichelle: And so I guess TikTok is really what got her up and going again.


        Brittany: Yeah. Good for her.


        Nichelle: But her books are so good. She is such a great writer.


        Brittany: "Ugly Love", "November 9th" I mean, I cried at the end of those.


        Nichelle: I know we're a lot alike in this aspect where we just can't stop thinking about it through the day. What's going to happen next? What are they doing?


        Brittany: Yeah, I know.


        Nichelle: And then after the book you're just constantly thinking about it again.


        Brittany: Yeah I want to know more


        Nichelle: I think that's what a good author does though. Yes. A good author makes you just really want to dive in, be with them, really understand and be in that novel.


        Brittany: Yeah. It's funny because one day we were both reading and we were going to drive, we were driving somewhere for a meeting and then we were going to pick up lunch and come back and eat our lunch back here. And when we got in the car to go to our meeting, I was like, do you just want to put your headphones in and I'll put mine in?


        Nichelle: I think you joked, you were like, haha we could totally put our AirPods in and listen to our book. And we both were like,


        Brittany: Okay. And I was like, she was like, yeah, okay, great. I was like, okay, thank God. And so we literally rode in silence listening to our books and then we got our lunch and came back here and continued to listen in our, which is not the norm. I mean, normally we're talking and working and doing whatever, but for whatever reason, I think we were just trying to finish the book. Or maybe it was like, I don't know if you and I were reading the same You read one.


        Nichelle: Yes. So we talked you into reading "Ugly Love" first.


        Brittany: No, the first one was whatever one they're making a movie about.


        Nichelle: "It Ends With Us"


        Brittany: "It Ends With Us". Okay. Yeah. That was my first Colleen Hoover. And then I reads "It Begins With Us". Okay. Or whatever the next one is "It Starts With Us" . And then I read "November 9",


        Nichelle: "Ugly Love" then "November 9"


        Brittany: No, I think I read really "November 9" first because I didn't want to read "Ugly Love" because I read the back and I was like, this guy is being not cool with his request.


        Nichelle: Right. you were like, I'm not about reading that I'm not.


        Brittany: Well yeah because I was like, this seems like it's like money. All he wants to do is he just wants sex. But no any relationship. So I was like, I don't foresee this being good. Right. Oh my gosh, was I wrong? Literally. Do not judge a book by its cover. That is true.


        Nichelle: No. I will say we did find out though, that you were pretty much, you wanted to dismiss every other book after that of hers because you were like, okay, this next one is not that good. The next one is not that good know because know it really does set a high expectation. I know. So maybe start with their other ones first and then get into that one. But they're all really good. Yeah. They're all so good.


        Brittany: Yeah. I am reading some of Lucy Score's right now.


        Nichelle: I told her not to do it guys...


        Brittany: You guys, but I mean, I don't know if we're going to need to throw an "E" on this podcast.


        Nichelle: I know, right. Episode.


        Brittany: Well, Elizabeth let us know. But the Sex in Yes. Her books. I'm like, oh my God.


        Nichelle: So the ones that you were reading, which remind me, I know it's "Things We Hide from the Light" is the second one. The first one to that things we never got over. Yes. Okay. So things we never got over. Good. And there was a lot of sex going on in that one. It was spicy.


        Brittany: Yeah. I mean I was like, did he just... I know


        Nichelle: Say, and we were audible too. That's part of the thing


        Brittany: Audible when they're reading it out, you all


        Nichelle: And it's a guy.


        Brittany: I mean, they're literally describing everything that is happening.


        Nichelle: I know we are all kind of like...


        Brittany: It's a little like, oh God, it's so funny because I will listen and it'll pop in my car. So if Chris and I get in the car and then all of a sudden it's like the book's starting. And he's like, I'm like, oh, uhh stop. stop. stop.


        Nichelle: We're ok. We don't need to listen to that.


        Brittany: He was like, what are you listening to? I'm like, I don't know. There's just like a spicy scene. Okay? So yeah, that's been one thing. And I don't, obviously not every author is like that but Lucy Score. Yeah, definitely seems very descriptive


        Nichelle: If you like a little spice, then she is very descriptive, I was on one that was a narrator's point of view, so as a narrative telling the story and she was doing the voices for everyone in this story. And I was like, don't read it. Don't read it. I felt a little traumatized.


        Brittany: I like you. I kind of felt like a little embarrassed listening. I was like,


        Nichelle: You're coming up to a red light and you're like, eh, volume. Nobody's looking.


        Brittany: That's like the other day you pulled into park and I could hear your book on. I was in the office, but we're like,


        Nichelle: That was the end of that book.


        Brittany: And I was like, I could hear the person talking, but I couldn't really make out the words. But I was like, I wonder what part of the book this.


        Nichelle: Yes. I wouldn't have had it that loud for sure! Okay. So I feel like when you go on and on and on about books, but I definitely, so we're going to actually talk book club style in a few episodes. We clearly are very passionate about books.


        Brittany: Well we're figuring out how we can create something that you guys can join us in the books and we can discuss them. But it won't give stuff away. But we can have a discussion. Maybe we'll even bring some of our other team members in. Cause we're all, I mean, I feel like once a week we're like, okay, have you finished that? What are you going to read next? Oh, I finished this. It's like we're just discussing books and not even just this type of book. I think there's a lot, we've read a lot of different genres and things like that. So there will be some variety here. I think some of these romance-y ones are more fun to discuss.


        Nichelle: It's like a nice escape.


        Brittany: Yeah. So we're going to figure out how to bring it this all back so you guys can join us in some of these as well.


        Nichelle: Right. Now, one of the things we're going to talk about, if you had any TV shows, because I'm sure people would love to know what to catch up on, what's good out there. One of mine is a segue. So I read this book last year, Christie Bush, one of Diana's friends. Yes. She told me, she was like, if you love music, which I do, I'm that person. She's like, you have to read "Daisy Jones and the Six". But also Taylor Jenkins Reid is just an amazing author. And I was like, okay. I downloaded it as soon as I got back and devoured it. Devoured it guys. So they came out with a show, it wasn't a movie, it was actually a show. And I was very hesitant to watch it at first because I was like, why wouldn't they just do it a movie? Why would they do it a TV show? Are they going to go that slow? So I didn't watch it for weeks because I was like, I just don't know if I didn't commit to it. I just, I'm not bought in. So it's on Prime a hundred out of ten recommend. A hundred out of ten recommend. So the great thing about it being a mini-series. It's not like season one or season two or whatever. It's a mini-series. It's 10 episodes and they're all an hour or a little bit more longer. So you get 10 hours.


        Brittany: Oh wow!


        Nichelle: You get 10 hours from the book. So they were able to put so much emotion into it that you normally don't get in a movie. So much more detail in it than you would normally get from that translation from book to movie. So it left me speechless for just days. I was like, I have a TV book hangover right now. I can't even think about anything else.


        Brittany: Well, so I was telling you the other day, Lauren McBride, who is an influencer as well, she I guess is also a huge fan because she did three or four reels and created some content where she just took on the Daisy Jones persona.


        Nichelle: Oh, very inspired.


        Brittany: Yes. Oh my gosh. It was so cool. Another thing about Lauren McBride, if you guys don't follow her, I think she changed her Instagram too. I am, yes. Lauren McBride, she has a podcast where she only does book reviews. So if you are looking for somebody who is hardcore about it, check her out.


        Nichelle: Lauren, I'm coming to find you.


        Brittany: Yes. So they started that I think a little few maybe a year or two ago. But anyway, if you want some more suggestions. And then she did the Daisy Jones tribute and I was like, this is hilarious. Yes. So we are currently watching "The Night Agent". Oh yeah, it is really? What did we watched right before that? "Shrinking". Oh yes. That one is on AppleTV I think.


        Nichelle: Did you enjoy it?


        Brittany: So good. Okay. The story, everything about it was so real. Oh, just relatable. Okay. Yeah. Mean. So funny. Funny. Chris was like belly laughing at certain parts and I feel like it takes a lot to get him really laughing.

        Because typically I feel like we're much more serious TV shows like "FBI", "24", and "Quantico" kind of more of those police, here's this crime we're going to solve.


        Nichelle: Right.


        Brittany: That's kind of the vibe we've liked so "Night Agent" has been really fun and good. Because it's shifted back and forth a lot so its kind of interesting.


        Nichelle: I'm sure I'd like it. One of the girls in the office, actually, she said that she watched it for the plot and I was like, "really?" And she goes the plot and pointing to the guy, I started dying.


        Brittany: The Night Agent. Yeah, he's cute. I was like, who is this guy?


        Nichelle: Right..


        Brittany: I know. Yeah, he, he's cute. So that one's been a good show. I feel like there's always so many shows. We were with Rick and Taryn this weekend and just talking about shows and we were both just going back and forth on those two shows about how good they were. They said, we won't see the "Night Agent". The way it ends is going to be kind of like, okay, you won't see it coming. So I'm like, okay.


        Nichelle: I think I'm going to watch that then.


        Brittany: We have the last episode tonight. So I'm like, yeah, yeah, you got to get there and watch it. Yeah. Oh my gosh, I love that mean, obviously we could go on and on and off TV shows and books. We're going to bring it all back and we'll have some more great episodes in the future with that type of content specifically. So that is coming. But as we wrap up today's episode, just want to give you guys a glimpse into what's coming up this season. Yes. One really exciting thing we're going to be doing is video content.


        Nichelle: Tah-Dah YouTube!


        Brittany: So you can watch this episode if you want, which I feel like we need to remember that this is, there's been some times I've just been so intently looking at you. I know. I hope you enjoy the side of my profile.

        I know I have my purple boots on today. I don't know if you guys can see them. So we've got some video content coming, which is going to be really, really fun. Cause that's a new way people are listening to podcasts. But this season we're also going to be covering topics, women's health guide that you didn't get in school. We're going to be interviewing somebody that I has just a ton of knowledge and is going to share a lot. And her Instagram has so much great content. So I'm excited for that conversation. We are also going to get into how to have "The talk" with your kids.


        Nichelle: I'm so excited about this even though I'm past that. But just for knowledge.


        Brittany: Yes. We talked about this in a previous season, about just being a safe place for your kids to come. And so there is a team that we are going to interview that this is what they do, they like. Share how to have these tough conversations and starting those conversations really early. So that is going to be coming up, which is nice. And then of course we've got lots of fashion, beauty, decor. I actually have a pretty large secret I've been keeping that I will be revealing on the podcast first, in a few episodes. I'm honestly so excited to have this episode so I can finally get this off my chest.


        Nichelle: Yes!


        Brittany: So I can start talking about it.


        Nichelle: Exactly. Exactly.


        Brittany: So that is coming in two or three episodes. That's going to be a good one.


        Nichelle: Lots of us, current events, keeping the people in the know.


        Brittany: Yeah. I'm going to bring my mom back on at some point.


        Nichelle: Oh and Shea.


        Brittany: Shea! Yeah, it's going to be so fun. I feel like we've got a lot of great content coming up. If there's anything that you guys want to see, please feel free to send us a DM on Instagram at Life with Loverly. You can email us, you can reach out on our website. Speaking of our website, we do have a little bit of merchandise left, so which is exciting. If you weren't able to grab some last season, there are a few pieces left. And then once it's gone, it's gone. So if there's something from the Life with Loverly merch line that you want, which will show some more of that on Instagram so you guys can get a refresher on what our exciting merch is, that is an option. And then of course, just make sure that you are subscribing wherever you listen to your podcast. Just hit the subscribe button so you get first dibs and easy access to every episode. And then also on YouTube so that you never miss a beat.


        Nichelle: Love It. Well, today's been fun!


        Brittany: I know! I'm so excited to get back into it, I feel like we're both grinning from ear to ear. Yes. We've got just so many amazing topics and I feel like just the current events and us going back and forth has just been something that I've missed not recording for a little while, and I can't wait to hear y'all's feedback, but we're so thankful that you're back with us for another season. And yeah, until next time friends, we'll talk to you soon.


        Nichelle: Bye!


        Brittany: Hi friend. If you're loving the show, will you go find that follow button on your podcast app? This will ensure that you won't miss a single episode. I love having you in this community. Until next time!


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