August 02, 2022

40. Back to School Shopping, Routines & Memories

40. Back to School Shopping, Routines & Memories

On today’s episode Brittany and Nichelle are going down memory lane chatting about getting ready for back to school and how they are currently planning for their girls to be back in school. Back to school shopping consists of supplies and new clothes, which are always fun! Whether you are going back to school or your children are going back to school, you will hear something for you.

In this episode you’ll hear:

    •    The difference of what back to school shopping looks like for toddlers, middle schoolers & high schoolers

    •    What back to school shopping looked like for Brittany back in the day

    •    The role routines play with school

    •    How Brittany would shop for back to school clothes when she was younger

    •    About a big business casual outfit round up not only for teachers & administrators,  but also for anyone who goes into an office

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Brittany: Hi friends. Welcome to Life with Loverly. I'm your host, Brittany Sjogren. I'm excited to share my heart with you beyond the 15 seconds we get on Instagram. Grab an iced coffee and let's do life together. 

Hi friends. Welcome back to today's episode of Life with Loverly. We are gonna talk about all things back to school today.

I know a lot of schools in the Georgia, Atlanta, Athens area are starting this week or the beginning of next week, which is so crazy. I feel like school's starting sooner and sooner every year, but we wanted to just talk about a little bit of back to school and Nichelle has school aged. Girls who are in middle school, right?

Nichelle: Bryn's starting middle school this year. She starts sixth grade this year. So crazy. I know. Then Madi is going to be a senior. 

Brittany: That is so wild.

Nichelle: I know. 

Brittany: I feel like senior year just hits different.

Nichelle: It does. This year was actually of hard for me. We did a lot of the back to school shopping this past weekend.

Bryn had her open house last Wednesday. It was insane. Her middle school is brand new, so she's not even gonna be in the same school with Madi because they separated the two. It's huge. It's three stories tall. There's eighth grade on the top, seventh grade on the main and then sixth is at the bottom.

Brittany: Wow.

Nichelle: It was a little overwhelming for her. 

Brittany: Yeah, I can only imagine. So what day do they start school? 

Nichelle: They start Friday this week on Friday. 

Brittany: I always feel like that's convenient for school when I was starting in elementary or middle or high school. It was always like you started on Monday. It was classic. Now I feel like they do a Thursday or Friday start.

Nichelle: It's like a dip your toe in kind of day. 

Brittany: It makes so much sense to get your bearings, get around the school, figure out where your classes are, and then it's like full start on Monday.

Nichelle: Yeah. The teachers bless their heart. Half of 'em didn't know what was going on because they actually had not started school yet. They weren't starting until Monday. Even the teachers hadn't been in the rooms yet. 

Brittany: Oh, wow. 

Nichelle: So they literally just went in for orientation and so they couldn't answer a lot of questions, but they were like, we're all gonna be new the first day. So we're gonna figure it out together. Which I thinks it was a really good selling point for Bryn because she's so nervous about going to a new school and I'm like, Hey, you're all new. Everybody is new here. 

Brittany: Which is nice. Then that's like a cool thing that they will get to be the first kids at that brand new school.

Nichelle: Exactly. 

Brittany: Everything will be nice and new. 

Nichelle: Oh yeah. 

Brittany: New lockers, new bathrooms. It's so exciting. How's Madi feeling about going to senior year?

Nichelle: It broke my heart because she's gonna go with a friend to open house. Oh, She's ready. 

Brittany: You're like, you don't want me to go?

Nichelle: I know, and she signed up for dual enrollment, so she's gonna be doing a couple of classes over at the local college as well. That's amazing. So it's just a little knot in my stomach right now. 

Brittany: Yeah, your baby is not a baby. It's so wild. We've talked about this before on the podcast, but I have toddlers and you have a middle and high schooler, and the difference in our parenting, but stuff that I feel like you still give me advice with the girls. I help you talk through things going on with your girls. 

But it's just so crazy to think that my little two and three year old are gonna be like, going to these bigger schools. 

Nichelle: So soon. You're gonna blink and they're gonna be in kindergarten and pre-K and you're gonna be like, where did it go? 

Brittany: I know it already feels like they're just growing up. I was off last week. For those of you who didn't know, I took a week of vacation and got off social media, which was so nice and spent the week with my family at the beach and had a true beach vacation, no phone. There were several hours of the day that I didn't even know where my cell phone was. 

Nichelle: That's awesome. 

Brittany: I was like this is amazing and so nice. I feel like my girls appreciated me not having my phone. It was just so interesting to see the interaction, and the last time we were at the beach, Hazel didn't really like the sand as much. Now she was obsessed. So as they're growing and as we're spending different vacations as they get older at the beach. It's so cool to really be paying attention. Sometimes that's hard when my job is to share my life and everybody's what are you wearing to the beach?

What beach toys do you have? What are your kids' swimmings and while I love sharing that stuff too, I felt like I was soaking up the moment. 

Nichelle: Yeah. We were very proud of you. We were trying to contact you at a very minimum because the show must go on in this industry. 

We were like, let's just keep it to one person reaching out to her as opposed to all four of us. It was very weird not hearing from you.

Brittany: I know well, and being at the beach the week, it was not as crowded because a lot of people are back to school this week. So I've already booked it for the next year at the same time. Definitely going on this week. It's a perfect week for everybody to do a reset, and then we come back into August ready to go with all the content and back to school stuff that we're gonna be giving to you guys. I think it's funny for the next few weeks if you scroll social media, it's like everybody and their back to school signs and their kids first day. 

Nichelle: So cute. Everybody's in their new clothes, their new sweaters, their new jeans and boots. Yeah. I'm in 97 degree weather, we all did it. 

Brittany: So funny how you go back to school shopping with your parents and they are buying you all. Fall stuff. And then it's still summer. Yeah. Technically the season until the middle of September is summer but everybody's wearing their new fall clothes for back to school. 

Nichelle: We were all so excited about that during back to school. Weren't we? I know going to Limited Too and all those other places that we shopped as a kids, and we were like look at my brand new sweater. You're suffocating on the playground. 

Brittany: I remember going to Tanger Outlets with my mom and I had a budget of what I could spend and we would always go on like the tax free weekend. Yes. And hit the like main stores. And I. I think I talked about this in another, maybe our shopping podcast of I was like, how many things can I buy to create like several outfits?

Yeah. So that it's I'm getting new stuff, but I'm wearing it with a lot of different things. So it's not the same every time, and it was a challenge for me as a middle and high schooler. 

Nichelle: Oh yeah. My mom didn't take a shopping very often and I started making money at a pretty early age. I made the most of it when she gave me a budget. I'm like I'm gonna get those really good, expensive pieces with her, and then I really used my money to be very specific about how many pieces can I get for more.

Brittany: I can carry myself with the additional pieces. I grew up in Athens college town, and I always loved shopping at the secondhand stores. Cause it was a lot of times the sorority girls would do a closet clean out before they left for school. At different times throughout the year, and they would sell their designer jeans to Plato's closet. Then I would go buy brand new citizen for humanity and Seven for all Mankind jeans for $45. I was like, this is it. This is how I started. You're like a shopping designer at a discounted, and I was like, I'm going to get all those sorority girls clothes that they wore one night out.

Nichelle: Exactly. 

Brittany: I'm gonna create outfits from it. That's where my back to school mostly in high school and stuff like that. I loved trying to figure out how I can work all these outfits and stuff like that. Absolutely. I remember getting the printout of what your school supplies were gonna be and taking a physical piece of paper and going to target or Walmart you're like check, getting the school supplies. You had to strategize. Target has this, but Walmart has it for a better price, but I like the accessories at Target more, but I can get more. My mom would be like, okay, we're going to each spot. You need to plan this out.

 You needed to do it early, so that the good stuff was still available. Then there was always stuff at the bottom that was for the classroom. I remember always bringing a box of Kleenexes or certain crayons.

Nichelle: The Clorox wipes. So they do that still it's they actually have a list. It's the school supply list and it actually is for the classroom. Okay. There are a few things like your calculator, your headphones, things like that, that are gonna be for you. They had to get Expo markers, Madi was like, I didn't use 'em until 11th grade, but we were getting 'em for the teacher.

 That's the actual list now, but then there's also a wish list. Okay. So they actually call it a wish list where the girls go to school now. And that is your Clorox wipes, Kleenex, all the additional that they really could use. I think over the years I had to learn that my mom is in the school system. I at least know that it's hard for teachers to get a lot of those supplies cause they can do it on their own, right. The school doesn't always supply them with all of that. It's been really important that every year. We try to get both like both lists completely, if not a couple of extra things on the wish list because they're probably not gonna get 'em throughout the school year.

 Everything's on Google Doc now. I have to make sure that we print it out before we go because I'm one of those check boxes too. I'm like check, check, get four of those check.

Brittany: It feels like you're printing out the map quest, map directions. Yes. I'm sure your kids are like, mom, seriously, just pull it up. And you're like, I need a physical piece of paper and an actual pen. Yes. To be like we got pencils.

Nichelle: Satisfaction of, we know we got it all. But yeah, the list gets a little bit smaller as you get through school age just because you're not having to buy all the crayons and the extras that, they're not gonna need all of that stuff in high school.

So we literally got mechanical pencils and a couple of big thick notebooks for Madison this year. And that was it. It's do does she take her laptop to school? They have a laptop that they have at school. They actually give them Chromebooks from sixth grade on, they leave it at school.

They can bring it home too. 

Brittany: Okay. 

 They are responsible that if they lose it or if anything happens to it, they actually are charged on their account for anything that happens to it. We had to pay 75 bucks for cord one year because it stopped working, but they at least supply that stuff. 

So you start out with it and they keep it at school.

Nichelle: You have to turn it in the last week, so you don't get charged cuz if you don't turn it on time, you get charged for the whole thing. You don't graduate unless that's all paid off. 

Brittany: Wow. I remember carrying a backpack with all your books in it.

Nichelle: Yes. Update. There are no lockers in my girl's schools. 

Brittany: after I said that a second ago, I was like, wait, are there lockers?

Nichelle: I think it's, it's a safety thing now. That's so sad, but they're newer schools. So that high school that Madison's at opened her freshman year, so this is the fourth year that it's been open. Very new, no lockers. The middle school that was just built no lockers.

Brittany: I guess if you think about it, lockers were mostly to store your books. 

Nichelle: Now they literally, bless their heart, have to walk around with these big book bags and they are carrying everything.

Brittany: Wow. So there are still textbooks.

Nichelle: Some of the classes Madison's taken, she leaves her textbook in class because she doesn't necessarily need it to study. Now, most of them though, she's lugging on her back the entire time.

Brittany: I know. It's so crazy. 

Nichelle: I admit the locker was so important to me. 

Brittany: Meet other people.

Nichelle: Yes. Meet me at my locker after eighth period or whatever it was . 

Brittany: And maybe your best friend wasn't necessarily in the locker next to you. Yeah. So I feel like I was always like, Ooh, who's gonna be my new locker friends. Yes. That are like in the surrounding locker area.

Nichelle: Yes. We shared lockers too for convenience, have this period science or whatever. I'm gonna just put my stuff in your locker. So you can get to class on time. 

Brittany: Gosh, seriously. What about, do your kids take lunch or do they pack their lunch or do they do the school lunch?

Nichelle: It depends on the time of year. Okay. My youngest loves to take her lunch whenever she sees other people bringing really cool things. She's like I need to get a Lunchable, but I need the pizza Lunchable. 

Brittany: You're like you have very specific requests.

Nichelle: Exactly. And then she'll go through a spurt where her friends are buying lunch. So then she buys her lunch. Madison has not taken her lunch in I couldn't tell you how long. I also don't think that she necessarily eats at lunch. She snacks.

Brittany: Yeah. I remember going through a phase of that too where I would take a lunch or certain days of the week too. If you saw the menu and you were like, oh that's gonna be good. Then it would be mental note, bring money for lunch. 

Nichelle: Yeah. They have different lines. Now they have a potato bar. They have a salad bar, and then they have the regular hot meal. When they do the potato bar, the girls both of them get the potatoes and they do ham cheese ranch on it.

Brittany: Oh my gosh. 

Nichelle: That's their lunch. 

Brittany: Wow. This is like legit. I know. But if you think about it, I graduated high school in 2007 and I'm sure a lot of things have changed in that amount of time.

Nichelle: We had a potato bar where I was growing up. That's what I usually ate, that or pizza or fries with ranch, whatever was going on.

Brittany: I just remember there was always chicken fingers and French fries in those like little cup or kind of plate thing that they came in that was red and white, checkered.

Nichelle: Oh yes. The paper. Yeah. I gotcha

Brittany: . I feel like that is like old school. I know places still serve in that, but that reminds me of like school cafeteria lunch.

Nichelle: They have vending machines everywhere in schools now. There was a whole vending machine I saw of diet drinks of like diet Coke, diet Sprite, diet this. Insane.

Brittany: It was like, here's your full sugar sodas, and here are your aspertame sodas. 

Nichelle: Insane. And then they have snacks that they can get out of other vending machines, so that's normally what I'm doing at the beginning of the year. Change here, change there.

Brittany: I feel like in this stage of back to school that I am prep. Prepping for right now is let's get a few new outfits. I'm gonna order the girls a new backpack.

Nichelle: Cute. Adorable backpacks. This is when you get to choose.

Brittany: So my kids go to full-time daycare and it's like a school they're on a school curriculum and the daycare has like a kindergarten in it. The whole thing is run on they literally have a curriculum and something they follow every single day. Yep. The difference is it's year round. So they've been going to quote unquote school all summer and then once they get to kindergarten and they go to like, wherever they're gonna go for kindergarten. They won't go anywhere in the summer. 

Nichelle: Yeah. It's gonna be such an easy transition for them. Because my oldest went to the same school, and because of that curriculum and the consistency and their scheduling and their lunch and then this and that, it was so easy to transition to that. 

Brittany: Yeah. We just follow the same schedule on the weekends. It's okay, this is lunchtime. This is what they're used to. Of course not every weekend is the same, but we try to keep it on that same flow, so it's super easy. Next week is their official first day of the new school year. They have a teacher Workday on Friday. And so I 'm like are we at the time of needing to be like, okay, here's your first back to school? Even though anytime I say okay back to school stuff, they're like, we've been going to school. They don't like fully get it.

Nichelle: Collins will be in Pre-K next year.

Brittany: Yeah, so she's three. Then next year she'll be in pre-K four, and there's a few different options where we live. If we wanna send her to a different school where she's at right now does have a pre-K four that she will stay in, which will probably do since Hazel will be there. It's just easier, and then kindergarten after that, which is insane. So crazy. 

She's gonna thrive though. Yeah. She loves school so much. My mom was a teacher for my whole life and and she taught elementary and pre-K at the end, and so Collins' age, she's just loving helping her play puzzles and do all this different stuff that they're doing right now. It's so fun to just see Collins' little brain working so hard and figuring things out. We played this puzzle at the beach that was on the iPad and it was tracing letters. She was writing the letters with her finger and tracing him and then she would say the letter and then she would be like, what is this letter for? I would tell her a word and she would come up with another word that started with the same. It's so crazy. This is where we're at.

Nichelle: It begins. Routines are something that really, it helps with routines once they start school. . With yours because they are in daycare, and again, they go at a certain time. They come out at a certain time. You have gymnastics, you have all of these extracurricular things. You have dinner at a certain time. I feel like it helps pave the way for really consistent routines moving forward as they grow up. 

Brittany: And I think that's how I like to function, on a schedule. That's just like my personality. That's just what works at our house. I remember when I was getting them on a routine. Literally we started following the schedule for them as infants at two weeks. So many people were like, let them be babies. It's fine. I was like for my sanity we are gonna get on a sleep schedule. We are gonna do this just, so I can continue functioning, but not everybody's like that. 

Nichelle: I wish that was around whenever my kids were little man.

Brittany: Mom's on Call. If you are pregnant and you wanna get your kid on a schedule? Even if you don't necessarily want the schedule, but you just want a book that helps you.

Nichelle: It guides you.

Brittany: They say there's no guide having a baby, but Mom's on Call would be the next best thing.

Nichelle: It's insane guys because I compare when my girls were little to. How your girls interact right now? I had no idea. I'm like, how many naps do they need? How long do they need to sleep? Is this normal that she's crying this long while she's laying there? I had nothing, right? Absolutely nothing. Just Hey, it's supposed to be your natural instinct. Go have fun in the world. This would've been an amazing guide to know. At this age, this amount of sleep works best for them. 

Brittany: I think it was probably really interesting for you to see cuz when Nichelle started, Hazel was seven months old, so she was still a baby on a schedule, and we were working at my house. We had a nanny at the time who was helping with putting her on her schedule, keeping her for a nap, doing everything. I remember there would just be times Nichelle would be like, okay, wow. She's regimented. 

Nichelle: Yes. And she thrived on that.

Brittany: Thrived. That's the thing that was so important for us is we know this is good for them. It's been great that now they're in daycare that does the same schedule. It flows really nicely. . But I feel like there's little tips of how to make your life easier. And for us Mom's on Call saved our lives. 

Nichelle: Oh yeah. Jealous. All right. Speaking about routines we actually had to put some rules into place this last weekend because it's the week leading up to the first day of school. Summer's over. It's done guys. We have to deal with cell phones now, and .When we were in school, it was just becoming like a new thing. We weren't as addicted. 

Brittany: It wasn't like a mini computer you were carrying around everywhere. 

Nichelle: Exactly. So one of the conversations we had was, seven o'clock the phone goes away. My oldest has gotten used to doing her homework around seven o'clock after dinner time, which I'm okay with because she does it. So we're gonna have Bryn start doing the same thing. Screen time has to stop after seven because they have to turn their brain off, and homework will be done bedtime because I'm gonna be honest guys, there's no bedtime right now. We just let them do what they do. They're pretty good kids guys. I'm not like letting them have a free for all until four o'clock in the morning. There may be the random two o'clock in the morning, but they're both very quiet. They stay in their room.

It's been okay so far. So we were like, you gotta go to bed at nine. Bryn about had a heart attack the other night. She's like wait nine? Yeah, that was your bedtime last year. You need your sleep to function. I don't think, sometimes when it's okay, you're going to bed at nine.

Brittany: They're not remembering that they're gonna be waking up in the six o'clock hour to get on the bus or whatever time it is. Going to bed at two, you wake up at 11.

Nichelle: Literally they're waking up at noon right now. You're gonna be at lunch by this point in the day.

So one of the things that Bryn was like, but I go to school an hour later now than I used to. So we had a little back and forth, then we came to the conclusion that she could have been at nine 30. 

Brittany: What time does her school start? 

Nichelle: 8 35. 

Brittany: Okay. And will she take the bus? 

Nichelle: Yes. 

Brittany: It comes in your neighborhood?

Nichelle: Yes. 

Brittany: What time does she have to get on the bus? 

Nichelle: 7 45. 

Brittany: Okay. 

Nichelle: So she's one of the last pickup. So 7 45. It sometimes is 10 till and she'll be at school. Gets to her class on time 8 35 school is out around three 30. So I was like nine 30 is good. We'll have to get her up an hour before she has to be at the bus stop just because, it's gonna take a minute for her to wake up. She's not good at waking up in the morning. 

Brittany: My brother was the same with me. The amount of times I threatened to leave him. Yes. I was like I'm pulling out at this time. There was one time he came like running after the car and I kind of liked it. We also lived so close to my high school, so I was always like, he could literally walk. 

Nichelle: Yeah. You guys were, what? Two years apart? 

Brittany: We were one grade level apart. We're 20 months apart, so we were one grade level apart. 

Nichelle: How was that growing up? Because I know that obviously every sibling has their moments where they're like, ugh, I could do without you.

Brittany: I feel like there were definitely times where I was like stop trying to be friends with my friends. 

Nichelle: Not allowed.

Brittany: You need your own friends, but he always just had older friends because of different sports teams that he played on and stuff like that. Some of his friends were even older, like in the grade above me. I think that's why he wasn't super driven to get his driver's license right away. Because he always had a ride with an older teammate or with me. Yeah. He was always getting to the places he needed to go. He didn't necessarily need to drive himself there. Yeah.

Whereas I was miss independent. Countdown on my board in my room to get my learner's license, to get my driver's license. Ready to have the freedom. And he just was like, I'm good. Somebody else will drive me.

Nichelle: Back to school for adults. I feel like this is something that you've started covering.

Brittany: Okay. I think there's two parts to this back to school for adults because I think there's a lot of people out there who are moms of with kids in elementary school that are like, my kids are back to school. Oh yes. I'm about to thrive again. 

Nichelle: Live their best lives. 

Brittany: Back to like your routines and things that you do. So many people have messaged being like, my kids are about to go back to school. I'm about to catch up on all your podcasts. I'm about to go do X, Y, Z. I'm signing up for this class. I'm doing this. And I'm like, yes, you are. Go girl. So I think there's this while some people are sad that the summer has come to an end, your kids are going to school. It is great. But then they get this little sense of themselves back. 

Nichelle: Little bit of freedom. 

Brittany: Yeah. So that's exciting for those of you in that position. 

Nichelle: Yes, and it does get easier as they get older. I just want to give you that peace. It does get a lot easier as they get older.

Brittany: I have some friends who their kids are starting school for the first time going to kindergarten this year, and they're getting super emotional all week. But then it's just this, I feel like this feeling that is a right of passage as a parent. You just have these emotions. It's crazy, but every year it gets like a little bit easier. 

Nichelle: Yeah. 

Brittany: I think until they get to kindergarten, they don't really know what being in an elementary school is like and what to expect. So there is a fear there. I'm sure, but then there's this other side of people going back to school and those are the teachers and administrators. Something we started doing last year that was really fun was creating outfit guides for back to school for teachers, administrators, anybody in the school system, but they also translate really easily over to anybody in a business professional business casual environment.

Nichelle: It's so easy and it's so broad because I even got a lot of great ideas from it. They're just business casual, flared up a little bit and they're pieces that you come up with that you can wear in so many different ways. Anyone can use this, but this was definitely created for the teachers out there.

Brittany: So we are working on a teacher wardrobe that is gonna be several different outfit ideas over the month of August. I think right now we have the 10th and the 17th as two dates that we're gonna be dropping a bundle of outfits and showing you guys different ways to wear them, and while we're saying it's back to school teacher looks, it's just because teachers are going back to school right now, but anybody who is looking for a professional or truly work wear. Even if you work from home, you can get ideas from some of these pieces. We've got everything covered from shoes, pants, bags, just the whole gamut of what to go back to school with, which I'm really excited about. I guess one thing I would say. Somebody who's teaching kindergarten might wear something different than somebody teaching 11th grade math.

Nichelle: 1000%

Brittany: I will try to give a variety of things that teachers can sit on the floor and play with their kids if they're a younger age or comfortable shoes, but then there's also administrators who prefer to wear maybe a small heel, a little more elevated. So there's gonna be a big variety, but I encourage you to look at each piece and kind of figure out how you could tailor the outfit to make it work for specifically you. One thing too is different school areas like private school, public school, different areas of the country are wearing different things. One of our employees that works here at Loverly Grey, she's a former teacher, and even just hearing her say in her school district what her teachers were wearing were different than some of her friends in other districts and how that can just change by where you live.

 So we're gonna try to cover a lot, but also know if you have a favorite pair of flats, view these outfits as they can be styled with that pair of flats. This is just a great shirt or blouse. We're gonna try to create so many outfits, so you have several options. It was so much fun last year. We've been ordering pieces and getting a ton of stuff ready. Every day I've been refreshing certain websites that I go to cause I'm like maybe they've dropped more new arrivals that we can use in our capsule wardrobe. 

Nichelle: It's been so fun to go through and be like, okay, who has what? Oh look, this will be perfect for teachers. 

Brittany: Here's how we can do this a bunch of ways. So we have that coming starting next week. I am gonna start sharing some ideas of things I already have and maybe just remind you of some shoes that I've shared in the past that are still stocked places.

If you wanna go ahead and grab some of those things. So make sure you're following along on Loverly Grey's Instagram stories because there will be a lot of teacher stuff. If you are listening to this episode later, we will save highlights and there will be ways to access the links for these items, so definitely check back , or feel free to continue looking cuz we do still share work wear every week. A lot of those pieces too, can be transition for teachers or styled with maybe sneakers and dressed down a little bit.

Nichelle: I love seeing the tags that were coming in last year of people taking inspiration from what you were showing and going to shop their closet. Remember the midi skirt.

Brittany: Yes, with the chambray top.

Nichelle: People were dressing it different ways. It was so much fun. They were using their imagination with what they already had based on a one new piece that they added to their wardrobe. That was so great.

Brittany: There's so many ways. For example, last year it was this really pretty salmon colored midi skirt that they had at Target, but you probably have shirts or blouses in your closet that you could pair with this that are gonna be in addition to what I'm showing. So that's like a skirt you could wear every week or every other week with different options. If you really break it down, you need five outfits for this many weeks until there's the first break. Last year the first big roundup for teacher outfits was 30 options.

Nichelle: Yes. 

Brittany: That's several weeks worth of outfits, and then some of them could be mix matched or added into other pieces you already have. So we are working on that right now, which will be exciting to have that go out. We thought it would be a fun little thing that we could do. You know what I mean? Here at Loverly Grey, we're sharing outfits and sale alerts and style tips and that type of thing. So we're just tailoring it specifically to teachers to give our back to school stamp on things, which I think is really fun. I love sharing work wear, and my mom was a teacher.

So seeing her dress and knowing what she was wearing. She worked in like a private school, she worked in a public school for many years, she was a PE teacher, she worked in a preschool. She's been in several different roles. Her best friend was a principal, so seeing what her principal friend was wearing, but then also having one of our team members at Loverly Grey being a past teacher, I feel like I have a lot of really good insight to create this guide. So I'm trying to make it pieces that teachers would actually wear, and we received so much great feedback last year that it was like spot on. It's gonna be great. We are super excited for that to come. 

Okay friends. Thank you so much for joining us today on Life with Loverly. If your kiddos are going back to school, sending you all the positive vibes, whether you're sad about it, happy about it, wherever you might be.

It's an exciting time. I feel like this is always a great kickoff for fall, football season's coming. We've got some exciting things coming this year in Life with Loverly. Make sure to stay tuned. We will see you guys next week. Same place. Same time.

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