August 16, 2022

42: Season 3 Finale: Spilling the Tea about NYC, IVF & Loverly Grey With Anna Page

42: Season 3 Finale: Spilling the Tea about NYC, IVF & Loverly Grey With Anna Page

Brittany and Anna quickly clicked as friends, went on a trip to NYC together, and the rest is history! Anna was the first employee of Loverly Grey and was at the hospital when Collins was born. There are many moments shared in this episode about their friendship.

In this episode you’ll hear:
    •    How Brittany and Anna met
    •    What it was like working at Loverly Grey in the early days
    •    About the many trips to New York together including New York Fashion Week along with socks & heels
    •    Why Anna moved to New York in 2019
    •    What is to come in the future for Anna and her brand

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Brittany: Hi friends. Welcome to Life with Loverly. I'm your host, Brittany Sjogren. I'm excited to share my heart with you beyond the 15 seconds we get on Instagram. Grab an iced coffee and let's do life together. 

Hello. Hi friends. Welcome back to today's episode of Life with Loverly. I am so excited to have one of my very best friends on the podcast today.

I think Anna is one of the most requested podcast guests. So I'm so happy to have you on the podcast, Anna.

Anna: I'm so excited given the people what they want. 

Brittany: I feel like this is a long time in the making 100% way overdue, and the fact that even just the podcast in general was a concept that we came up with when you worked.

Anna: Forever ago. 

Brittany: Yeah, it's so crazy that it's happening now. I know it's amazing. And so before we get into all the good stuff and the juicy, fun things about you and I, and our relationship and friendship would love. If you could give our listeners just a little bit of background about who you are, where you from, where you live now, and just a little bit about Anna Page.

Anna: Yeah. I am originally from Georgia, Atlanta, north of Georgia in Marietta. I call it Atlanta cause it's just easier sometimes. I was born and raised there I'm the youngest of eight kids, which as much as that's not a personality trait, it is. That's a character builder right there.

 I have five sisters and two brothers and I lived in georgia my entire life until recently, actually three years ago yesterday, my husband and I, Nathan. I know isn't not wild? Three years, three years. We decided to uproot our lives in Georgia and everything we had known and all of our friends and family and moved to New York.

It had been a pipe dream for a long time, and we just decided, you know what, why not? We've been married for almost eight years. It'll be eight years in October, which is also crazy. We got married when we were Infants. We were 21. We were at a point in our lives where we were like, we're not quite ready to settle down here.

It had always been a pipe dream. We were like, let's see if we can make it happen. So we took our dog and we moved to New York city. So now I'm a resident of the upper east side and we love it. 

Brittany: Just living out all of your dreams, honestly. I still remember when you came to me, it was like, January, I think of 2019 and you were like, so we're really like considering this when our lease is up at the end of the summer. And I was just like, that's so exciting. I always knew that would happen. Ever since one of your first trips to New York, you and Nathan were like, that's where the dream started.

 Then a few years later, you guys followed your dreams. 

Anna: Yeah, it was crazy because I think at different times in our marriage, we both had wanted to do it. So right when we got married, Nathan was like, we should move to New York. And I was like, you're crazy. First of all, we don't have any money. We cannot afford to move to New York. Secondly, I don't wanna leave our friends in family. I'm just not there yet. Then a couple years later I was on that track and he was like, no, I feel like we're in a good place. We finally got to a place where we were like is this potentially what's next?

It was either we settle in Georgia and, look at buying a house, but we had no idea where we wanted to be. We weren't ready for kids yet. And so we were like, this is probably the best time to do it. And every time I visited New York, I always tell people like, It's either for you or it's not.

And I feel right away, it's not a test scenario where you let go a few times to figure it out. Like you just know. And every time I left New York, I was heartbroken. When I would visit, I'd be like I just feel like I'm supposed to be here. And so it was not an easy decision to make and to figure out, but we just knew that if we didn't do it, then we probably wouldn't ever do it, cuz life gets busy as things move on and you get settled. And so we were just like, let's make it happen. 

Brittany: I guess I got invited to join in on the like Christmas trip, which was a trip that, who did it originally start with?

Anna: Me and my sister, Laura and our husband. 

Brittany: Okay. 

Anna: And then they got kicked out quickly and it became a girl's trip. 

Brittany: The boys got kicked out and then it was you Laura, Mary Margaret, and Leah. Yes. And then it turned into you, Laura, Mary Margaret, and me. Yes. And then. Yeah. So it's been like a few versions of the trip, but I feel like you were always the common denominator leading the pack in this trip.

Anna: I was like, I'm going to New York at Christmas with, or without all of you fools. So it's happening. 

Brittany: And I feel every time we went on this trip or anytime to New York, Anna had the trip planned out, she knew exactly where we were going. She was the new Yorker who was on the trip with us, but the ring leader and the confident walker on the street and hailed a cab, no problems.

And we're going this way. You just were always so confident with the directions. So it was like bound to happen that this was just gonna be part of your life. 

Anna: Yeah, 100%. And I just felt like I belonged here. Like every time I was here, I just felt like I fit in with the busyness and the chaos and all the craziness that is New York city and the energy of it.

And it just always made me feel so alive. 

Brittany: Yeah. So we'll get back to New York in just a second, cuz I, I wanna go in like a time line. So it, it makes a lot of sense. So I guess let's back up a little bit. Do you remember where we met? 

Anna: I think you and I met through laura.

Brittany: Through Laura. I think, I can't remember the first time that we met, cuz it was it at a Dress Up event or was it like, did I just come to a dinner?

Anna: I think that was the first time we officially met in person. Yeah. I think we had chatted and stuff before, but yeah, I, when I worked at Dress Up I had you come and speak and you and Laura both speak on a panel. 

Brittany: Oh my goodness. 

Anna: And that was the first time we like officially met.

Brittany: Yeah. Yes. Okay. That is it's so wild. So Laura Godfrey, she's also an influencer and we became friends like when we both started out and then you and her were obviously always doing stuff together. And so if you were following along with Laura, she always did this Monday night girls night with you at your apartment or wherever you guys ended up for that night, like watching the bachelor.

 Then I got introduced to you through her, and then you worked at Dress Up doing their social media. And then I feel like we just started doing our like dinner dates at El Felix back when it was El Felix, R I P so good. R I P I'm sure like what you would do for some queso dip right now.

Anna: Oh my gosh. New York has like queso fundido and it's tragic. Not the same. No. 

Brittany: So we met there or got to know each other more there, and then I feel like I didn't really get to know you super well until our first New York trip. 

Anna: I know, which is so funny because normally I, I feel like from the moment we met, I really do feel like it was an instant click though. It was just like, all right, you're my person. We're our people. It was just got along. Great. And because I feel like you have to know someone, a certain level to travel with. That takes a certain level of okay, we're on the same page here. And so I think that, once we realized that it was a no brainer that we were just like, that we just clicked so well.

So then we went on that trip together in 2017. Yeah. 

Brittany: Cause that trip is when towards the end of it. I think you were already ready to leave your job. 

Anna: Yes. 

Brittany: And you were like looking at jobs on line while we were on the trip, you were like, should I apply for this? Yeah. And I'm sitting over here being like, I feel like I know somebody might need help.

Anna: Okay. So here's what happened. We, so like you said, I was really desperate to find a new job at that point, and so I was just gonna be a receptionist somewhere. I didn't care. And we were on our way back to the hotel one night and you were like, I am so stressed out by my DMS and I was like, girl, let me help you respond to DMS and you were like, seriously. I was like, yeah, it takes me five seconds. This is my job. I can respond to some DMS. I can throw some links out. I can help people direct them to the website whatever. I can totally do that. And you were okay. So any downtime, if we were in the car before I went to bed, whatever, I was responding to your DMS. .

You were like I'll buy you coffee. On those trips, we drank a lot of coffee. So I was like, great. So you're like, I'll buy your coffee. It's like the least I can do. And then we started it was only a four day trip, three or four day trip, but we were scheming hard.

Both of us were.

Brittany: You were trying to get the number of 99 plus on the requested you were like, oh, we're getting that down. 

Anna: I know it was like a challenge to me at that point, but also in the back of my mind, I was like, I'm gonna impress her with this. I'm gonna show her how fast I can work. And so it was hilarious cuz we were both just like scheming the whole time, but in my mind I was like, this would be too good to be true. It would be too perfect for this to like all roll out this way. There's no way, but I was like, but what if it. 

Brittany: I know, and I feel like we all in a group were like joking oh my gosh what if you worked with Brittany? Or, and then we were wait a second. What if, and. I remember we were walking to, I think it was our last morning and we were going to have brunch at the Smith or breakfast and we were walking and you, and I walked back a little bit and we were talking and I was like okay.

Be realistic. It was almost like a little mini interview. And I was asking where do you see yourself? What do you like? What can you bring to the table? Because this, I was already had been full time with Loverly Grey. This was rounding out my first full year of being full time. So two years with a blog total. And so I was like, I really need help. Like I was like, gosh, I can only imagine if I just had somebody helping, with DMS or could help me with photo shoot prep and what we could start doing. I was starting to look for that person anyway.

Knowing me. I was like, I can just continue doing it myself. I don't need help. 

Anna: and I was like, no, allow me. And then do you remember when we were in the lobby at the Palace and someone recognized you ? Yes. And they were like, oh my gosh. I actually did an interview with a girl last week, and I was telling the story about my previous job, because it's my favorite, but one of your followers was like, oh my gosh, I love following you. Can I get a photo with you? And I was like, yes, let me take it. I'm Brittany's assistant. It's so nice to meet you. Absolutely was not. They say like dress for the job you want, not the job you have. That's just like what I did, but in that moment.

Brittany: Exactly. It gave me street cred too, that like I had an assistant and she was here. And even though she wasn't technically my assistant yet. 

Anna: Planted that little seed. And then it was, I think it was only a week after that, that we got everything settled. We acted fast.

Brittany: Yeah. Cuz you were like, I'm leaving this job regardless if I have something lined up or if I don't, this is gonna be my last day. And so I remember getting back and going to Chris and making a case as to like, why. Should or could even hire you and what all you would be doing and all of this stuff.

And then it was like two weeks later. And it was like your first day, like you literally got back. Yeah. You put in your two weeks notice we got our, everything done. 

Anna: Yeah. And I like, I also went in and quit and then picked up Chick-fil-A and drove to your house. and I was like, can I start now? 

Brittany: yeah, exactly. I was like, sure. We've got some stuff to prep for the weekend. It was holidays. It perfect timing. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Yeah, that, and then, so Anna worked, it was like a year and a half before you moved to. You worked the full 2018 and then the first half of 2019. And then in the end of this time of year in 2019 is when you guys moved. It's so crazy. And I think about everything that we accomplished in that year and a half, I know. And it was cool too, because we were. In a lot of ways we had systems down, but we were making it up as we went. It was just the two of us. There was no one, no agency. There was no reps, no help.

Anna: It was just two of us.

Brittany: Management at that time. We were like, Hey, let's work with this brand. Okay. Start typing this email and let's pitch something or come up with that or, yeah. And it was just, yeah. So crazy, but also like in. Industry at the time. And I feel like this is still the case.

There's no rules, really. You're doing it yourself and paving the way and you're doing what works best for you, but you're figuring out what does that even look like? 

Anna: Everyone is flying by the seat of their pants. Even people that are super established because you have to be because the industry changes literally daily. And what what is required of you changes daily and the platforms change daily. So you have to have that mentality or else it won't work. 

Brittany: Yeah. So what was it like in the early days of working for Loverly Grey? 

Anna: So I actually was just thinking about this. I remember the first campaign that I did with you was for Etsy. It was a gift guide and we did a flat lay with twinkly lights and stocking stuffers or something. It was hilarious, cuz I would come home and Nathan, my husband would be like what did you guys do today? Be like we had to go to Target. And we had to go do some returns and we took some photos and he was like, your job sounds hard.

It's amazing. OK. Don't get me wrong. But it was just, it was anything and everything that needed to be done. Everything from like management of calendar to pitching, to being your photographer, iPhone photos too, anything it changed every single day, but that's what made it so fun and kept it so interesting.

Brittany: There was never a dull moment. That's for sure. And I feel like half of your job was probably just being a sounding board for me being like, is this actually a good idea? Or even just listening to me, be like, okay, let me talk this idea through. And then I would I can still hear you having those conversations in the back of my head sometimes, like I will do something like, or be working with a brand or like doing something.

Anna: And I can literally hear you saying things in the back of my head from like, when we first started working together, it's ingrained in my mind forever, but I think it's interesting too, because we were really close friends at that point too and then got even closer as we continued. So it was not just a work dynamic, but it was a friendship dynamic too.

And so it truly all just bled in. When I first started working with you is when you started your IVF journey. Yeah. And so that was like a whole other level of just like we got deep, fast real fast. 

Brittany: Anna would drive with me to an appointment and I, and she would sit in the parking garage and work off of a hotspot while I was get going through IUI. Then I would have to give all this blood and do all this blood work for IVF and all the different layers of that.

That really started before you started working with me all the way and the first six months it was part of your job was just I don't know emotional support.

Anna: I was an emotional support animal, could fly free on Delta. I . I also remember when we went to we went on a trip and I was giving you your IVF shots.

Oh my gosh. And we're like FaceTiming with Chris and I was literally giving you shots in your butt I was like here we are.

Brittany: I know let's do it. Ugh, so wild, but it was also crazy because the first few months we received several negative pregnancy tests, when we were doing IUI, and so we would be in the middle of a Workday, like prepping content or working on whatever it was doing, a try-on. And I would get a phone call from the doctor being like, Hey, you're not pregnant. It didn't work. And it would just be tears. Defeat. I feel like I'm gonna get emotional, just thinking about it.

And it was like immediately, you were just like, it's fine. Hug it out. You're gonna be okay, take a moment. Call Chris, do whatever you need to do. And it was like the distraction that I needed of what's gonna be okay. Everything happens for a reason. I can't imagine having those phone calls and then you not being there help me pick it back up. Cuz that was some rough times. 

Anna: Yeah, absolutely. And it was interesting too, because I don't really do like surface level friendships at all. I'm very much a quality over quantity type of girl. And I feel like with my personality type, I'm an enneagram six. I'm very loyal. It was such an honor for me to get to be on that level with you. 

When I feel like I'm like a part of someone's personal life, a part of their family, that is my greatest honor. So on top of it being, not that it was a part of my job to emotionally support you, but it was just like, that was the beautiful, friendship, work balance that I feel like we got to experience that a lot of people don't get to experience.

Brittany: And that's, I think another unique thing about this industry is I'm sharing my life and day to day, and while a majority of it for me is like outfits and styling and sale alert. I feel like for people to trust, they have to know a little bit. So there is some vulnerability out there. And so having somebody in the passenger seat co-piloting Loverly Grey with me, it was like, you had to kind of hop into that friendship really quickly. And I even remember, I would get some mean messages or somebody taking out their anger on me cuz they didn't like what I did. And you were like, just as offended. 

Anna: 100%. 

Brittany: You'd be like, gimme your phone, I'm responding back to this person or whatever.

Anna: And you're like ahh cause I'm lowkey a little bit of a savage sometimes you're like, let's not do that.

Brittany: I feel like that's when PR Brittany started. Cause I was like, okay, how are we going to say this. It was crazy. I'll never forget. Once I did get pregnant we took a pregnancy test and then the next day, you came to work and I remember just being.

I pregnant. And it was like, it felt like we were all pregnant. Like Chris, is this like a, you, me, Anna? 

Anna: How many times do you think Chris said is this like a, you me Anna thing? Like you just got used to it some point.

Brittany: And I remember, obviously we didn't tell anybody until it was safe to tell and confirmed and everything like that with Collins. In my first trimester, Anna's with me every day, and there would be days I would be like, I'm just so tired. Can't do this. Can you just go home? And I'm gonna take a nap. 

Anna: You're like, I literally don't care what you do. Just get outta here. 

Brittany: I was like, I need to sleep. And I remember Nathan was like, she really sleeps a lot cuz he didn't know I was pregnant. 

Anna: I know I was like, I'm taking it to the grave until you tell me I cannot. So he's like she's a big napper eh? 

Brittany: And then once I was like, oh my gosh, no, you have to tell him I'm actually pregnant. So he doesn't think I'm the laziest boss.

Anna: Just like a slacker.

Brittany: Yeah. Oh, my gosh. It's so crazy. 

Anna: Yeah. And then I was also there with you when you were laboring too. 

Brittany: Yeah, I know. I feel like I probably would've had you in the delivery room, throughout the entire process, but Chris was like, okay. So back to this being your and my pregnancy, this is where I draw the line.

Anna: It's fair. I guess. I guess that's fine. 

Brittany: But he was okay with Anna being there during the whole laboring process. And you also had been with your sisters who had given birth and been through their laboring process. So it wasn't like, I was just like, Hey, come on into the delivery room.

 You've never done this before. This was like, her like sixth baby she witnessed being born or something like that. 

Anna: Up close and personal. 

Brittany: Yeah. So that was really sweet. I think helped calm Chris down a little bit and just and then once we started pushing and Anna, did not wanna leave though. I think my mom was like okay it's time. Then Collins was with us for the first six months she was like our little sidekick for, yeah. Which was crazy to be. Someday I look back on the time that you were with me, and I'm like, how do we do everything we did going through IVF, being pregnant, having a newborn.

And my mom would come two days a week and help. So we would have two full days where my mom was solely taking care of Collins. And then the other three days it was me, cuz Chris was still working his job full time. And then we put her into daycare when she was six months old.

Anna: I remember that day. You like, actually, I think we collectively, probably dropped her off together. And we were like aww and then you were like, I can't, we're going to get pedicures or go to lunch or something. I'm unwell.

Brittany: You know what? Her first day of daycare was your birthday.

Because remember I was like, that's a perfect distraction because we did do all that stuff, but it was your birthday, and I was able to get my mind off of, my I guess not newborn, but my baby being at daycare. I look back and think of what I'm doing now.

And I'm like, there's no way that I could also have a baby here doing everything.

Anna: We just tag teamed it. 

Brittany: Yeah. 

Anna: We just made it happen. 

Brittany: I know. It's so crazy. So I guess let's get back into you since the people wanna hear all about you and what you're doing. Tell us a little bit more about your brand and kind of what you are doing on your page and what if there's anything exciting that you have coming down the horizon that you can share with us?

Anna: Oh fun. So I have been sharing outfits on the internet for 11 years now. And I never, ever wanted to do it full time because I thought it was gonna be like living at the beach. You don't like it as much anymore if you live at the beach, and I wanted to love it as much as I did.

 I also loved all of my other, careers that I had up until this point, but it always started out as fashion. That's I think based on necessity because growing up, we didn't have a lot of money. There were eight kids and then my dad lost his job, and so any type of thing that I could get creative with, whether it was for fashion or for home, I had to get very creative. I was never the kid that had the cool, latest things because we couldn't afford to. So I was like, okay, how can we make this work on a budget? And so that was always what I love to do. I felt like I could, it sounds so cliche, but express myself with how I was dressed. I felt like it told a story of who I was without having to say any words. 

And it had always just been sharing outfits and styling. I felt like I did it in a unique way. I had a unique way of dressing and styling things and eventually that also, I guess behind the scenes the whole time, I always loved home decor.

Any apartment that we had, like our first apartment my husband's parents bought us our couch and we had a coffee table from Goodwill that I thrifted and flipped and painted. And we were just thrifting our way through life at that point, but I always loved to have home that was curated. I didn't share it a lot, but it was always just something I was passionate about. So fast forward to now. Those are still the two basics of what I do is fashion or home. 

When I moved to New York I lived in a high rise on the 41st floor and it was a very modern apartment but had a beautiful view. When I started sharing that people started getting a lot more interested in my home design stuff, and I was kinda like, this is kind of interesting. The style of that apartment only really lent itself to having a very modern design, but I always felt like I loved going to my grandmother's house and her antiques and paintings and these like ornate frames and candles and all the stuff that I always loved, but I didn't quite know what to do with. 

Turns out I just needed a hundred year old apartment to fulfill everything. Then we moved and I felt like I got to unleash the home side of things and really start to dive into that.

 I think that I will always do both. I'll always wanna do home and along with fashion. Just because the fashion feels like a true hobby for me. It's just something that I'm doing anyways. So might as well share it. But the home design of things has really taken on a life of its own that I don't think I ever expected to head in that direction.

So actually fun things coming up, on Wednesday we have a photographer coming to take pictures of the apartment for an editorial magazine feature. So that's gonna be really fun. And that was always one of my big goals was to have our home be in a magazine. I would prefer to be behind the scenes, all day, every day, if it was up to me.

But that's something fun that we have coming up, and I think the home stuff has just been something I never expected, but am enjoying so so much.

Brittany: I love that. Congratulations by the way. I am so proud of you for just following your dreams and going after your passions and you truly are so unique in what you're doing. It's obvious that you set yourself apart, but you do it in such a unique way that it's tailored, when you lived in the high rise it was beautiful, but I feel like where you live now, this is the inside of your soul.

Anna: 100% could not have said it better myself. Absolutely. I feel like in a lot of ways I think about this mentality a lot. I don't really know what it was about moving to New York, but I feel I figured out who I was living here. It's hard in with following influencers and being influenced by so many different things. It's hard not to be like, okay, who am I at my core, and what do I love at my core? And I feel like since living here, I have figured out what that is in my style, in my home, and then that has rounded out so many different aspects. Just being able to figure out like who I am. I feel like when I moved here, I was young. I'm still, I still feel like I'm young.

And so it's just I don't know. It feels like your twenties are the time to figure that out. And I feel I'm at a point where I'm like, this is who I am no doubts about it. It's okay if it doesn't look like other people, but this is what it's.

Brittany: I feel like when you dyed your hair or went back to your like natural hair, cause Anna used to have blonde hair and now it's beautiful brown, but that to me is where I feel you like came into yourself even more.

Anna: 100%. 

Brittany: It's so funny that it took a move out of your comfort zone, a little bit to unlock what some of those things that are so true to you are.

Anna: Yeah, I think sometimes you need a change of scenery and whether that looks like, moving a room to get a different view or moving a city, because on me, I couldn't get out of my own head being where I was, so I had to up and move and shake things up. Now that I figured that out, there's it just feels so like sure and steady. Then the hair obviously helped too cause it's just my natural color. I'm back baby!

Brittany: Who would be your ideal follower? So maybe like the people who are listening, who would you say would benefit from following you? Or if somebody is looking for X, Y, Z what would that be? That you could offer?

Anna: I'd say someone who appreciates classics that's in wardrobe or in home design with a little bit of spice. You gotta have a little bit of spice. You can't be boring, but I think that someone who appreciates a foundation in classics is gonna be in a good spot. And also you know a Chanel handbag every now and again. Your people are the same way. But yeah, I think someone who's rooted in classics would appreciate what I have going on a little bit more of a traditional soul.

I consider myself like 29 going on 65. So maybe anyone else who relates to that too? 

Brittany: Coastal grandmother is you.

Anna: What is that? What is that trend? A trend. That's a lifestyle. It has been. Like get outta here. 

Brittany: This is just called the Anna Page. 

Anna: Come on. 

Brittany: If anybody really knew. Yeah, that's hilarious. I know for me, I go through these ruts sometimes of I need, what should I share? It's very overwhelming, or it can be at times when it's I need to share this, I needed to do this, and I always loved sharing work wear. That's where I started, but then I feel like if I got too far out, I would get lost or it wouldn't be what I truly was good at.

 I remember you would always be like, if we were having a moment of what should I share? I don't know. I just, I'm not seeing anything I really love. It would always be like, okay, what's the basics for you. Come back to what you consider are the basics. Have we shared this classic, white v-neck? Let's style it a few different ways.

Your people love when you do the three ways to wear, and so even then you would always remind me let's get back to the basics or the classics. I always appreciated that cause it was able to like, kinda reset my mind to be like, okay, you're right. Let's take away all of the noise and start over.

 Then that kind of reinspired me to be like, oh, let's take this button down and do this or this with it. Or let's add, some pattern in there. Then I could spice it up from there. Yeah, I feel like that's really been true for you throughout entirety of sharing outfits.

Anna: Yeah. It's so easy to be a person, an internet person, and be seeing so many other ways that people are doing things, and if you're not careful, you can look at that and be like none of us really know what we're doing. Should I be doing that? If you have a moment of insecurity and you think, should I be doing what they're doing?

And that's whether you're an influencer, whether you're just a normal person, this can happen. But I think in any sense of it you have to just come back to okay, what is my core? What brings me joy? What is the things that I, why did I start this? And that kind of grounds you when it gets really noisy.

Brittany: It's been really fun to watch you live out this New York dream and one thing I'm gonna put a link to your TikTok in the show notes so that people can follow you, because this is where I feel like Anna thrives. The video creation and just the way your mind works as far as video goes is so fun to watch as a follower and so many people I know love your video content.

That's probably one of my favorite things. I feel like trends start and you're like the leader in the pack on some of these video trends. 

Anna: That's really kind. I enjoy video. I feel like I enjoy storytelling. And that's like where that gives me an opportunity to do that and tell a story, whether it's like I'm coming home and it's raining and I'm gonna have tea and making that a whole ridiculous, unnecessary thing.

Or whether it's like I'm getting dressed for the day. I think videos is a fun way to portray that, but it's all about vibes. Yeah. And I enjoy doing that alot. 

Brittany: I love your recent Christmas video that you did. I think it was with QVC. I was like, this is just Anna. This is it. 

Anna: I was so I was so nervous about that. I was nervous about putting that up because even though I tried to make it very clear that it was like very tongue in cheek. Obviously I'm not serious, obviously I'm not decorating for Christmas right now, but people get offended pretty, pretty easily. If you, if they feel like you jump seasons too quick. So I was like I'm about to jump two. So we'll see how this goes. But then it's just a reminder of the people that are following me are my people because they were all like, this is amazing.

This is ridiculous, but this is amazing. And I was like, thank you. I appreciate that. 

Brittany: I think there's some people that do things that are ridiculous and then that's where it stops. It's just ridiculous. Whereas I feel like you it's this is ridiculous, but it's amazing. Keep doing more of this. Like you said your people love that and they live for your New York apartment at Christmas. I know I do at least . 

Anna: I'm ready. I've been re-looking at videos and re-watching videos from last Christmas and I'm like, oh man, let's go.

Brittany: Gosh, I know I am ready to come to New York. It's been a minute since I've been there. I came with you guys to help move in and get everything settled, which was so fun. Then back a few weeks later for New York Fashion Week, which was also so fun cuz we stayed at your apartment and just had a blast then. Oh, I miss New York Fashion Week cuz you and I did a few seasons together and that was so much fun. And I feel like it's just not the same.

Anna: It's not, I would agree it's different. I even think the whole like after COVID the whole New York influencer scene is. Very it's a very different landscape than it ever was before.

Cuz a lot of people moved out of the city and moved on, but the influencer scene is different and therefore fashion week is a different, it's a different beast. Last year I was like, I don't know if I'm gonna do this again next year cause it was just not the same.

Brittany: I feel like we had so much fun. Just thinking back on some of my favorite memories with you when you worked with Loverly Grey was definitely fashion week and renting those or borrowing those dresses from Sasha and Bobby. 

Anna: Oh my gosh. And getting our hair and makeup done. Oh, that was iconic. 

Brittany: And then we did all those awesome photos in front of the library. 

Anna: Do you remember I wore socks with heels and people lost their minds. 

Brittany: But if you were to look at what was on the actual runway, it would have been socks with heels.

 It's so funny because I'm in the podcast studio right now. And on the wall I have some of my favorite outfit photos of me over the years and four of the five of them are from New York during fashion week.

Anna: You would also come alive at fashion week. I feel like when you live in a place like Athens it's different. If you wore some of those outfits out, people would be like, what is going on? But if you were in New York that's your time to unleash your fashion, creativity, and that sheer top that you did with the big skirt.

I loved all of those, but I felt like it was so fun for you, and it was probably what made it so fun was getting to get really creative and draw outside the lines with your outfits for. 

Brittany: I know. I guess I probably could wear that stuff to go to Target.

Anna: You could. 

Brittany: I think it's funny now because while some of my most memorable outfits are ones that I feel if I wear here attention would be drawn to me when that's not necessarily what I want when I'm just out and about. It's a catch 22 because I wanna wear some of these that are the core of me, and what I feel is my best, but I don't necessarily wanna be like, oh, who's that girl. Oh, that's Loverly Grey.

Anna: Your haircut gives you away wherever you go. 

Brittany: People know it's me by my little bob.

Anna: Spot you from a mile away.

Brittany: Okay. Do you remember that time that we were at a hotel in Atlanta and I tried on your extensions?

Anna: Who did you keep saying that you looked like? 

Brittany: Joe Dirt

Anna: You did though.

Brittany: That was terrible.

Anna: Then we were like, maybe the extensions are not for her. At least not down your back. The extensions were not for me either to be clear. I don't know that I should have been wearing them at that point, but it's okay, everybody makes mistakes. 

Brittany: Who was our friend at the Starbucks? Amber Park. Oh gosh. What was his name? Jason. 

Anna: I dunno. 

Brittany: Remember the guy who we would always, he would always be like, hi, it's Jason. Welcome to Amber Park Starbucks. 

Anna: Yeah I remember it perfectly.

Brittany: Every day, we drink a lot of coffee. We still drink a lot of coffee. Let's be real.

Anna: Twice a day. Are you forgetting the afternoon run that we would make before I would come to your house? Cuz I would pass that Starbucks. So I would pull in, get a Starbucks and then show up at your house and be like, let's go.

Brittany: Ready to go. 

Anna: And then in the afternoon would be like, oh we're tired. Let's get another. Shall we? 

Brittany: Yes.

Anna: Chris was like, what are you guys doing?

Brittany: I feel like I appreciate the amount that you still drink coffee. I love on your stories when you're like afternoon pick me up. And it's a different, cute spot around New York. And I'm like, thank you that she is still as into coffee as I am.

I'm not the only one who's drinking all this coffee all the time. 

Anna: Yeah. Forever and always it's a lifeline.

Brittany: Obviously how we connected at the very beginning. 

Anna: Yeah, exactly. 

Brittany: Answer my DMs I'll pay you in coffee.

Anna: Is there any better way to be paid? Absolutely not. I would still be paid in coffee.

Brittany: Remember that trip? It was the same time that I was like, I didn't have the Starbucks app on my phone. And you were like, okay, you clearly need me to help you. 

Anna: Alright you 85 year old woman. 

Brittany: I was like pulling out my debit card and she's what is this? Where's your Starbucks on your phone? 

Anna: It was embarrassing. 

Brittany: Honestly, I probably still had the physical, like gold card that they would like swipe.

Anna: Listen, those were a status symbol. I miss those.

Brittany: I know. All of this spawned from my mom. She was such a big coffee drinker. She got the gold card in the mail at the beginning when you could first get it, and she loved that thing. I was like, I will follow in your footsteps. 

Anna: Yeah, I will do good by you.

Brittany: Man. It's so funny. Any other fun stories or anything we wanna talk about before we wrap it up? Oh man. I don't think so. I think we covered all of it. All the stuff that I was thinking of.

Anna: I'm sure there'll be a part two or three or four as we could always have fun conversations and maybe next time you come to Georgia, we could do like a live podcast.

Ah, that would be fun. Yes. As far as some people think I still work with you I literally got a message last week that was like, are you still working with? And I respond and I'm like, yes.

Brittany: I feel like some of my OG followers will remember how emotional it was for me on your last day and right before you moved. Because at first you were still working for me, just remote. Then we were like, okay, this isn't really gonna make sense in the long run. We tried to make it work, but I was on my stories crying, being like Anna's gone and I'm so sad and this is crazy as a close of a chapter and yeah. But it was never really clear. I wasn't ever okay, FYI, she doesn't work here anymore because you did for a little while.

Anna: Even though I was like, don't say that. Emotionally, sometimes I'm like I just wanna work for someone else cuz I'm sure you have those days too where you're like, I think it would just be easier if I just had a boss who gave me a to-do list and I could just do those things.

Brittany: Yeah. 

Anna: And there are days I'm like if all else fails, I bet Britt would take me back. 

Brittany: Very true. 

Anna: I could go work with Brittany again. 

Brittany: Yeah, we would have a great time that's for sure.

No doubt. It's funny, cuz I'll do a random Q and a, and they'll be like, what's Anna doing for you these days? And I'm like, she doesn't work here anymore.

Anna: It's literally been years. Linda, what do you mean? 

Brittany: Literally three years, which is still so crazy. I cannot believe that it's been three years. It feels like just yesterday.

Anna: I know it I also feel like I've like always been here, thinking of when I didn't live here is very odd for me just because it feels and we've built so much here too. When we moved here, we didn't know a single soul. I didn't have any friends. The influencer world did me dirty as far as trying to make friends. I was like, these are not my people. We just luckily found our community and made it work, but it's crazy.

Brittany: You're thriving and I'm so proud of you. I'm so happy that you were on the podcast. 

Anna: Thanks for having me.

Brittany: Of course. Where can everybody find you?

Anna: On the internet. You can find me at Anna W. Page, same on TikTok. Then our website is The Page Edit where we have a lot of fun. 

Brittany: Sweet and Nathan also helps you and he writes some blog posts and shares some men's thing. It's not just you. 

Anna: Yes. He is a phenomenal writer, so anything that's good is probably written from him and anything that you're like eh, that's probably me. 

Brittany: That's not true. 

Anna: That's how you can distinguish if you need to know.

Brittany: I will leave all of the ways that you guys can find Anna in the show notes and Anna again, thank you so much. I love you. I'm so happy you were on the podcast today.

Anna: I love you. Thank you for having me. 

Brittany: Thanks for listening to today's episode. If you enjoyed this podcast, please rate and review on the platform you listen on. It truly means the world to me, and don't forget to follow along on Instagram at life with loverly until next time.

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