November 15, 2022

47. Fashion Finds, 30a Real Estate, and Time Management Tips with Rachel Moore of Pinteresting Plans

47. Fashion Finds, 30a Real Estate, and Time Management Tips with Rachel Moore of Pinteresting Plans

Don’t you just love when Instagram friends become real life ones?!

Today’s podcast episode is an example of just that, and a testament to the positive side of social media!

I’m chatting with the highly requested, Rachel Moore ofPinteresting Plans

You know her, you love her, and you snag your fashion and home decor inspo from her!

Rachel is a blogger that got her start with DIY home renovations after leaving her APRN career - and quickly stepped into the fashion world shortly thereafter. She’s 5’11” - so she’s here for all you tall girls out there!

A message that truly shines through when Rachel speaks is really going all in on your dreams. While Rachel loves to share fashion inspiration on Instagram, she is also a real estate investor in the 30a Florida area, and is now starting a school down in the area as well.

So if you’ve been thinking about starting on an idea - whether it’s in the content creation industry or not - let this episode be your sign to GO FOR IT.

Rachel and I are chatting:

  • How Rachel started in the blogging industry and next steps for you to do the same,
  • Fashion ‘trends’ we are loving or letting go this season
  • How Rachel and her husband worked through his heroin addiction
  • Her journey with real estate in 30a Florida
  • Practical ways to manage your time better

One of Rachel’s biggest pieces of advice for your dream? Get STARTED and then be PERSISTENT. 

When she first started out sharing her fashion finds, she submitted herself to the Like to Know It platform and was *rejected.* Yikes. But did that stop her? For sure not. She created a new email, re-submitted, got accepted – and now her following of over 333,000 is all the better for it.

Don’t take no for an answer ladies. As Mary Hollis said in last week’s episode: Sometimes when God closes a door, he opens a window. (missed that episode?! Check it outHERE after you listen to this one!). 

We chat about some of Rachel’s favorite fall finds, and if you want in on the fun, too - check out these fall staples:

Free People Shacket


Spanx Flare Jeans

Tune in for some fashion tips, motivation to act on your dreams, and some transparent realness on life’s hardest challenges.

Want to hear more about my husband’s journey with sobriety? Click below!

One is One Too Many, and 100 is Not Enough: Chris Sjogren’s Sobriety Story

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Brittany:Hi friends! Welcome to the Life with Loverly podcast. I'm Brittany, a wife, mom, and lifestyle entrepreneur here to help you discover your best daily style and encourage you to try new things when getting dressed each day. I took a tiny following on social media and turned it into a community of over 1 million amazing women, and I am so glad you're here. I'll be sharing my heart with you beyond the 15 seconds on Instagram. So we'll be diving into things like personal growth, friendships, motherhood, marriage, and of course, the business of blogging. Really, this space is here to serve as your go-to resource to building a life you adore while sprinkling some kindness to others along the way. Grab an iced coffee and let's do life together! I'm Brittany, and this is the Life with Loverly podcast.


Hi friends! Welcome back to the Life with Loverly podcast. I am solo on the podcast today. Nichelle is out sick with the flu, which I feel like has been going around. We have so many friends who have the flu right now and it has just been so terrible. So we are sending well wishes to her.

It feels so funny to not have a co-host with me because when I started the podcast it was kind of intended to just be my thing, but we really enjoyed the banter back and forth, so it's been so much fun to have Nichelle's point of view and just like another voice on the podcast. So I will definitely be excited to have her back. I think we might even do a bonus episode for you guys this week. So stay tuned for a second episode drop. It's got some exciting things coming your way.

I'm really excited about today's podcast episode though because I'm interviewing a guest who is so anticipated. Whenever I have asked you guys who you wanted to hear from or who you would like to have as a guest on the podcast, several of you guys mentioned Rachel Moore from Pinteresting Plans on Instagram. She is so amazing.

Rachel and I go way back. We became friends back in 2016 when we were both kind of starting out and we kind of leaned on each other through the internet. "What are you doing? Is this working for you? I tried this and it worked. You should try this." And then we met at the Reward Style Conference back in 2017 and have been really close friends ever since then. Rachel is amazing. She shares all sorts of home decor tips. She currently lives in 30A and is just thriving and truly living her best life.

She's also a wife and a mom. She left her APRN career to pursue blogging full-time back in 2016, and she's really good at it, I'll be quite honest with you guys. She has this awesome laid back vibe, but she also does put together style for occasions and has, again, very awesome tips for home decor. They're currently renovating a rental property at the beach and it's stunning. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with.

Another fun fact about Rachel that I know you guys will love is she is 5'11". So for all my tall girls who are always looking for where to find jeans and outfits that work, she is absolutely your girl.

Today Rachel and I are covering her story into the influencer world. Her husband's previous addiction to heroin, her experience stepping into real estate down in 30A, which you guys know is one of my favorite places, and of course we'll be covering her favorite fashion trends for this upcoming season. I know that you guys will love this conversation just as much as I did. So here's my chat with Rachel Moore from Pinteresting Plans.

Rachel: Hi Rachel, how are you? I'm so excited to have you on Life of Loverly today.

I'm so excited. This is my first time ever being on a podcast.

Brittany: You're going to do awesome. I feel like the fact that you and I both just love to talk, this is going to go really well.

Rachel:I know, but I've listened to so many podcasts so I'm excited to be on the other end.

Brittany:Okay, so if you could describe your last seven days in one word, what would it be?

Rachel: Fun, fun, grateful. I was at Universal Studios with my family. That was on my kids 2022 bucket list, to go to Universal Studios. And then I flew back for a staycation for a girlfriend's baby shower at the Henderson Resort Beach Resort, which was really pretty. And then I got home and I just love where I live, so I'm happy to be back.

Brittany :I know. I can't wait to get into where you live in just a second because every time I talk to you I'm so jealous that that's where you live. And I'm always like maybe I should move.

Rachel: I wouldn't be sad if we became neighbors!

Brittany : Oh, I know!

Okay, so let's back it up a little bit. You have a blog and you have for several years now. What made you start your blog in the first place?

Rachel:So I was working as a nurse practitioner at the time in a cardiology office. I had two little kids. I had just had Cam, my younger one, and my husband went to rehab for heroin addiction and we had no money. We just moved into a new house and I was looking on Pinterest, trying to find ideas for how to hack my way into a nice house without having any money. So painting furniture that I'd find on the side of the road, making decorations with recycled trash pretty much. And my friends were like, oh my gosh, you should do a blog. And that was really my first experience with blogs was looking on Pinterest. So I initially started and was like, "oh yeah, I'll do a lot of DIYs." So I taught myself by watching YouTube tutorials, how to make a website. It took me forever. I didn't even have my own computer. I was using Chris's laptop at night when he would get home. And so then I was like, "gosh, if I'm going to spend this much time, how can I make money? I know people make money through blogs." And so I googled and one of the ways was I could monetize my DIY projects, but they were taking me so long because I also had two little kids at the time. And so I was like, boy, fashion blogs. That's interesting. So I started to share some outfits and then after I'd been sharing outfits for a while, I applied to, it was called Reward Style I think, now it's called LTK. And they denied me. So just chatting with other people in DMs and stuff, somebody was like, "oh, just change your email address and apply again." So I did.

Brittany : And it worked!

Rachel: Yes! Persistence paid off and they accepted me. Back then it was just that you liked the photo to get outfit links to your email. I don't think they even had an app, right?

Brittany :No. That was the good old days. You knew if your photo got a good amount of likes you were like "people love this."

Rachel: Yeah. I used to get more likes when I had 30,000 followers than when I have 330,000.

Brittany : It's so wild how it works.

Rachel: And there were no Instagram stories, so we would actually put up a lot of blog posts. I had no idea how to make graphics. I was cutting costs by using the free version of Canva so you couldn't do background remover. And that is how I started.

Brittany : It's so crazy because I feel like you and I started kind of around the same time.


Brittany : And so then we became friends, just internet friends and it was kind of like, "oh, what is working for you? This is working for me. Have you tried this?" But one thing I really appreciate about when we started out, I feel like you and I were so resourceful and it was like if we want to make this work, you've got to hustle and figure it out. Even just in this short, I mean we've been talking for what, five minutes? I feel like one consistent thing I always think about you and have just heard you say in this is you're so persistent in what you're looking for. You can tell your hard work, especially to see where you are now, has paid off over time. But it definitely was wild times back when we first started.

Rachel:And just starting. I think so many people are like, "how did you get started?" And it's like, I just started. And then every question that came up along the way, Google, ask a friend, phone a friend. And people are really helpful. I mean I used to do a bunch of blog posts, I had a specific section of my blog years ago that was just the frequently asked questions about starting a blog, and taking photos with an iPhone, and how you monetize it and everything like that.

Because I'm happy to help people, but they're very long winded answers, so it's easier to just put it on a webpage versus answering each person with a DM that was 10,000 words.

Brittany : Seriously. So how long would you say did it take you to start making money and being profitable with your blog once you got started?

Rachel: So the first year, and I always tell people you don't have to buy all the clothes. I used to do so many dressing room try ons and I would just link the outfits that I tried on at Loft or whatever. So the first year, I definitely was not making what I was spending. I also wasn't spending a ton. I don't even think I signed up for a Canva subscription, which was around a hundred dollars a year, until I was probably two and a half years in. So anyway, it's a lot of little costs, but very little overall overhead, which is why pretty much anybody can do it. There's not really a barrier to entry. So by year one, I started to actually make some money, but then so quickly by year two, I was matching what I was making working part-time as a nurse practitioner. I was working two 10-hour days as a nurse practitioner and a stay at home mom all the rest of the days. And I was like, if I can make enough money that when Cam, my youngest son, goes into preschool, I don't have to go back to working 40 hours a week. That would be great.

But then I started making more than I was making and took a leap of faith and left my job there knowing I could always go back into healthcare. There's a lot of job security in being a nurse practitioner.

Brittany :Absolutely. Well once you get used to working for yourself too and realizing the flexibility and the freedom.

Rachel: The flexibility to do whatever I want, not miss any kid's stuff. I mean there's a lot of flexibility in nursing. So I will say that. But there's also a ceiling. I was generating as much revenue running a pacemaker clinic there as some of the physicians, but I was never going to make what the physicians were making. So I think when you're own boss owning a business, if you're working harder, you're building your dream, you're not building their dream.

Brittany : So a second ago you mentioned your husband, Chris, who my Chris and your Chris, we always say. But he had a previous heroin addiction. I know you guys talk about this. Can you just give us a little overview of that time of your life and then how that had an impact on what all you guys were sharing once he was on the road to recovery?

Rachel: So it started off as just we were in our twenties and we had other friends who would recreationally use Percocets and stuff like that or other things. And I didn't, but I had friends who could just use it at a party and be done. And I would always say, "I see people on the other side of this who can't stop. To me, it's not worth it. Don't get involved. I don't want anybody to think I would prescribe you anything, whatever." So there was a lot of behaviors that I was suspicious of, but I didn't have proof. We ended up going to marriage counseling because I was just so frustrated with where the relationship was going. And I had said one time in counseling, "I don't know, I'm suspicious he might be using drugs or something." And I had even confided in my brother and his brother and everybody was like, "you're crazy. I can't believe you would think that," because he was high functioning. So anyway, the marriage counselor said to drug test him. But of course, when you tell someone to drug test a drug addict, they go crazy. And he was like, "sure, go ahead." So I ordered the drug test on Amazon, and at the time we were living in our house. The bassinet, because Cam was a brand new baby, was up against the wall to the bathroom. So he had gone to the bathroom one night and didn't flush the toilet because he didn't want to wake the baby. And so I actually dipped the urine in the toilet.

Brittany :Oh my gosh.

Rachel: It was such a funny story. So then I finally had proof that he was using drugs and I just said, "I am happy to love and support you, but you cannot live in this house anymore. I don't want you to be around the kids while you're using. I can't do that." So we had a friend who was 18 months sober and he really helped us because actually initially we went and I was a nurse practitioner, but I was in cardiology and I had worked in the ER. So I'd seen people actively detox, but I didn't have the long term plan in mind. So initially we went to the hospital that I worked for rehab facility or outpatient rehab, which turned into them just wanting to give him Methadone, which was not the route that we wanted to take. He even says this was just the pharmaceuticals way of taking the money I was previously giving to a drug dealer is how he felt. I'm not speaking for anyone else's experience, but we really wanted to get at what is making you want to use drugs and think it's okay to treat your family this way and all of these things. So he ended up going to the rehab facility, shout out to the Plymouth House in New Hampshire that our friend had gone to, which was a boot campus, not like passages of Malibu, you would not want to vacation there.

And they had wanted to send him to a halfway house, they called it sober living house after. But all of the facilities that they were associated with were in New Hampshire, which was about three hours from us. And we were in a bit of a unique situation in that I was never enabling him. I wasn't forgiving him when I would find out that he was using, I had suspicions, but I never had proof. So anyway, I finally convinced them I am just drowning in a two year old and a three month old at home. I really need him to come home and help me and I think I can help him support him. I'm not going to, I have good boundaries or whatever. So he came home and he did 90 days of going to AA every day. And then he slowly tempered down from that to weekly over, I don't know, maybe a year or a year and a half after that.

Brittany :Gosh.

Rachel: You asked for a quick summary, right?

Brittany : Well I don't think I've ever heard some of the details of that even as much as we've just talked about it or I've read about your story and Chris's story on your blog. But I feel like there were some parts of that that were also new to me.

Rachel: I mean it's really people who know him now can't ever picture that he was like that. So I mean it just shows you what a strange path addiction can take and it can really impact anybody. I think there's all different addictions and we all have them ourselves and in our families and everything. So happy to be on the other side and hopefully we can help other people by sharing that

Brittany : For sure. Because Chris is sober as well. And it always kind of makes it fun when the guys get together with us. And I feel like they have a connection because of that. But one thing Chris has always said, and just anybody wanting to get sober is it's truly their decision. They have to actually want it. And I feel like that is what is consistent across the board for people getting sober is it has to be a decision that they truly want to make a long-term change.

Rachel: Absolutely. And that's one of the things I get DMs about women who don't know what to do. And in that case, if they're not ready to get better, I think the right decision is to leave because you're training somebody what type of behavior you'll tolerate. So if you know that someone's using drugs or alcohol and you're letting them come home and have that safe, cozy bed every night and carrying on, you're training them that that's okay. So figuring out some other way to love and support them, but hitting that rock bottom, which hopefully, I understand that it ends in death for some cases and I have complete grief and all of that for those families that go through that, but some people need to hit that rock bottom in order to bounce back up.

Brittany :It's hard. I mean I knew Chris when his issue was with alcohol, so I knew him when he was an alcoholic and then of course I know him now. And so it's just seeing the difference too. But it's a step and it's a decision he makes literally every day and has for the last nine years.

Rachel:It's hard to watch because you want to help, but like you said, they have to choose.

Brittany : Yeah.

Rachel: I always say though, the best person to help an addict is a fellow addict who's a few steps ahead. I, as a nurse, watched people go through withdrawals. So when he thought he was dying from withdrawals, I'm like, "no, no, no, this is normal. You're going to have diarrhea, you're not going to sleep, you're going to have these headaches. All of this is normal for withdrawing from drugs." But to have somebody who is like, "this is how long it's going to last, this will be worth it. This is what you should do next." I think that if you can find an addict who's in recovery, I mean that's what AA is all about is finding a sponsor.

Brittany :Totally. So for our podcast listeners who are maybe new to this season of Life with Loverly, I'll link back to Chris's podcast episode where he talks about his journey of just his road to sobriety. Because if somebody out there listening is, if this is hitting home with them or they've got somebody they want to talk to, his episode might be really helpful as well.

Rachel: And people can always reach out to Chris or I. If somebody doesn't know somebody who's a few steps ahead but wants to get there, Chris would be happy to chat with them.

Brittany : I know, I love that he's so willing to help. And you've got tons of information on your blog and talk about this a lot publicly, so I know that people definitely appreciate that.

So okay, let's take it to a little bit more lighthearted conversation. So I want to go back to just talking a little bit more about being an influencer and fashion and some trends that you're loving. For those of you who don't know Rachel yet, she is one of our tall fashion influencer friends. It's funny whenever anybody's like, "I love following you, but you're average height or shorter and I'm 5'11" or I'm 6'1", who can I follow?" I'm always like, oh, okay. Rachel and I are very similar in what we like, but she's just the tall version. Which I love and I think people love too. So tell me a little bit about what some of your favorite fashion trends are for fall this year and what some of your not favorite fashion trends are.

Rachel:I'm kind of like a capsule wardrobe lover. So trends are definitely pieces where I'm a save spender. So I do still the shacket trend because I'm just such a cozy lover. I'm not a huge faux leather. I can get into a little bit of the camel colored faux leather, but black leather is just not my thing.

Brittany :Well I think too, you're also very into neutrals and a lot of what you share as more lighter colors. So I feel like if I saw you wearing black, I would be like, "what is wrong?"

Rachel: Oh, you know what trend I don't love is the low UGGs that look like slippers. I feel like the people in my neighborhood should tag me on stories with what I walk my dog in because I'm wearing my son's Crocs and Chris's sweatshirt and just look such a hot mess half the time. But I just have not wrapped my head around the low UGGs.

Brittany : Yeah, they are interesting. I haven't personally tried them. I'm just like a UGG slipper lover.

Rachel:What is your favorite trend?

Brittany : I think as we get into holidays, all things sequins and sparkles. I just want it to be all the time, though. I would wear sequins or tulle or sparkles all the time.

Rachel:Girl, I've seen you at New York Fashion Week, I know!

Brittany :Yes. I don't know. I think I have a love hate relationship with shackets and as soon as you said that, I think one reason I think, I don't know this is why you like them or don't like them, but you're so tall so they look really good on you. Sometimes I feel like it's too oversized depending on the frame.

Rachel: For me, to find a shirt that I can wear with leggings and not have my leggings look like pants is nearly impossible. So not only is my favorite shacket big, but it's Free People. So it's like extra oversized. Do you know how Free People runs big? I think Chris could probably fit into my women's extra small Free People shacket.

Brittany : Okay, so is that your favorite shacket you have right now?

Rachel: The Free People one, yes. And it's not cute. It definitely looks like...I grew up in the eighties and nineties. It reminds me of the grunge trend when I wore my Doc Martin combat boots and my dad's clothes. So it does kind of look like something my dad would've worn, which maybe that's why I like it. My dad died two years ago, so "Hey dad, wearing your clothes again!"

Brittany : Exactly.

Rachel: Ooh you know what, I am happy about flare jeans being back. I do like a flare jean, a really tight in the waist. I feel like it's very, and I'm 5'11" so I know people are going to be like, "why do you need the illusion of longer legs?" But it just never hurts to have longer legs.

Brittany : I agree.

Rachel: So if you wear a heel under a good flare jean, I think that's a super flattering fit.

Brittany : I do love flare jeans, flare pants, Spanx has so many good ones. I'm sure you've tried theirs.

Rachel: I agree. Because it's challenging for me being 5'11" to find flares that will cover the heel. And so Spanx is definitely my favorite pair of flare jeans.

Brittany : Yeah, I agree because they're a little bit long on me, but I always think that if you are just a little taller than me, these would actually be the best pants.

Rachel: I have to wear at least a three inch heel. But that's perfect. That's what I want.

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So what would you say is your favorite type of content to share on your Instagram? I know sometimes you do save vs splurge or Amazon finds.

Rachel:I love home. I love sharing a cost break. I love a renovation, so I like to share a cost breakdown. I feel like a lot of people shy away from sharing what things cost and I'm like, "whatever. You can look it up or I can just tell you."

Brittany : Exactly.

Rachel:So we invest in real estate. So this summer we were renovating one of the places we owned and so I share tearing out the back splash and I'm sharing what it costs to pay somebody. So if you're very handy and want to DIY it, subtract all those costs, replacing the flooring. I shared budget breakdowns of refurnishing rentals, all that kind of stuff.

Brittany : So if a listener here is going to go over to your Instagram and follow you, I think what's great about your account is they will get the home decor side of things with tons of projects always happening, but then also the fashion side of things. So you get the best of both worlds.

Rachel:I hope people think that! Right now I'm still waiting for a sofa. We rented out our last house furnished, so we are actually renting right now while we build and started off with zero furniture. So the sofa is one of the last things to come and it's supposed to come today. So I haven't been sharing as much home content for that reason. The living room is patio chairs inside.

Brittany : I'm excited to see where you guys are living right now. I have been to your last house that I think when I was there y'all were about to move out a week later or something.

Rachel: Yeah, I know we've moved a lot in the last few years.

Brittany : Okay, so let's get into the fact that you live on 30A, such a dream, down in Florida. Tell us about how you decided to move from Connecticut and everything about 30A right now.

Rachel: So I actually found 30A through Instagram through you and others and I was like, my gosh, when you guys would tag the location, I was like, "that place is in the US?" And at the time we had this cottage in Connecticut that our hope was to fix up this beach cottage and rent it out. It was built in 1860. It did not have heat, it did not have insulation. I mean, shabby would be an overstatement. And the taxes were like $12,000 a year. So anyway, when I looked at what people were paying down in Florida in property taxes alone, I was like, "we gotta trade up. We gotta get out of this beach house in Connecticut and move and move that investment down to Florida." So we bought our first place on 30A and then we were coming down a lot. Schools were closing a lot in Connecticut and everything. And my dad had Parkinson's and Dementia and he passed away in April of 2020. So prior to that I had never really expanded my mind to the thought of moving because I wanted to be there to help take care of him.

So without him there I was like, "geez, it is so nice down here." People are so nice, the weather is so nice, I just really love it. So then we were like, "alright, let's talk about moving down there." We ended up moving down here. We actually didn't have a place to move into when we moved. We agreed to live in my brother's. I had convinced my brother after we bought down here that he should start investing down here. So he bought a place and I said, we will renovate it for free. You cover the costs of all the renovations, but we'll do the projects and I'll design all the furnishings and everything, assemble everything if we can just live there for a month. So anyway, we bought another rental, rented another, it was a lot of moves, and now we're renting again.

Brittany : I love the process though.

Rachel:We picked up several properties, we flipped several properties, now we own what I would consider my dream house. We lived there and furnished it and then turned it into a rental. But time in the market, not timing the market. I think there's great deals coming up.

Brittany : It's so funny because I feel like you have a lot of projects on your plate. Similar to me. I feel like both of us, we just don't slow down. It's not in our blood and in our nature to do things slow, which is definitely sometimes a blessing and a curse.

Rachel: Totally. And I think also I'm trying to kind of unlearn that hustle gene a bit. Definitely in the last two years trying to really shift my consciousness to other things. I mean it's definitely something we talk about when we're together because I'm always like gosh, I cannot believe how hard you still hustle, the amount of outfits you try on. It's exhausting just to watch you.

Brittany : So funny. I know. And that is the stuff that I feel like keeps me going. That's trying on outfits and putting outfits together is to me is the relaxing part of my job. So I feel like we're always having those discussions. But with obviously being a wife, a mom, business owner, several business owners, what would you say are some practical ways that you manage your time to show up as your best self?

Rachel:I try to always wake up before my kids and usually before Chris too. And bang out one or two things on my to-do list before anybody's up before I'm making breakfast, making lunches, all of that stuff. I am a big written to-do list person.

Brittany : Yeah, I feel like a written to-do list makes a huge difference.

Rachel:And I always have try to have three work priorities and then two to three for the house. And if I get that done, great. And if I get more than that done, wow. I'm really on top of myself that day.

Brittany : It's interesting because I feel like as soon as I started kind of realizing, okay, this area of my life is stressing me out or I feel like all this added pressure that now I have to also do all the cleaning or all these other tasks. As soon as I started realizing there's actually people out there who are really good at that, that would like to do this and then I can focus on other things, really simplified my life. So asking for help in some of these areas is not necessarily a bad thing.

Rachel: I absolutely always hire out for things I'm not good at. I have somebody who helps clean my house twice a week. We have people on our team. I'm not that good at graphics. I make some of the save or splurge, but I just copy a format that somebody on my team who is better at graphics originally did probably four years ago. So yeah, I write what goes into my newsletter, but somebody else puts it physically together. Because I do not find sitting behind a laptop to be where I'm at my best.

Brittany : I know. Yeah. I think it's just in your personal life, in your business life, figuring out if somebody else is better at it, then let them do it. And then that gives you time to really focus where you're needed, where you need to focus.

Rachel:And what are the high value things that you can do that you like doing. So you love trying on outfits. Girl, do it! Do it.

Brittany : Well it's just funny. I think it's so interesting the way that while you and I are in the same line of work and industry, even hearing this conversation for somebody on the outside, what looks like we are probably doing some of the same things, but hearing actually I don't like doing that, actually I really like doing that. There's so much that goes on behind the scenes, I think people just don't necessarily even understand.

I listened to this podcast one time and it was talking about three things you could do at the beginning of every work day. And it was like one was you clean off your desk, or wherever your workspace is, you just clean it up. And I've started doing that some mornings and I do feel like the sense of, "okay now where I'm going to spend the bulk of my time working is clean." It gives you this sense of, "okay, now I can take on another task and I'm not worried about, "well I really need to move out of the way or put that back or whatever." So I do feel like having less stuff is sometimes better.

Rachel:Challenging with kids. And I will say, this is the first time I've actually had and utilized a home office and that is way more productive for me than my usual, which was sitting at the kitchen counter because I love to be around everybody and be around my family, but the kitchen island is a drop off for everybody. Everybody's talking to me, which blessing and a curse. Love to talk to you, but also can't get anything done while I'm talking. So yes, we're in an industry where we get a lot of products to try, and I love that, but I don't need to hold onto everything so my friends are well gifted.

Brittany : Exactly. I feel like that is the same thing too.

Rachel: Sold out! You can have it.

Brittany : Okay, so on this season of the podcast, I'm ending all of our conversations by asking our guests what is one of the most meaningful acts of kindness that someone has extended to you that has had a lasting change on your life?

Rachel: So I would say that it was the guy, shout out to Dave Wainwright, who really walked Chris through the early days of getting sober and many years after, tons of follow up. And was also calling me, checking on me, telling me what I could expect on my end, what he was doing while he was at rehab because they don't always get phone calls and everything. And setting that into motion as an example of "now you could do this for somebody else." And thankfully we have a wider audience. So even people who may be shy about asking for help to hear a podcast, to hear me on Instagram stories, they may pick something up that could change their journey.

Brittany : Absolutely. And having a large platform and getting the opportunity to be an example to all of these people that follow along on our journeys. I just feel like the kindness and being a light and a positive side is something I enjoy in that. Because you never know whose life you can touch by just being happy and positive.

Rachel:I agree. Complaining is contagious negativity. So I try never to go on and complain about something because it's like to what end? To make someone else feel a little salty too?

Brittany :Yeah, very true.

Rachel: Maybe this morning when I fell for a PayPal hack. I did go on, not to complain but to share, this is what the email looked like. Do not fall for this scam.

Brittany : I cannot believe that happened to you. Oh my gosh.

Well Rachel, thank you so much for coming on the podcast today. I know that our listeners definitely gained some awesome nuggets of information and we're going to leave all of your information in the show notes and in the blog post on But I appreciate you and I can't wait to see you in two weeks.

Rachel: I don't know what it'll be like in 2ight now it is very hot, but it's supposed to get cooler at the end of the week.

Brittany : Well I'm hoping for some cooler weather because it is also very hot here, but it's Florida so we'll see.

Rachel: Maybe at the pool or we may be sipping hot cocoa, we just don't know yet.

Brittany : I'll take both. Awesome. Well, I will see you soon. Thank you again so much.

Rachel:All right, thank you!!

Brittany :Hi friend! If you're loving the show, will you go find that follow button on your podcast app? This will ensure that you won't miss an episode. I love having you in this community. Until next time!

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